Must Have Ranked Board Games and Are They Still? -

Must Have Ranked Board Games and Are They Still?

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Discover the ultimate must-have ranked board games and uncover whether they still reign supreme in our gaming world! Will these tabletop games stand the test of time?

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  1. Awesome video, love this idea to challenge your beliefs after the fact. Have you done a video of games that you think are over/under rated?

  2. A Feast for Odin is not a game, but a tedious activity. Prove me wrong!

  3. Dang you guys make the best videos! I haven't watched a single one I didn't enjoy. BGH def a must have!

  4. These are great! Keep going! Love your rating scale, it's fun!

  5. Great video, as always. From this list, Wonderland's War is my favorite.

  6. I feel like middle Janis, in something agree with one, in something with another

  7. I dunno why I was so excited to see summoner wars remaining « a must have »😂
    I guess I love it so much I am so happy when the love is shared😜

  8. I'm the same with sleeping gods: loved it, consider it one of the best story driven games (maybe even the best I've played so far)… But I can't get motivated to start a new campaign.

  9. I love this concept for videos. Makes perfect sense that your opinions on games could change over time!

  10. Wait . . . I'm confused. The last "Must Have" list was from four weeks ago. This is a short turn-around, god damn!

  11. Would love a Top 5 “Worker Placement Games” or “Area Control Games” type of videos. Would be a nice series of videos in my opinion. Cheers!

  12. Can you even get WONDERLAND’S WAR anywhere now?

  13. Dune Imperium was a game I really changed my mind on. Played it a few times solo and thought it was kind of disapointing. Played it at 3 and 4 players and it was so tense and close and liked it a lot more.

  14. I really appreciate YT Boardgame channels which aren't only about 'New KS Game, back it now'.
    Doing retrospection on games you enjoyed and how they aged is best thing.

  15. There are no “must have” games.

    The concept is inane.

    Game tastes are unique to each person.

  16. I play Hadrian's Wall and after i finish the campaign, i rank it lower from the beginnning because I have learnt all the playstyles, i think!!!!🤭

  17. Love these look backs, really help us who have a wall unit full of games and now become more picky about adding games, trying to find that game that holds up over time, like a good marriage. Lol 😀

  18. Secret message spotted In Thumbnail: “Eldritch Horror Eat Sleeping Gods”

  19. Love the concept of this series, for an alternate twist it can be flipped to showcase games that have eventually become must-haves for you.

  20. You are literally the only person I have ever heard praise the ending of King's Dilemma, I've seen it universally lambasted as an absolute copout.

  21. Congrats for 28 k. 30 k is comming!

  22. A game that jumped for me was Final Girl. I initially got just the camp and haunted house boxes and got bored pretty quickly; the camp was too basic and the winning the haunted house was SO luck dependent. But then I got some of the other sets (like Dr. Fright and the Organism) and now I love it. Season 2 especially had some pretty clever twists on the base mechanism and each monster did have a certain strategy you could enact to win. Top 10 game for me.

  23. I used to be a big fan of Zombicide games, I now feel bored of those

  24. If you changed your minds on "must haves", then they're not "must have" games…

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