My 10 Comfort Games! | Games that bring me comfort & warm my heart. -

My 10 Comfort Games! | Games that bring me comfort & warm my heart.

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Hey friends! It’s officially fall, the temperature is dropping and it’s time to chat about the games that bring me comfort and warm my heart. Do you have games that you don’t even have to think about and just bring you joy every time you play? Comfort games are really the best.

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  1. I think this is the lowest amount of overlap I’ve had w you on a list!! I’ve only played Welcome To (and it was on your recommendation)!!! So many more games to try out 😍 I think you’d love Creature Comforts solo! It was SO cozy when I played it the other day

  2. Listening to your voice brings me comfort already, it’s true.😊

  3. This is THE video I needed on this first day of October!

  4. Tokaido is my go-to relaxing game. Oddly, if I could get the time more often A Feast For Odin would be my #1. It’s a Sunday game…. A cup of hot beverage, a big game table, a friend or two…. Perfect.

  5. Cascadia is definitely a comfort game as long as you fully understand the scoring cards beforehand because looking up some of the conditions mid game gets annoying

  6. Ohhhh yes Cartographers is one of the best games of all time. I love the scoring that’s basically straight out of Isle of Skye and the polyomino puzzle is so satisfying. I have the deluxe big box with all expansions now I can’t wait to try. I also play the app a lot!

  7. Ohanami was a surprise for us. It reminded me a bit of the Keltis games but we really like this one because if had drafting, one of my favorite mechanics.

  8. I’m certainly not a dog lover but it looks like a cool game and I do like the Cat Lady game for sure …

  9. I’m certainly not a dog lover but it looks like a cool game and I do like the Cat Lady game for sure …

  10. I find Welcome To rather stressful lol. I got the Moon version because everyone said it’s so much better lol… we’ll see !

  11. I tried coffee roaster on the app and it’s ok once I understood it… but I don’t do solo games hardly so I wish it could be multiplayer.

  12. At the moment I really enjoy Seize the Bean, even though it is quite a bit to set up the artwork and gameplay are so rewarding. Orchard and Grove are quick to setup and quit to play, in this regard I would also mention Rune.
    In regards to whatever and write I can recomend Explorers and for drafting the elusive Comic Hunters is a game I like to play.

  13. I'm unable to rank my own games, I love all of them the same way! Among them, these are the games easy to put on the table, to play and which have nice or even beautiful art, or satisfying material:

    Dice Hospital and its expansion which is very easy game, quickly played.
    Lueur (I love the art!) – I don't know the English name of the game, maybe it's the same?
    all roll/flip/.. n" write (Welcome to your new home, Welcome to the moon that I prefer, Doodle Islands, Cartographers, Demeter…)
    Calico & Cascadia (I love them both the same way)
    Savannah Park
    Patchwork (and the solo Automa cards) and light Uwe Rosenberg games (Cottage gardens, etc.)
    Tiny Towns (and Fortune expansion)
    Spirits of the forest
    Taverns of Tiefenthal
    English gardens
    Baron Voodoo
    Iguaçu (or Iquazù, Haba – the material is so pleasant to play with!)
    Chakras (satisfying to play, nice art and boards)
    Palm Island, Orchard, Sprawlopolis and Chain Food Island (I love those little pocket games!)

    Now that I saw your video, I feel like to play Tiny Towns, it's been a long time since it has been on the shelf! The expansion introducing money in the gameplay is funny.

    I just received "Honey Buzz" this week, I think it's a good game, according to most points of view (again, the art is awesome!)

    Thank you for the vidéo, I have more or less the same tastes as you !

  14. In no specific order for solo nor duo games

    -Loco Momo
    -Alice's Garden
    -Predator Island
    -Le murmure des Feuilles (not sure it has been or will be translated)
    -Warp's Edge


    Defenatly have to try that Coffee Roaster game !

  15. 22:13 You like it better than the Moon version!?! That is surprising!

  16. 23:18 Have you played Sagrada? – That is one of my comfort games! If so, what do you think of it? To me, that game is very sudoku-like! (And I find it most similar to Calico – with it being tight and because of the restrictions, rather than Azul, btw).

  17. Top 10 (in no particular order): Cascadia, Wingspan, Ares Expedition, Guillotine, 7 Wonders, Tsuro, Hadara, Lords of Waterdeep, Planted, Meadow

  18. Great video! Was excited to see Roam, Dream Home, & Welcome To… also some of my comforting go to games.

  19. I want Lacrimosa so bad, but out of stock everywhere that I know of

  20. Roam doesn't get enough love. really cool game

  21. Wingspan and Meadow are mine. Probably because of the lovely art and nature theme.

  22. Great video! I am completely with you on Hadrians Wall being comforting. Especially once you know all the rules like the back of your hand. It becomes very therapeutic and satisfying checking off your boxes and swapping out your resources.

  23. Hello! I think we have very similar tastes and I just came across this game today – Betwixt and Between. If you're like me, the art had me at hello and the gameplay had me at…the rest of the conversation. the reference is falling apart but this game gives me such cozy and witchy vibes!

  24. Cascadia ended up being my game of the summer. I brought it up north specifically so I could start the day with a cup of coffee, playing solo while sitting out by the lake 🤗

  25. Tell me she doesn't look almost exactly like Playstation girl

  26. Great Video! Believe it or not, I feel so comfort of playing The Bloody Inn…Anyway I also like Imperial Settlers (only Solo), Villagers and Walking in Burano (like cats :). Cascadia won the best game of the year 2022 in germany.

  27. I was so happy to see Hadrian's Wall on your list! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I think it's the most relaxing, meditative game! (Except for the "defending against the barbarian hordes" moment…)

  28. I really love Tiny towns and never bring myself to try the solo but now you gave me the motivation to do so! Nice video 🙂

  29. On BGG there is a solo variant for ROAM that apparently is quite good

  30. MIYABI DEFINITELY NEEDS MORE LOVE! Seriously: the lack of attention this game gets is criminal. What a great game!

  31. If you like Miyabi and ohanami for comfort games, you may also like The One Hundred Torii, Matcha, or Hanamikoji.

  32. We recently picked up Tiny Towns and love it. Our 7-year-old asks to play it every day. Gotta try it solo now!

  33. Thank you for sharing. Broaden my scope on games to look at.

  34. Tiny towns is super stressful to me. For me Rawr n write and calico are comfy games going by gameplay but the most comfy theme wise has to be creature comforts.

  35. As a comfort game, I love to play Rolling Realms and Sprawlopolis (but also Hadrian's Wall).

  36. I was surprised PARKS didn't get to this list.

  37. You crazy Jenna. That jacket is perfect for this topic. When you gonna make your favorite crwouncy games?

  38. That black and gold pumpkin on the shelf behind you – where is it from? must have!

  39. OMG, it's not just us! Roam is a comfort game for us, too! I don't know why, it just is. We think maybe it's the characters, the art, and the little vignettes of their lives. It makes no sense that a head-to-head area control/majority game would be a comfort game for us, but we're with you on this: it totally is!

  40. My comfort games are typically solo PnPs. Things like Dungeon of Numenera, Rogue, or Nine Circles. I also really enjoy deck builders (Legendary, DC Deck builder).

  41. The last few videos l my eyes are focusing on Lacrimosa i am so intrigued on that game. How did you get your hands on that?

  42. Yeah Hadrians Wall isindeed comforting. There is no stress, you collect workers, you scribble, you can think out as much as you like 😃👍

  43. Jenna seems to love drafting. So here are a few more drafting games. Floriferous is drafting from a grid, where most cards are visible, and your choice each step determines turn order. We all know Jenna likes Atheneum Mystic Library, part drafting, part patern building. Planted Nature vs Nurture is fun pland themed drafting game (Target only, so not in Canada yet). Herbaceous is push your luck set collection game.

    Great fun list Jenna.

  44. I agree with Cartographers for sure. My comfort games currently: Parks, Everdell (base, or with Newleaf, though i need to dive deeper into the Newleaf solo variant to work out some kinks there), Cartographers, Ugly Griffon Inn, and Cottage Garden.

  45. Hubby's list: Parks, Cat Lady, and Sheepy Time. My list: Meadow, Atheneum, Walking in Burano/Provence, Canvas, Parks.

  46. When are you going to do a Lacrimosa playthrough/review?

  47. I like Ohanami as well.

    Silver and Gold and Trails of Tucana are two other nice flip and writes.

    Other comfort games I like are Karuba, Jaipur, and Shotten Totten.

    I would like to try Roam and Tiny Towns.

  48. Have you tried any of the Tiny Towns expansions?

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