My 10 Most Anticipated Board Games -

My 10 Most Anticipated Board Games

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about the board games I’m most excited for.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Have you acquired Nucleum? I really wonder what you think about it. It has something interesting for sure

  2. Eagerly awaiting Dr Knizia’s Cascadero and Benjamin & Gilbert’s Patterns which seems to be a sequel to Mandala. Also heard that El Grande is getting a re-print. Not sure if the same is true.

  3. Is it my imagination, that your game library getting bigger. ❤

  4. Hey Chairman. I’m pretty sure Nucleum is a David Turzci game with a special appearance of Simone Luciani.

    On another note, I’m getting a little suspicious with all these dual designers games. I feel that they just use the more popular designers to sell games. Tascini and Luciani were the original duo. Sure Kramer and Keisling too. But look at Woodcraft, Tekhenu, now Nucleum. All kinda use the name of the other designer and it’s what people focus on.

  5. Cascadero & Terra Pyramides are must buys. Nine Knights and Colosseum seems interesting.

  6. The games I'm looking forward to won't be ready until maybe next year: Lacerda's Speakeasy and the 2nd edition of The Smoky Valley.

  7. Birdwatcher is an excellent set collecting game. I wasn't a fan of Wingspan, but Birdwatcher I like a lot

  8. Have you looked into Suchy's Evacuation? It looks fantastic. Also, will you be reviewing Barcelona?

  9. Cascadero definitely has an amazing cover. Ian O Toole just has a great mix of a pattern/graphical and illustrative style. I am getting Babylonia in a few days and really hoping I like it. Really think I would based on your review and some playthroughs. Might have to get Cascadero if Babylonia is a hit

  10. Some games on my radar are Black Friday, Zoo Vadis, Age of Rail: South Africa and Lords of Vegas.

  11. Dan, my friend, I think you stole my wishlist, haha. You hit a lot of the ones I am looking forward to. I heard a semi-negative review of Wild Tiled West, which made me a tad sad. I'll be curious what your thoughts are though. I'm looking forward to some of Martin Wallace's new games. Bloodstones should be out soon, and his Steam Powered game should be hitting gamefound early next year I believe. The WIP rulebook for SP seemed like it had little overhead which I have been appreciating more of late.

    Busy Beaks is a cute game; I enjoy it, yet my wife wasn't a massive fan. With the scoring system, at two player it feels more like a tug-of-war game so that may be a factor. I worry that repeat plays will lead disinterest, but there is enough variety to stave that off for the time being IMO.

    Hope all is well. Thanks for the vid!

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