My 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Kickstarters/Gamefound Board Games of 2022 | #1-10!! -

My 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Kickstarters/Gamefound Board Games of 2022 | #1-10!!

Liege of Games
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This is it. This is the 10 games I am most anticipating coming to crowdfunding in 2022. Let’s go.

Thanks for watching!

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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Get Hyped! 10 + 2 extra!!
01:40 – Honorable Mention #1
04:38 – Honorable Mention #2
07:31 – #10
08:59 – #9
11:51 – #8
14:07 – #7
16:21 – #6
19:06 – #5
21:11 – #4
23:34 – #3
25:35 – #2
28:28 – #1

31:46 – Final Thoughts, Hyped yet?

Gaijin –
Gaijin –
Astro Knights –
Tidal Blades 2 –
Bloodstone –
Mercurial –
Jurassic World Isle of Nublar –
Marvel Zombies (Zombicide) –
Sankokushin –
Slay the Spire –
Kingdoms Forlorn –
Iconoclash –
Arcs –

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  1. Just some feedback… The intensity and tone of this video is off-putting. There's also moments where it feels like you're talking down to your audience.

  2. Happy to hear that you're excited for Mercurial! Personally, I'm really looking forward to Slay the Spire. I've put countless hours in on the PC version, looking forward to putting in countless more with the tabletop version — but with friends this time!

  3. Gaijin! I can't understand how it's "light" though.

  4. Looking forward to more information on Kingdoms Forlorn, City of Chaos, Gaijin, Marvel Zombies, and Dark Quarter. That's way too many titles all within a few months of each other.

  5. Only interested in Kingdoms Forlorn, Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices, and Marvel Zombies (from your list).
    I have all of Aeon's End, so there is no way I am buying a reskin of it..
    I already have the Giant Cthulhu, so I look forward to Galactus joining him on top of my Kallax.
    However, I am very interested in Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint (not on your lists), which should launch in January.

  6. damn.. so far in many different video's of most anticipated for 2022.. i guess imma be saving so much money cause i only see like 2 or 3 things i care about: tindaya, marvel zombies, and MAYBE 1 more..

  7. Happy New Year's Chris. Thanks for all your videos this past year. It was part of what helped me through an incredibly tough year.
    The only one on this list that I'm interested in is Bloodstone. I was disappointed when they pulled the campaign after funding. So it's still on my radar but I hope they make it more awesome with more options for backers to choose minis or standees. I might be interested in the Marvel Zombies but since it is CMON, the price will be on the high side with a lot of game play hidden behind the add-on wall.

  8. 1. I wish you a happy new year and keep going doing great videos. 2. First in wasnt thinking about the marvel zombicide, but the more videos I watch and the closer the kickstarter comes, I cant wait to buy it.

  9. Looking forward to Kingdoms Forlorn considering it has been 4yrs under development. My only issue, I doubt this will deliver before 2024.

  10. Man you have a good taste in games. My list is similar. Check out Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint.

  11. I'm backing Kingdoms forlorn and Tidal blades for sure!

    Happy new year!

  12. Smash bros …super nintendo? Are you talking about the game with blocks, a wrap around single screen, turtles, mario & luigi only? Or do you mean the smash bros fighting game we know today that started on gamecube? You might be about to blow my mind here.

  13. Sad that Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint didn't make either of your lists or honorable mentions, but it's possible you haven't heard of it, or just aren't interested

  14. Happy new year. I'm interested in most of those. Well see what my budget ends up being.

  15. Interested in Marvel Zombies BUT the fomo is going to be High. The price point/fomo might stop me from pledging. I don’t need 3+ expansions to a game I’ve never played. Happy New Year.

  16. My top 10 anticipated games
    1) Encyclopedia (wonderful art with lemur monkeys I think)
    2) Plunderous (Mico art with Pirates and co-designed by Rahdo)
    3) Unconscious Mind (Vincent Dutrait art? Yes, Please)
    4) Followers (Euro game with time travel)
    5) Sea of Legends (Falling in love /romance and swashbuckling? More Pirate booty…..Rrrrr)
    6) Yucatán (follow up to Kemet, Cyclades)
    7) Tidal Blades 2
    8) Marvel Zombicide
    9) Batman: Escape from Arkham
    10) Crescent Moon (area control where you can be a Caliphate, wandering nomads, or wield the power of a Sultan).

  17. I m saving for Sankokushin and Kingdom of Forlorn

  18. You've introduced some games I should keep my eye on. You're the best!!!

  19. Oooo new background. Thanks for the list. Looks like it’s time to prepare my wallet lots of good games coming!

  20. Kingdoms Forlorn and Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices for sure!! Couple of other games that were not on the list but definitely worth looking at: Elder Scrolls by Chip Theory Games (Too Many Bones), Battle System's new dungeon crawl based on Core Space's mechanics.

  21. Looking forward to Daimyo from SSG. Going to be a 4x style game set in feudal Japan AND will be compatible with Senjutsu characters. Very excited to see how they are going to build their world.

  22. Soo so so so many I’m hyped for … almost too many!

  23. Good lord. I still have steamwatchers, moonshine empire and townsfolk tussle to get through. Not to mention all the other ones I’m waiting to ship. I think for me it will definitely be marvel zombies and tidal blades. Toss up between kingdoms forlorn and sankukoshin

  24. Sankokushin just has so much interesting new stuff going on, I am most hyped for that one. Gaijin, I think the name is kind of lame but I’m a huge William Gibson fan and this looks right up my alley. And this is the first I’ve heard of Mercurial but I’m really intrigued. I think those are my top 3 but this is a really great list! Now I know what I’ll be playing in…. 2024? LOL. Happy new year!

  25. Don't forget another Oathsworn campaign is coming in 2022. Also, I am champing at the bit for Daimyo and Sankokushin. We love the Rebirth of a Nation, but more Japan is great.

  26. Adding Arcs to my watch list, that already was Astro Knights, Kingdoms Forlorn, Slay the Spire and Sankokushin.
    By the way, I guessed correctly your 2nd and 3rd game 😀
    Happy new year!

  27. I'm about 50/50 with you on this list:
    99% sure backs: Gaijin – Tidal Blades – Jurassic World – Sankokushin – Kingdoms Forlorn
    Need to see more: Mercurial – Slay the Spire – Arcs
    Likely Passes: Astro Knights – Bloodstone – Iconoclash
    Hard Passes: Marvel Zombies

    Fortunately (or unfortunately), the passes on that list will be more than made up for by:
    Purple Haze – The Dark Quarter – The Last Mechs – Behemoth: Rise of Shadow – Escape from Stalingrad Z – ……………and who knows how many more!

  28. Bloodstone, Sankokushin, Kingdoms Forlorn… What's money? This is not a great 2022 new year's resolution.

  29. Easily patiently waiting for Sankokushin and Kingdoms Forlorn. Anticipating another campaign for Townfolk Tussel. Considering their current campaign is coming to a close. So with any hope sometime next year will have a rerun with some expansions. Thanks for the upload.

  30. OMG. Lots of great games and my shelves are full.

  31. Not a whole lot here for me. I'm always interested in Level 99 stuff but they do a lot of 2p games which just never get played in my group.

    The ones I'm waiting for are Paradox Initiative, 18 India (which is a long ways off) and Blokk too.

  32. Right now in 2022 I'm waiting only for Where Humans Don't Belong and Frozen Steel, expansion for the Last Aurora.
    If Diemension Games create some expansions or second part of the Deep Madness I'll back them too.

  33. I sat looking at the art of that Chinese (Japanese?) game for ages. Stunning. If I have the money this year I think I’m going to go for this (or Middara, I can’t decide!!!)

  34. Great list Chris! Out of all the videos I've seen about this topic, yours is closest to my own personal wishlist for 2022.

  35. Betrayal Legacy is the only one that I've been playing after the Legacy campaign. Strangely enough, I've played in 3 different Betrayal Legacy games and played each of them after the campaign at least once.

    What is the dinosaur combo game your kids play? It sounds interesting.

  36. There are quite a few upcoming Kickstarters that I'm interested in, but I don't know enough about them. The ones that I'm most anticipating include Gaijin, Quodd Heroes 2nd Ed, and Singularity Sky. I like acrylic standees much more than minis and I wish more companies to start using them.

  37. Fellow CMON Junkie!! 😁 Super hyped for this!!

  38. Oath had my curiosity. But hearing they are doing Oath in space with a more contained narrative, now they have my attention with Arcs.
    I wonder if Marvel Zombies can include non-zombie heroes and villains. Then use the Zombicide engine for straight hero/villain battles. About the only way they get my money on that one, and still long odds at that. Marvel Death May Die or Marvel: Rise of Doom/Thanos/Red Skull could be fun too.

  39. Jeez, Chris, my wallet was feeling safe until I saw this. Ha. Happy New Year!

  40. Kingdom Forlone , Sankokushin and Marvel Zombies is my top 3.

  41. You need to sit on your hands. Its very distracting.

  42. CMON got quite some money from me in 2021. I'm still waiting for Scooby Doo, Western Zombicide and the Zombicide Ghostbusters to arrive.
    Not sure if I will join them for Marvel Zombies. The games from your list I'm the most excited about, are "Heroes of Might & Magic 3", "Escape from Arkham Asylum" and "Deep Rock Galactic".

  43. Mercurial I'm interested in now. Astro Knights might be another one. I enjoy Aeons End but is it enough for me to get a 'Reimplementation' of it? Thanks for the list.

  44. There are so many good games this year. For me one that I'm checking out, again in that danger zone of February, is Rogue Angels. Kind of a Mass Effect type of game, had a chance to demo it on TTS, and the story was good, mechanics were good, and it's a legacy style game, which always interests me, but one you can reset and play with different characters to explore more story.

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