My Board Game Collection | Tour the Best 130ish Games in the World -

My Board Game Collection | Tour the Best 130ish Games in the World

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Come along with me and tour my collection of board games! We’ve got eurogames and ameritrash and minis, oh my!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll marvel at my board game collection. Probably. I don’t know what you marvel at.



  1. Having now acquired the location of your passport and social security card inside your house, I only have to acquire the location of your house. And access. And red hair and a beard. And THEN, you better watch out, I will do so much traveling under your name

  2. Hello fellow nerd. Good luck with the move! I'm looking at downsizing in the next few years, so I'm working on purging as much as I can prior. It would help if I'd stop buying more board games. 😬

    Edit: I think everyone needs at least one sword. One of these days I'll figure out how to display the Final Fantasy 8 gunblade replica my brother bought me for my birthday a few years ago. 🤔

  3. Hey there! I didn't think someone else enjoyed Gravity Maze besides me! That and Laser Maze were some of my favorite ThinkFun games. Rush Hour was decent too.
    If you really want some cool curios add to to your trove of fun puzzles, get yourself some Perplexus orbs. There's really nothing else like them (there is a Death Star version for your inner nerd!)

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