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My Board Game Room!

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People have been asking for a tour of my game room so here it is!
Just watch the first part if you just want to see the tour. The second part is all my games.

0:00 The Room
9:36 The Games

Here are all the links for all the player aids. If you can’t download them, maybe you can do a screen shot? Let me know how that works out.

FUSE! Put all your defused cards on here:

Times up: Title Recall – For the round paper, fold it into three sections so players can read the rules for each round.

Sentient: Game Board

Captain Sonar:

Splendor – Royal names (I labeled mine on the back so we knew who they were.

Lost Cities – Finally I good score sheet!

Bunny Kingdom – Print four of these. Cut in half and tape on dotted line.

Quacks of Quedlinburg: tape this to the bottom of the main board. Do these actions in order after the other ones.


  1. What are the room dimensions? Nice collection!

  2. Awesome room! We condensed down most of our games when we moved into an RV for a few years, so we don't have boxes for a lot of them. I made a custom box for Dominion & our expansions that you would love. I would love the whoonu printable link if you still have it.

  3. Amazing game room. Very inspiring. The flower holder you have for the mats. Can you tell me where you got that?

  4. Would you mind telling me where you got all these awesome games and which church you go to?? Great vid!!! By the way, you have a new subscriber! ☺

  5. What a fantastic and inviting game room! Subscribed!

  6. Hi, I don't see the link for the whoonu in the description. Would you please share?

  7. Wow! this is what a board game should look like! Keep up all the great games and content! 😍🥰

  8. I love all the work you put into your room! Great job! I wish mine looked half as good 😂

  9. Finally a woman’s games room. Love the feminine touch. Babe Cave is awesome!

  10. First time seeing your channel and this was such a great video! I LOVE getting to see others' game spaces and gather ideas for my own room. I currently share the space with my kids' toys, but you've inspired me to make a few things myself and hang 'em up!

    I seriously love the idea of a dedicated Crokinole table with a cover to play other games on top. Such a great idea that I hope I can implement one day. Currently my board is hanging up, which I also like the look of.

    Haven't made it through all your games yet, but needed to pause to tell you how much I appreciated your setup! Now, back to the games 😅

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