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My Board Game Room!

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People have been asking for a tour of my game room so here it is!
Just watch the first part if you just want to see the tour. The second part is all my games.

0:00 The Room
9:36 The Games

Here are all the links for all the player aids. If you can’t download them, maybe you can do a screen shot? Let me know how that works out.

FUSE! Put all your defused cards on here:

Times up: Title Recall – For the round paper, fold it into three sections so players can read the rules for each round.

Sentient: Game Board

Captain Sonar:

Splendor – Royal names (I labeled mine on the back so we knew who they were.

Lost Cities – Finally I good score sheet!

Bunny Kingdom – Print four of these. Cut in half and tape on dotted line.

Quacks of Quedlinburg: tape this to the bottom of the main board. Do these actions in order after the other ones.


  1. Wow! this is what a board game should look like! Keep up all the great games and content! 😍🥰

  2. I love all the work you put into your room! Great job! I wish mine looked half as good 😂

  3. Finally a woman’s games room. Love the feminine touch. Babe Cave is awesome!

  4. First time seeing your channel and this was such a great video! I LOVE getting to see others' game spaces and gather ideas for my own room. I currently share the space with my kids' toys, but you've inspired me to make a few things myself and hang 'em up!

    I seriously love the idea of a dedicated Crokinole table with a cover to play other games on top. Such a great idea that I hope I can implement one day. Currently my board is hanging up, which I also like the look of.

    Haven't made it through all your games yet, but needed to pause to tell you how much I appreciated your setup! Now, back to the games 😅

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