My current wishlist games! What is wrong with me.. | GET ON MY SHELF -

My current wishlist games! What is wrong with me.. | GET ON MY SHELF

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Soooo I think it is official, I have a board game addiction.. anyone else? Today we are chatting about some more games that are on my wishlist. These are definitely not the only ones but just ones that have been at the top of the list recently. I hope you all enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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  1. two games that are in my wishlist now are games that are not super new but looks cool, its Bargain quest and Call to adventure, I think I need something RPG that is not RPG but beautiful.

  2. Not getting in on Three Sisters is my biggest regret of the year, so far. Although, considering my Shelf of Still-in-Shrink, I shouldn't feel that way.

  3. My GF and I got Brew at Origins! (We haven't played it yet though. lol)

  4. When you pick up A Feast for Odin, give it a play or two, and then pick up the expansion (The Norwegians). It makes the game even better.

  5. You should check out Firetower by Run Away Parade and Berried Treasure by Restoration Games. Both are big hits when we introduce them to others. Merchants of the Dark Road and Transmissions are on my want list.

  6. I believe legacy games are the type of games where you make material changes to the components (place stickers, tear up cards) and are meant to be only played once. Campaign games don't make permanent changes, so you can replay the campaign again.

  7. Oh, hey! I had to find out more about the Board Jame Jarden, so prepare to be binged!

  8. I enjoy hearing about why people want different things. Sometimes it makes me interested in knowing more and sometimes it confirms that I am not interested. Great video!

  9. Some absolutely great games on the list! Feast for Odin is awesome for all the reasons you mention. Tapestry is a tricky one, we actually shelved it for 6 months and considered selling it. We just could not get it to click with us. Then it did and we've played it many times since! It's one of my wife's favourites now. It's excellent but can take a few plays to figure it out.

  10. This is such a great video ❤️ I love seeing wishlist and Penny 😍😍😍 Tapestry is my favorite game!! You are right though there are some factions that you have to use to change what they can do, but I feel like that speaks to Jamie's dedication that the more plays as the games get older you find out more than you can from just play testing. It's so so fun though if you really love limited resource management. I want Wok and Roll too! My two big wishlist games right now are Endangered and Roll Camera. Have a happy Friday Eve

  11. I've tried so many more of your wishlist than I did last time.

    We've own and have played Brew, Herbaceous, Dungeon Petz, A Feast for Odin, Genotype, Meadow, and all the West Kingdom Trilogy.

    For your next worker placement, I would hands down go with Paladins of the West Kingdom. A Feast for Odin, Dune Imperium, Dungeon Petz, they are all great and we love and will keep all of them. Paladins is just one of my all time favorites. Do that one first! 🤣

  12. My wife and I just started playing Isle of Cats with the family rules and we love it. My wife is slowly getting into board gaming so I’ve been getting fun gateway games. Recently ordered Floriferous as it was on sale during Amazon Prime day. Looking forward to getting that on the table.

    For the time being I’m holding back on getting more games to be able to catch up on some others I’ve yet to bring to the table. Even so, I’m with you I still have a wishlist (the addiction is real).

    Regarding solo gaming that doesn’t require insane setup however can be a bit challenging, I’ve heard interesting things about these two (yet to buy): Black Sonata, and The Lost Expedition (no relation to Arnak aside from explorer theme). Look up some video reviews. They might be of interest to you!

  13. Dude Dungeon Petz is great. One of my favs. Dungeon Lords is pretty good too.

  14. Obsession is a blast. Recommend watching a how to play video instead of reading the rulebook, because it can be a lot, but go back to the rulebook for all the thematic context stuff

  15. I cannot recommend the Shem Phillips games and Tapestry highly enough. They are all great mid-weight games, very fun, very playable. I hope you get your hands on them because I'm not giving mine up anytime soon!

  16. I just received Ark Nova 🐘🐯this week , which was available here (France) since March, but I was not appealed at that moment. 
    I'm reading the rulebook and in fact it looks quite good. I'm eager to try it!
    Such a pity the board is… hum, not "sexy" – those colours, brown and beige, mein Gott!
    (Fortunately I have my own über cute animals meeples to adorn it a bit!)

    Three Sisters is really a good roll 'n write game, so many combo opportunities!

    And I agree with your friends about Dune Imperium! It's among my favs in my games library, the solo is great (and I don't like specially space games – I only have Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies and Welcome to the Moon)

    As for Ryan Lockat, I'd like to try Distant Skies when it is available, but it looks expensive….

    I like to watch videos talking about wish lists ; I discover new games I haven't heard about yet.
    However, my own wish list goes on! ^^

    And as the saying goes : "One pleasure a day takes the stress away" (is there such a saying?)😁

    Thanks for the video! A pat and a virtual cookie for Penny!

    PS: sorry if my comment is a tad long!

  17. We love a “cronchy” roll & write 🤣. Watching this during a spending ban is so dangerous… I can’t wait to hear about Obsession when you get it! I JUST WANNA PLAY GAMES TOGETHER ALREADY

  18. My wishlist is huge as well. I never can decide.

  19. ☠️ 😂 I kept thinking you were saying raunchy for Three Sisters! I laughed so hard! Craunchy roll n write 😂 omg rewind and replay! So funny!

  20. Funny enough, I never had Brew on my list of games to snag until I picked up promo cards for it at a local CON. It's now sitting on my shelf waiting to be played. One game I do have on my wishlist is Catherine: Cities of Tsarina which was a lot of fun to play [got to try it out at a con] and will probably place my order for it once I start back to work this fall. I hate that the wishlist is ever growing because there are just so many great games coming out as of late. I am a huge fan of Druid City Games and I know they have a game Bloodstone coming soon to KS.

  21. I really like Now or Never…stand alone play and hey, a campaign to explore. I hope you like it. It's got a story which brings an exploration aspect, but it's an engine builder at heart. Be sure to get your village going early. Genotype is a staple in my collection. I love how the dice work in this game. It's not overwhelming. I recently blinged out my retail version with the upgrade pack. Yum!

    I hope you find some of these at bargain prices at Breakout Con. Let us know for sure!

  22. I love Tapestry, the production is fantastic and moving up all the tracks is fun. The West Kingdom Games are some of my favourites, I am I huge fan of those and can’t recommend them enough!

  23. I love Tapestry. Just draw two tapestry cards at the start. Civ balance adjustments are online. It’s a great game if you like finding new ways to combine the different tracks to get the most out of each round

  24. Chai tea for 2, Obession, Meadow and Wayfarers of the south tigris are my top on my wishlist, but let's be honest the list goes on and and on 🤣! Penny is the sweetest dog ever omg 😍

  25. Penny!!! 17:28 Yay!!!

    And great list fun listen, all hobby gamers have a list.

  26. Carolyn Choate ~ Heart-Centered Sales Funnels says:

    I could be wrong but my understanding was a campaign is a story you can play through but legacy can only be done once because that story is causing permanent changes to the game (writing over the board, tearing up cards)

  27. Fantastic choices, Jenna! I really enjoyed getting a chance to see all of the games in your current wishlist! You named some absolutely phenomenal games here but some of my favorites are A Feast for Odin (my current all-time favorite game) and the Garphill trilogies! (I only own Raiders and Architects but I've played all of the West Kingdom games!) I'm actually currently working on my "current wishlist" video… I promise I didn't copy your idea! But I'll mention this video anyway in case people want to see more wishlist content! ☺

  28. I just played Dungeon Petz for the first time. The auction/bidding is for the order you place workers. It's a fun game!

  29. I had to come back a day later because I got distracted by Familiar Tales and was able to get it for $45!!!

  30. Also, I only have Shipwrights of NS, bht honestly, it is such a good game, and its considered the “weakest” of Garphill’s games, so I can’t wait to see how amazing they get.

  31. So, Meadow, though pretty, was a massive fail. Twice.
    Brew was fine but honestly forgettable.
    No room to be spending good money and shelf space on mediocrity imo.
    Just a couple heads up from my point of view. Love your channel ❤️

  32. ehh dungeon pets is . ok . i wouldn't hype ur self for it , its outdated for current times.

  33. I keep an updated ‘to get’ list on my phone, in the notes section.
    Always revising and updating, and prioritizing. 🙂

  34. I am currently exploring the West Kingdom series of games,myself, and think you would enjoy them, Jenna. I think it is neat that one can combine the three games of the series into a campaign by using the expansion, Tome Saga, and I really want to try that! The three games are quite different from one another mechanically and yet they share some common elements that tie them together into a proper trilogy. This is elegant game design!

  35. I think we like a lot of the same games. I was hesitant to try Dune Imperium, and my first play I didn’t love it. But after you play it a few times it really clicks and now I absolutely love the game!

  36. 7-10 unplayed games? Those are amateur numbers 🙂

  37. Ark Nova and Obsession are both top 10 for me. Tapestry is a much deeper game than it seems. The factions are not necessarily balanced but each faction has a unique strategy. It's a great game.

  38. In my opinion a legacy game ist most of the times also a campaign game but includes destruction of components and permanent changes on game material. Campaign games in general are for me scenario based games that you play one after the other, most often they tell a story and get more difficult over time

  39. You can play Near and Far just as stand alone game without going through campaign mode. It's called a arcade mode and uses just a deck of random quest cards instead of the storybook. It's a solid game of network building, exploring, resource management to build a tableau of artefacts. It also uses a worker placement mechanism. Totally playable without the campaign. You can chose a map you like and make up your own stories with the quest cards and be done in one evening.

  40. Campaign games are games in which you are just playing through the campaign. Legacy games are games (which usually have a campaign) in which you are making permanent changes to the game state as you continue playing. The game will tell you not to open a box until you are supposed to, may tell you to destroy components, etc. In the end, your game will be very unique – and you will have the memory of having played through it – and what one mark on the board, for example, represents to you.
    I hope that helps explain the difference (as best as I can).

  41. Ryan Laukat is my favorite designer and I currently own 12 Red Raven games. Having said that, I would humbly advise that Now or Never is very heavy in comparison to Near and Far or Above and Below. I do enjoy it, very much so, and you will also, especially since it has the solo mode you're looking for. Just know that it's a multi-hour affair once you open that box. It's also the only one for which I've had to look up strategy. I'm eager to see what you think about all of the Red Raven games in time.

  42. I have all 3 West Kingdom games and love them all… That said I would recommend starting with Architects and then either Paladins or Viscounts. Architects is a bit lighter and lots of fun 😀

  43. Great list and great video!

    Feast for Odin is one of my favourites, like you I loved Caverna, so Feast for Odin was a natural progression. There's so many strategies and ways to play it, add in the expansion, extra tiles and islands and it just branches into so many options.

    The action board is initially hard to parse, but once you break it down by row and column it becomes a lot easier.


  44. A lot of these are on my list too, but it makes me curious: a lot of these are mostly new hotness. Any thoughts on looking back to discover some of the awesome games from 5+ years ago?
    Some of the older ones I've been thinking about are Notre Dame, Deus, and Race for the Galaxy.

  45. Not huge fan of take that games but we both really like Brew!

  46. Namiji and Stardew valley are definitely on my list to join my collection too for sure 😃

  47. Floriferous looks beautiful and may be the kind of game I'd love to play. I'm really into this theme as well.

  48. Got to play Genotype at TantrumCon and loved it! It's not as complex as it looks but you need a BIG dice tray. =)

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