My Entire Board Game Collection - 2024 Edition -

My Entire Board Game Collection – 2024 Edition

Chairman of the Board
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I talk through my entire board game collection.




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  1. I wish you'd held the camera sideways so that I didn't have to tilt my head sideways! 😂

  2. i been waiting on that War Chest 3rd expansion for almost a year now 🙁

  3. Would be keen for a quartly update of your sold games

  4. Really enjoy it when you do these videos! Always nice to get a view of your whole collection.

  5. A true Euro lovers dream! Lots of amazing titles on those shelves. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Damn you're board games collection is so good mine ihave organ attack, unstable unicorns with 3 expansion packs grimwood and a exploding kittens im a student at the moment been saving my allowance to buy them it's nice to see your collection's !! Its inspiring to pursue my dreams to be able to buy board games as such

  8. will you buy El Grande new edition?

  9. I appreciate how well you have tailored your collection to your tastes, and kept it in a manageable size. I find myself playing primarily two-player and solo games of late; we got a new meeple expansion recently. Mexica is my grail item that you've got. Always wnjoy a good K&K.

  10. could you comment on your opinion of Wondering Towers?

  11. i dont believe there's a single game featuring minis there.

  12. Footprints just arrived today! Have you tried it?

  13. Thanks for sharing your collection. That was a fun video to watch. Have you ever played After the Empire? I bought it because it was on sale but I have not played it yet. Just curious if you’ve played Roll Player? Also, if you like Cabo you may enjoy Skyjo and the Bullet series games such as Silver Bullet, etc…. I also just brought role-player adventures.
    I was curious if you’ve ever played Meadow?

  14. Played Glüx today. It really impressed me! Tom Vasel gave it a Seal of Excellence 7 years ago, and it really deserved it. I recommend it. Really strange it is not a larger hit/classic. I believe four players gives the optimal experience, but it works with all player counts.

  15. We have very similar tastes and I've gotten several games based off your recommendations. Thanks m8!

  16. My collection mirrors yours greatly. Ive been really enjoying Rise lately and just got Khora: Rise of an Empire. You tried it yet? Think you'd enjoy it.

  17. Many fantastic games on display here. I’m still on the lookout for copies of Sylla and Qin.

  18. Great taste! I was surprised not to see Xi’an in there.

  19. Nice collection. You should see the video about Ystari from « rue du jeu ». Sorry this is in French but great video.

  20. Please add Mosaic to your list, and NOT the Story of Civilization. Its abstract strategy made by Continuum G@mes.

  21. Sad to see Olympos was culled. I got it thanks to your channel! It felt like it met the criteria of good depth-complexity ratio and reasonable play time. I wonder why it wasn’t enough for you to keep. Anyway a classy collection, thanks for sharing!

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