My Favorite Board Games for Kids ages 5-8 // board games for the classroom! -

My Favorite Board Games for Kids ages 5-8 // board games for the classroom!

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These are some of my favorite board games for kids and students ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 years old! Watch the video to see why I love each game and a little bit about how to play each one!

Catan Jr.
The Floor is Lava
Sleeping Queens
Spy Alley
Cauldron Quest

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  1. lol I already have 3 out of 6 games you introduced: Catan Junior, Cauldron Quest, and Outfoxed.

  2. We love Outfoxed and Sleeping Queens! My granddaughters are now 6 and 7 and we’ve been playing Outfoxed for a couple years. When Grandpa and I both play, we let them roll for us to keep them engaged. Started playing Sleeping Queens this past year. A huge hit! We just intoduced Dragonwood (also by Gamewright) and they loved that too. Will try Cauldron Quest. Looks fun!

  3. Not a board game but we love Mexican train, dominos.

  4. Sequence for kids is fantastic. Simple enough for kids learn and for them to play on their own but it does have some strategy which is an important feature in kids games. Carcassonne for kids is also fantastic… maybe a bit trickier for in the classroom but great for a family with your kids’ ages.

  5. We love Yahtzee and Candy land. We play with the grandchildren when they stay the night.💕

  6. Looks like some really fun games! I wish this video had come out sooner so I could have gotten some of these games as gifts for my grandkids.

  7. Sleeping Queens and Rat a Tat Cat for the win for our family!!

  8. We love Outfoxed. We got it when my now 8 year old was 3 and we still play it now. We make up our own rules, like you only get to roll once and when we get a clue it goes on the clue spot where we got it and you can't go back there. He'll probably outgrow it soon and it will move into my primary grade room, but for now we still love it.

  9. We still play clue and chutes and ladders. These are two of our favorites for this age of children.

  10. Thank you! My family with grands ages 5 & 8 just love Sleeping Queens and Outfoxed. It sounds like out taste in games aligns with yours, so I will put the others you featured here on my list! 🎄

  11. Wow these are great!! Not a board game but my grandsons LOVE to play Dominoes with nana! They are ages 5 & 9. The 5 year olds plays a domino picture match but the 9 year old plays the real deal! We love it!!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful ideas for both within the classroom and to play with my nephews! I don’t have children of my own but come from a big game playing family and my nephews turned me onto ‘Bears va Babies’ and’ ‘You’ve Got Crabs’ or anything by this game making company 🤪

  13. Sleeping Queens has become a “favorite. We also love Monopoly Junior and Memory.

  14. I haven’t played any of those games. Thanks for sharing them.

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