My Favorite Solo Board Games Updated - Top 10 Solo Board Games Updated - SBGK -

My Favorite Solo Board Games Updated – Top 10 Solo Board Games Updated – SBGK

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It’s been almost 3 years since I stepped foot into this hobby and it’s been 1 year since I made my very first “Top 10.” This video took me a very, very long time to make. I wanted to make sure that I included actual footage of every game presented in this list. I hope you all enjoy my updated list of “My Favorite Solo Board Games!”

I did this for your enjoyment and I enjoyed making it, as well. Thank you for watching and I hope you all have a great game night! Take care, Solo Knights!


Solo Board Gaming Knight


  1. Great video!. Although Etherfields is a game that didn't click with me I am happy that this can hop into top 10 lists, art style is amazing here. Burncycle is fun, definitely one of the most played games by me this year, however I cannot pair it with TMB, for me TMB is a pinnacle of the game that maybe only Hoplomachus Vicoturum can get into soon. And Star Wars Outer Rim, this is on my shelf not yet played, now after such recommnedation I have to try it. Waiting for another update in a couple months 🙂

  2. Great video. Hope to see a top 10 worst game experiences!

  3. Phenomenal video! Your top ten list is diverse and unpredictable! I am interested in the visual aspects of games which attract people–you love bright neon aura-like colors😊! Thank you for sharing this list and for this fun video!!

  4. Haha thanks for your video although I think I liked your previous list more😀

    Don’t get me wrong you get me buying burgle bros anyway already thanks!

  5. Very interesting list. You are on of the first content creators to give GI Joe a positive experience. I also love Chip Theory games and I wonder where Hoplomachus Victorum will fall as it is meant as a solo only game. Glad to see Warp’s Edge get some love, I really like that game.Take care and thanks for the content!

  6. Thank you so much for this very interesting and inspiring video! I backed the whole playable content from tmb and i can't await the delivery to germany hopefully in fall😊 ! There are so many fantastic games on your list i consider to buy and play👌, thanks for that (and your very understandable english👍😆 )! Keep on producing such exciting content, best wishes!

  7. Interesting list!! Very nice to see Burgle Bros getting some love. I picked this up off the back of your review and it’s been a smash hit- one of my favourites!!

  8. Great list. I'll have to look more into burncycle. If I could only get either more robots or corporations, which one of the two do you recommend?

  9. Thank you! You really made my afternoon the moment I saw you'd updated your favourites. Such an enjoyable video to watch, and I'm sure that a lot of time and effort went into making this. And your love for these games and the hobby is infectious – keep up the great work!

    I've passed on burncycle simply because I haven't yet played Cloudspire, which I backed all in. There are so many games and sometimes you have to keep things in check – for me, the call is when I have a previous game that's not yet been played. And Etherfields is on my shelf – it will come out after my current project which is building and painting everything I have for Shadows of Brimstone and Forbidden Fortress… only a month or two more!

  10. Some really good options for people there SBK. I've been keeping an eye out for Bullet and Warps edge.

    From a Solo perspective of the FFG LCGs I find Marvel Champions is my favourite by a long way.. no real history with the IP it's just such a fun game mechanically. Hence I suppose if I did pick up a Legendary I would possibly go with Aliens just for the different IP?

    Yes Burncycle is really good and IMO it was one of the easiest CTG games to learn (the manual isn't terrible like most other CTG manuals) and it's something I would play with more casual gamers as with some guidance it's pretty straight forward. If your looking for a more complex solo game with a lot more depth then I'd say Cloudspire.. It's a really steep learning curve with a disjointed manual(s) to learn solo which really doesn't help. The missions also don't sequentially drip feed mechanics very well and as a new player your presented with and dealing with multiple rules issues right out of the gate. Though with some effort your rewarded with what is arguably CTGs best game. TMB is fantastic solo but you really need to play 2H or 3H for the game to really work and True Solo is really just learning how to play.

    Looking forward to Victorum & Hoplo, also Elder Scrolls sounds very promising as an open world game with TMB influence.

    I'll have to give Outer Rim some consideration, I'm not a massive Star Wars person but I'm not a massive Marvel person and I love MC :).

  11. Love this! I have recently been getting into solo games and this is really helpful. A few games I hadn't heard of and others I have had my eye on. I saw Burncycle at my local game store but didn't know anything about it. Since then I saw a quick playthrough and now I really want it. I haven't tried any of the Legendary card games but I do like deck building games. I've only tried the Undertow version of TMB and now I want all the bones.

  12. Sold off my LoTR LCG and Legendary collection a few years back and always regret it. I’ve gone all in on Marvel Champions and gave up on Arkham Horror early on but I think I might pick up the revised LoTR box. I’m also thinking of picking up G.I. Joe as the gameplay and IP have sold me on it and I can’t get back into the Legendary money sink. Trying to convince myself that I don’t need Outer Rim but I do enjoy the FFG adventure games…Fallout and Runebound. My most played solo games this year are Marvel Champions, Fallout the Board Game, Final Girl, Bullet, Marvel United and Terminator Dark Fate. I was thinking of getting The Dark Knight board game but I’ve seen the Kickass board game for like 30 bucks and it seems like it just flew under the radar or maybe people were sour on the IP after the second movie.

  13. Burncycle is the most accessible Chip Theory game imo. As you said, once you get it, the actual gameplay is fairly simplistic and I find myself not having to look up the rules nearly as much as I've done with their other games (though I think Hoplomachus Victorum might also fit this when it comes out).

  14. Really awesome list of solo games, and fantastic work yet again SBGK. I click on all your videos as soon as I notice them, we share the same passion for solo games :)… just bought the Unfinished Business expansion for Outer Rim and can't wait to dive in… though I do have to disagree with you on Descent versus Lord of the Rings, only because I also love painting miniatures and I have all the expansions and mini expansions, altogether resulting in such a plethora of amazing minis to paint, I'm just in love… keep up the great work, hope you're well

  15. I thought you quit YouTube. (not complaining, it's good to see you at it). This was helpful, but I'm still really skeptical about Descent 3. My group is still REALLY invested in Descent 2nd Edition with the App, we have all the major expansions and it's very complete, We love the system, and the ART is so much better than 3rd Edition in my opinion (cards, illustrations, tiles). Specially the tiles. The only thing 3rd Edition has going for it is the tridimensional stairs and out-of-the-box terrain and props, but the art on the tiles are so dull, it's just a texture, it's a real deal breaker.

    How is the story? Is it engaging? Is the narrative branching? Does the story gives you LOTs of options to chose from that completely changes the outcome, and changes where you go from there during the campaign? Have you played the same campaign more than once to noticed changes because of different choices, or this isn't a thing? Cheers.

  16. As soon as I saw Bullet♡ up first I knew this was going to be a good video. I can't wait to try out all the other games you've mentioned here that I've never heard of before.

  17. Thank you for another great video! A very interesting selection of games! Keep up the good work, and keep having fun 🙂

  18. Thanks so much for doing this video. I have two of the games on your list, Warp's Edge and G.I. Joe Deck builder. Love your descriptions and excitement for these games. Great video!

  19. This is a solid list man, I love videos like this. Great work.

  20. I love your videos, and almost all of these games are on my list as well (the ones that I have played at least). I go back and forth about burncycle, but then I remember that I almost always want to table it so if that isn't something, then I dunno, and I can't agree more on Too Many Bones, Marvel Champions, and Descent. I'm bummed to not see Spirit Island on here though! I do want to ask, I love the look of the sleeves you use, do you mind sharing which ones you use? In particular, for Etherfields standard cards and for the Vagrant mini cards, they look so smooth and with minimal glare.

  21. Thanks for sharing.
    Warp's Edge and Marvel Champions: LCG are in my Top Ten as well. Great games.

  22. Any idea how you can buy Too Many Bones recently in EU in somehow not 1000$ price…? This game looks cool but whenever I find an offer it looks.. yea stunning at least.

  23. That's a very interesting list (and a very well done video). Unfortunately for me, some of them pushes me away because of the theme. If how the game works is by far the most important when I play with others of course, I need a theme that I can relate to for a solo experience. I never understood the superhero/supervilain thing, I can't stand everything Star Wars related, I have an overdose of LoTR and I can't really relate to JI Joe, so even if I have no doubt about the high quality of the games you presented in those themes, they are no-no for me^^ Now, I didn't look at new boards games for a couple of years, so there is here a bunch of them that I didn't know about and god they are appealing to me (Warp's Edge, Vagrantsong, Burncycle, Etherfields). I have Too Many Bones on my radar for ages now, and I really need to finally get a copy of it, but then Burncycle seems seems so good as well! And Etherfields… Your presentation and how beautiful it looks pushed it instantly to the top of my whishlist!
    So far, I love Robinson Crusoe for the adventure feel and the variety of scenarios that make you feel you're playing a new game each time. I love This War of Mine for the incredible, emotional heartbreaking stories it creates (don't play it when you feel a bit depressed though… :D) not to mention it's a very beautiful game. I don't care if I win or lose for those two games, the journey in itself is so good that losing doesn't lessen the experience.
    I also love two games that I feel are misunderstood and underrated which are Shadowrun Crossfire and Ghost Stories. Most people found them too hard and too random and yes, they are hard but not so random. In fact getting good at Shadowrun Crossfire allows you to win 90% of the time and I agree, it's difficult to even understand how it's possible but it's a fact (and it's so rewarding), and for Ghost Stories, the core of the game is precisely to use all the mitigation mechanics to eliminate the randomness so dice rolls become more a bonus than a punishment.
    I love Mage Knight because… well, it's Mage Knight ^^ But to be honest I didn't play it that much, I didn't play it for some times now, and I'm not sure when I will play it again. Maybe it's too "heavy", or too long, or requires too much involvement, probably a combination of all those things, I don't really know.
    And finally, I just love Spirit Island. I find nearly everything just so great in this game, the only criticism I can find is that those plastic pieces just don't look good.
    Some honorable mentions: Race for the Galaxy and Gaia Project that I really enjoy playing form time to time. Also I love the atmosphere and story driven and adventure feel of Eldritch Horror, but the combat mechanics are so stupid and uninteresting to me that I'm always a bit reluctant to play it :/

  24. Etherfields is definitely something when you put some effort into it. I also take a lot of time to integrate every bit of information. Played solo, two handed and can't wait for upcoming second wave this fall. ( I live in Canada) Very informative and well produced video!👍

  25. Your enthusiasm is great! I would like to try Bullet.

    I got blown away by Tokyo Sidekick. I love the world, the theme and the fast-paced gameplay.

  26. Bro go to game found check out robomon. Is like Pokémon game boy games meet DnD skill checks. Is sick. I backed all in in an instant.

  27. Very love etherfields too. It is open worlds like pc game and the mechanic of the game is greater than any other board game because the puzzle

  28. Great list, only have marvel champions and love playing it solo. Too many bones looks like an amazing game but it's quite expensive. Is there a good recommendation of which expansions to get after the core game?

  29. Final girl! Thematic, intense, suspenseful… give it a try!

  30. Do you have a link or store name for that Etherfields playmat? I can't seem to find it

  31. Vagrantsong is intriguing! How many characters you play for solo? Also, have you tried Imperium: Classics?

  32. Great choices, I wanted to ask have you played Final Girl as yet?

  33. I love how you showed the games off. It's frustrating how many reviewers don't adequately show you the game. Thank you!

  34. Recently been looking at the game nemesis and nemesis lockdown, was wondering if those are good for solo mode. Do you play that too?

  35. Great list! I have Burgle Bros, but haven't played it yet. And I have Vagrant Song back-ordered. I'm going to have to check out Etherfields for sure, that theme is awesome! I have enjoyed solo playing Sleeping Gods, Cthulu Death May Die, Trogdor, Mansions of Madness, Architects of the West Kingdom, and some others I can't think of right now. I subscribed. Have a good one!

  36. Interesting list. Would liked to have heard more about the gameplay and mechanics because these games look great, but I didn’t learn enough about them to follow up on any.

  37. New subscriber! I really enjoy your channel content and I love your obvious passion for board games! I really enjoy playing board games with family and friends. Unfortunately that doesn't happen as often as I'd like. So thanks for the heads up on your favorite games for solo play.

  38. Spirit island, Mage knight, Aeons end and Dungeon alliance are all games I think you would enjoy a lot.

  39. YT suggested this video as I was looking up some solo BGs. Must say I love seeing much of the box contents. Liked and subscribed. Thank you.

  40. Would have been nice to have chapters for each individual game. Otherwise a very good video. Thank you for uploading.

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