My Gold Mine; Great and Cheap -

My Gold Mine; Great and Cheap

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It’s My Gold Mine! It’s quite good. It’s fifteen pounds. It’s a game and this week on the show, we are reviewing it.

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  1. Dear Tom,

    Your videos are very good.

    Also: I understand the difference between 'unhinged' and 'makes jokes' and that you fall into exactly one of those two categories (and which one).

    I hope the mean comments are tolerable (and that this doesn't come off as one).

    Thank you very much.

  2. "It won't blow your mind, but it will give it a little kiss." Now THAT is gold!

  3. The first minute of this video is shot like a Short. Is good!

  4. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m comfortable admitting I like silly, cute, harmless things, and I LOVE when you review games such as this one, so KEEP THESE COMING!!!

  5. I am finding this overproduced content to be off-putting. I love it when the jokes just play out in the course of the video.

  6. Tom is brilliant…if Tim and Eric did board game reviews xxx

  7. I think you forgot to upload the second part of the review?

  8. Loved every aspect of this review – length, humor, content and description, editing, talking speed.

  9. I hate it when I have to drive through Impulse City, I wish they made a ring road.

  10. 4:31
    Holy moly.
    Almost all of the "honorable mentions" games are localized and available for purchase (yes, diamond too!) in my country.
    What a time to be alive

  11. Amazing just amazing! When he brings out John Company I just couldn't stop laughing. This is what makes SUSD so awesome!

  12. Have you never done a review of JOHN COMPANY SECOND EDITION? I'd watch that. (If only to see if I was right not to buy it.)

  13. So many questions. Is Emily Australian? Is the canoe wooden or aluminum?

  14. This is performance art and should be cherished as such.

    3:13 also broke me.

  15. Tom changing up the review video format once more and I'm all here for it. This was short, funny, goofy and informative. You're really good at this sh*t Tom. Keep doing it.

  16. I used to be into “games for gamers” but these small games are more appropriate for my life right now. Glad SU&SD are doing these reviews.

  17. So this is deep sea adventure, in a bigger form factor.

  18. Shut and Sit down doesn't review and real games any more, first Stomp the Plank and now this? These are all games for little babies

    -some turd

    But seriously, can you review some real games?

  19. sounds like a process without choices which isn't a game

  20. loved this video, please keep making this type of content in your future endeavors please

  21. I am SO here for the new experimental SUSD. This is gold Jerry, GOLD.

  22. O gawd please tell me you’re reviewing John Company. I need it. Great video!

  23. Great little video, creative and indeed a bit mad. It's great!

  24. Love you SUSD 💜
    Do the big games. Do the small games.
    Do the silly games. Do the serious games.
    Maybe do some super cheapo cosplay?? 😇

  25. Great review! Has anyone checked on Tom?

  26. More Natalie please. Why? Because I vibe with their astetic a lot.

  27. I'd watch these even if I didn't give a shit about board games. Which i do.

  28. Great review. But what about “Dead Man’s Draw” as another cheap & quick push your luck game?

  29. Excellent as always Tom, keep up the great work

  30. Deep down all I want is heavy deep games with depth and theme but realistically 99% of the the time it’s me and my girl playing little games like this so I appreciate the attention to them

  31. Also I feel like these videos by themselves are a study on video and sound editing and design – on every watch I pick up a little bit of extra “oomph” that Tom added

  32. The game is not available to buy it. Can’t find it. I think dragon ate all the games from the shops.

  33. That's exactly what I donated money for 🎉 Hope Emily returns

  34. Looks neat! Diamant is not available… but Incan Gold (which is the same game) is! And now I feel like chucking my Incan Gold for this one, which seems to be just a bit better.

  35. simplistic dungeonquest, not bad. great silly format for the video

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