My Most Anticipated 2022 Board Games!!! -

My Most Anticipated 2022 Board Games!!!

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I’m excited for a lot of these, and more importantly, I’ve played half of them too, making me even more excited….since games let you down as often as not 🙂 Let’s see what happens with the other half.

ThinkerThemer Wonderland’s War Review –

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:19 – Zombicide: Undead or Alive
0:03:48 – Get On Board: New York & London
0:05:25 – Tenpenny Parks
0:08:07 – Legacy of Yu
0:10:02 – Foundations of Rome
0:12:54 – Wonderland’s War
0:15:25 – Bardsung
0:17:49 – Darwin’s Journey
0:20:45 – D.E.I. Divide Et Impera
0:23:30 – Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA
0:25:17 – Massive Darkness 2
0:27:50 – Dead Reckoning
0:30:06 – Wrapping Up

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  1. You're right to be excited for Wonderlands War. Our copy arrived a few weeks ago and it's hit the table every game night since, to the point where it's been hard to find room for other games in the schedule (and in fact, we may end up playing it again tonight). Foundations of Rome is another one I share with you and that sounds like it's less than a month away. It arrived in my country quite some time ago but got held up with backlogs and COVID outbreaks, so I'm still in disbelief that it's actually going to be here soon.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Endless Winter, which should almost certainly be here by the end of the year. That's a pretty high up one for me. Marvel Zombies core box is meant to arrive by December too. Veiled Fate from IV Games is another one like Foundations of Rome that's been in the country, but held up by external factors. That's probably my absolute most anticipated game. I've also got single wave for Etherfields coming, but I backed it so long ago that I regret scrimping on it and not going all-in. And of course the new expansion for Root which I hope will result in it hitting the table a lot more often thanks to 2-player being a little more viable.

  2. That camera needs to get closer to the tablet screen.

  3. Here is my list in no order: Oathsworn, Fall of the Mountain King, Skulls of Sedlec, Lords of Ragnarok, ISS Vanguard, Vindication, Endless Winter, Atlantis Rising, Planet Unknown, Foundations of Rome and Return to Dark Tower. These should all arrive at my door this year.

  4. Shocked Beast didn't make this list. I've finally been in the hobby long enough to juuuust start having some overlap with the games you've backed. Had hoped to see a game we have coming, but not yet!

  5. Huh, I didn’t’t back any of these. My most anticipated include: Ark Nova, Resurgence, Endless Winter, Mythic Mischief, Divinus, Oros, Beast, Arydia, and Hegemony. (In no particular order.). Is there a rule that I have to unsubscribe to Boardgameco because our revealed tastes are too different? (Just messing with you.)

  6. OMG I feel there is sooo much on my list that I am too excited about hopefully coming in 2022! ENDLESS WINTER – Paleoamericans, Perseverance, Mosaic, The Witcher, Mythic Battles: Ragnarök and maybe hopefully 1 wave on ISS Vanguard!!! I'm Also waiting for Vindication, Everdell and Ark Nova not as news but I'm still super excited for them to arrive this year hopefully in Q2!

  7. Can we as a community, find a better name for "MOBA" board game? In board games there is nothing "Massive" or "Online". Maybe just call it "BA" or a battle arena board game?

  8. I really thought Primal, Wild Assent, and Marvel Zombies would be on this list.

  9. PRIMAL BRO! I just started the video so I'm not sure if you stated it in here already, but I know you're excited. ISS Vanguard too! Bardsung any day, makes me giddy.

  10. UK checking in – I have already had Massive Darkness 2 and Bardsung delivered, so hopefully you get them soon…

  11. Frosthaven, John's Company, Carnegie, War Room, Imperium Guard, Theurgy are the 6 I'm most excited about this yr

  12. We are very excited about Wonderland's War, theme, game mechanics and quality of production check all the boxes. We are looking forward to Zombicide DoA for the Western theme. Hopefully some of the adjustments they have made for play will distinguish it from the copy of Black Plague we have.

  13. I need to stop watching your videos. My wallet can't take it! But seriously thanks for always putting out good content. I just recently got into boardgames, and it's nice to have videos like yours that offer reviews and talking points about games that really help out new collectors. Keep up the good work!

  14. This list is under protest. There's no way Endless Winter isn't in your top 3 of games you're excited about in 2022. You somehow forgot about it. Also, surprised Planet Unkown wasn't in your list either

  15. I like your old format better. This format makes me squint and I don't like that but hey if you like its your channel and I respect that.

  16. I think this is the first time, I have no games that match anything on your list. While I have games I am waiting for this month, I not entirely sure their coming this month lol. I write down the updates of when things are pushed, but I had so many that were supposed to come in February, and then their is an apology about why their not showing up. Several of which are on the ship, but are stuck in the ocean ect……

  17. I can't decide which I am more excited for – Foundations of Rome or Dead Reckoning. Maybe it will be whichever one arrives first. Between these two and Western Legends, I don't know if I will ever need to purchase a game again………..

  18. What about Endless Winter? Wasn’t it on ur List from 2021, thought i had added this to my wishing list of missed Kickstarters because of you’re 2021 list?

  19. I liked the content but if you are going to show website info, I prefer it when you sit at a computer and the show the screen (like your KS weekly videos) rather than this top down view of a tablet. I found it hard to see what was on the tablet. Looking forward to Massive Darkness 2 too! I only got the core box as this is my first foray into such games.

  20. Hey Alex, appreciate the list! Are you experimenting with different formats for your videos where you show web content? For what it's worth, I prefer when the screen is shared directly rather than having to look into the ipad screen. Thanks for all the videos regardless, though!

  21. I can confirm that Wonderland’s war is amazing! I love it love it love it!

  22. Hey Alex. Great List. I'm really looking forward to Dead reckoning (I regret not going all in), and Darwins journey delivering too. The other one I am keen to get delivered is The Transcontinental by Glenn Dresser his first game. PS I was talking to Shem and he confirmed that its pronounced Gar- phill not Garp-hill.

  23. No Endless Winter?
    For me Endless Winter is number 1 most anticipated game of 2022, I have good feeling about this game.
    Next is Witcher:Old World, Mythic Mischief and Hexploreit: The Domain of Mirza Noctis I hope all games will be delivered to me before the end of 2022.
    Also I am waiting for Polish language version of Sleeping Gods :).
    That's my list of 5 most anticipated games of 2022.
    I would like to have Lords of Ragnarok and ISS Vanguard Polish language version in 2022, but there is no way for it unfortunately.

  24. Nice content as usual. The iPad was a detraction for me.

  25. 1. Zombicide Undead or Alive – Backed it! Kind of Excited. Same as you. Marvel Zombies definitely stole it's thunder.
    2. Foundations of Rome! Yes, excited about this!
    3. Bardsung! Very excited.
    4. Massive Darkness 2 – Should be delivering shortly!

    Thanks for the list!

  26. Thanks for including Tenpenny Parks on your list! I hope you really end up enjoying it! 🙂 It will feel familiar to other games like Barenpark, but the tile placement will also very unique as there is a non-adjacency rule which creates a different puzzle feel & the park expansion / treeples (tree meeples) definitely incite a fun challenge & decision-making.
    Much appreciated on your interest & great list overall!! Lots of amazing games coming out this year!

  27. Bardsung arrived today, a very nice production and seems to be well put together with clear rule book including a couple of tutorials to ease you in before you pick up the campaign book. Downside is the box size, crazy long. Not had chance to play yet but will be doing the tutorials this weekend. Massive Darkness 2 has gone up for sale, too much plastic and not enough game for me, whilst playing the first 3 scenarios it just felt like I would have got the same feel but a lot more fun from Dice Throne Adventures. I know they are nothing like but the core mechanics and turn structure just reminded me of DTA for some strange reason and made me want to play that instead (yes very odd but it's what made me put it up for sale). I think CMON could really benefit from considering how their customers are going to use the masses of content they provide, a core box that can hold everything except the tons of minis and then include in that core box a flexible storage method for the dozen or so minis you'll need for your next game so you only have to take 1 box to the table (Unsettled with its framework that holds 2 planet boxes for example) Frustrating to have to drag at least 2 boxes sometimes 3 to the table if you play the MD2 campaign.

  28. I am excited for Tanares Adventure. I think it's finally going to ship this year

  29. You mentioned the thing about how many rounds there are…that's really an interesting thought…I love some games with a finite number of turns a-la Terra Mystica, but I lend toward games with a variable turn count…it finishes when you're all done, like Ark Nova and Terraforming Mars…I didn't think of it in that context before.
    A game with a finite turn structure has to really do it well.

  30. I'm surprised (and pleased) at how excited you are for Dead Reckoning. I'm excited too!

  31. Darwin's Journey: "Which is fine if I don't like the game but what if I like the game?" Seems legit.

  32. Strongly dislike the tablet thing. But love your content.

  33. Hey Alex! I always love how you manage to combine the worlds of finance and board games. In some of your prior videos, you mention how people should always make sure they are financially sound before making board game purchases (no unplanned debt, meeting required expense, saving for future). I think it would be really interesting to see you address the topic of discretionary income in this space.

    Board games are one of the largest joys and stressors in my life right now. I recognize that I am in the privileged position of being able to meet my monthly expenses, have no debt, and save for the future, but I always stress buying a board game regardless of size. It may be that I could spend the money on something better (but what), that I have other games that could be played more (yet I play them a lot), or possibly that I fear the game is bad. Regardless, even after managing a lean collection, trading games to recoup costs, budgeting for games, and dilegent research, I still stress myself out. I'm not looking for answers, but I think it would be cool to have a video addressing the psychological and financial aspects of operating in this hobby. How can not only justify it financially but also mentally so people can form a more healthy relationship with the board game space. Maybe even add a colab with a finance channel (Chelsea from The Financial Diet) and/or a psychologist.

    End long-winded request, lol

  34. Oh my gosh…how did Witcher miss this list? I'm kind of devastated…

  35. I enjoy these lists, but it made me realise that I don't back a lot of completely new games. I tend to back expansion + reprint kickstarters for games that I have been interested in but found it hard to find. I think 25% (3-4 games) of my games I'm waiting on are completely new games that would be eligible for a list like this

  36. My most anticipated game is the next one I get, whatever it is. I have over 20 games I waiting to arrive.
    From your list, just MD2 and Zombicide.

  37. A few are shipping any day!! Machina Arcana, Conan, Bardsung and Nemesis. Also looking forward to ATO, DUN, and Oathsworn. Sheol could be a sleeper hit.

  38. Looking forward to Darwin's Journey, Wonderland's War, Burncycle, Endless Winter, and My Father's Work. I'm canceling my D.E.I. late pledge because LMS has posted SEVEN updates to two other games since their last update to D.E.I. three months ago. I get that boardgamers have short attention spans and rapidly move on to the next, shinier toy — I'm guilty of that myself — but publisher's should not.

  39. Nice video, what tablet/computer is it that you're using? Looks like a nice screen.

  40. I prefer not watching your tablet on my tablet.

  41. Most excited for Oathsworn. Just Got Massive Darkness 2. It is fun. Also really looking forward to unmatched releases and, fingers crossed, masters of the universe

  42. My copy of dead reckoning has arrived 🙂 (UK)

  43. Just found out about Wonderlands War from this video and it looks great…. but it seems the deluxe version is already out of print! Such a shame.

  44. No endless winter? :O
    Feedback: I prefer the screen recording 🙂

  45. Massive Darkness 2 is fantastic. Honestly, I wasn't sure how well it was going to go down, but everyone who has played it so far has loved it and has wanted to play more. Some of the scenarios may be a little easy, but on the whole the game is a ridiculous amount of fun, and the minigames each character gets to play are a great way to mix it up and make the game feel fresh even if you're playing the same scenario. I can see this one sticking around for a long time.

    Wonderland's War is also a big bunch of fun. Even getting some rules wrong in the first big game, everyone really enjoyed it, and wanted to play again.

    I'm super keen waiting for Guards 2 and Dead Reckoning, the latter of which I swear should have arrived already as supposedly it's been at the local distributor in Australia since mid/late Feb. Absolutely hanging out to get both to the table!

  46. Hey Alex. My number one is Oathsworn. Others are Stars of Akarios, Vindication (which will be new to me), Zombiecide Undead or Alive, and a wargame reprint France `40 if it comes out thus year. I was not fond of the tablet view 😉 if you keep that could you zoom in more and straighten the tablet? I 😀

  47. D.E.I. is so late and the communication is horrible.

  48. My first play of Wonderland's War was really fun! Played with people who already like Quacks of Quedlinburg. Unlocking and using the powers and abilities of your character feels very rewarding.

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