My Most Anticipated 2022 Board Games!!! -

My Most Anticipated 2022 Board Games!!!

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I’m excited for a lot of these, and more importantly, I’ve played half of them too, making me even more excited….since games let you down as often as not 🙂 Let’s see what happens with the other half.

ThinkerThemer Wonderland’s War Review –

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:19 – Zombicide: Undead or Alive
0:03:48 – Get On Board: New York & London
0:05:25 – Tenpenny Parks
0:08:07 – Legacy of Yu
0:10:02 – Foundations of Rome
0:12:54 – Wonderland’s War
0:15:25 – Bardsung
0:17:49 – Darwin’s Journey
0:20:45 – D.E.I. Divide Et Impera
0:23:30 – Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA
0:25:17 – Massive Darkness 2
0:27:50 – Dead Reckoning
0:30:06 – Wrapping Up

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  1. Hmmm. Color me shocked you dont have Endless Winter on there.

    Im pretty jazzed on FOR too. I got a late pledge after watching your video on it and seeing a DT playthrough.

  2. I found Foundations of Rome a bit expensive for a polyomino to back it.

  3. Watching Darwin's Journey playthroughs turned me off.

  4. I don't see "Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game core box (Zombie Mode)… estimated to deliver around October 2022" on the list. BoardGameCo says he loves this game, but without KS exclusives not that interested in.

  5. Any idea where to get Get on Board? I preordered a copy of Tenpenny parks as soon as you mentioned it. I was getting ads for it on instagram but never actually checked it out until you mentioned it. Looks like a blast.

  6. Thank you for the video. If I just may – tablet screen is pretty poorly visible on camera, it's so much better seeing it directly on the screen

  7. AEG's poor handling of Dead Reckoning's campaign made me sad as I was otherwise looking forward to the game. I cancelled my pledge during the campaign, but maybe I'll see what it looks like post fulfillment and try then.

  8. My most anticipated game is ISS Vanguard. Hopefully it will be this year.

  9. Definitely hear on the Z:UoA. Such a deflating moment when MZ was announced right after the UoA PM closed and then I felt like a sucker for having gone all in. Now, with the delay on UoA and the alleged pre-production work/production-ready state of base MZ means that we might be receiving these games (at least in part) within 2-3 months of each other. Feels bad….

  10. I feel the same way about Garphill games as you, but am also excited for Legacy of Yu & the South Tigris series (I like dice). I'm also excited about Planet Unknown & Foundations of Rome because they should be arriving soon. My greatest enthusiasm though is for Isofarian Guard.

  11. Legacy of Yu, Wonderland's War and Dead Reckoning are on my list too. 🙂

  12. I really liked your responses in the quackolope bgg thread! Well written and well done😁
    Please give Jesse a hug for me next time you see him, and if you are not the hugging type.. deal with it 😉
    Sorry for being off topic, on topic I have 2 out of those coming and excitement went down because of how my taste seems to change every month😂

  13. I thought Beast would've made the cut, or is it considered a 2023 title?

  14. Dead reckoning did sound great. But AEG did so much shady stuff in that campaign, that i wasn't willing to keep my pledge, unfortunately.

    And AEG is now on my personal black list for ks.

  15. It sounds like Wonderland War will be a classic druid city game in that it will be in discount bins quickly. High production medium gameplay. Already hearing a lot of similar remarks (not as fun with 2, but too long with more for what it is). Curious about Tepenny Park.

  16. I'm very excited about Darwin's Journey, especially after trying the TTS version a few times. I'm also excited for Massive Darkness 2, Etherfields (I got one wave shipping), Stormsunder (fingers crossed it doesn't delay again), and Machina Arcana, which is supposedly delivering now. So many games arriving this year that were delayed due to the pandemic.

  17. Huh no endless winter or the witcher?? both should begin fullfillment this year. my biggest anticipated game is dead reckning, burncycle, endless winter, the witcher and Crimson scales(fanmade gloomhaven!!)

  18. Hoping Massive Darkness 2 lives up to my expectations. I did not love the first game. It was ok, but from what I've seen from this new one – im excited. Cannot wait to paint all these minis too. Just waiting for that shipping email too…

  19. Where is Endless Winther, The Witcher, Fall of the mountain king and Mythic Mischief? Arent they all 5/5 for you? 🙂

  20. I was excited for Zombicide Dead or Alive to arrive up until those basterds put out the Marvel Zombies campaign.
    Now I'm on the fence if I'm even going to open it. Although I might keep it, because I'm thinking of building wooden building terrain for it, which would be a game changer.

  21. Andromeda's Edge (at least, I anticipate the KS) , Stellaris, Planet Unknown to name a few. Just got Dead Reckoning so I can only anticipate playing it now.

  22. Thanks for the vid….any chance you could somehow project the ipad screen on the main view? It was hard to see any details in the screenshots, and your finger scrolling covered some of it too 😀….

  23. I'm excited for SHEOL, Massive Darkness 2, Zombicide Dead or Alive, Age of Atlantis, and the Marvel Unmatched games. Resigned to the likelihood ISS Vanguard and Primal won't arrive until 2023.

  24. Dead Reckoning I seem to remember you making about 10 or 20 videos on that game for some reason. Nice list. I backed the Wonderland game too its taking a while. It looked beautiful.

  25. The first people in the US started getting shipping emails today for dead reckoning. Sounds like it will be arriving for people next week. UK has been getting it this week.

  26. Isn't it wonderful how large the board game hobby has become? Other than anything CMON, I generally agree with your opinions, but I won't be getting any of these 12 games.

  27. Amy and Maggie got me hyped for Wonderland war too but gosh darn it I passed on backing it!

  28. I'm super excited for Bardsung, DEI, and Massive Darkness 2. (I just got my shipping confirmation yesterday, so MD2 is on its way!!). I look forward to hearing your feedback on them. Def do a playthrough of these, I'll watch 100%

  29. I am looking forward to creature comforts that will be delivered soonish! Hopefully it’ll be good for my young family!

  30. I am awaiting my shipping notice in the next couple of weeks for "Perseverance". This is the nice time of the year when Kickstarters begin arriving. 😁
    A poloyomino game that I hope comes in the next few months ( on ships now ) "Planet Unknown"… been waiting for this for a while now.
    Also hoping it delivers this year is"Mosaic".

  31. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm most excited about Ark Nova, because of the many Terraforming Mars comparisons. I have it on pre-order.
    Those on KS/Gamefound that I'm most excited about and hope to get in 2022 – The Witcher, Machina Arcana, Planet Unknown, Skytear, and….. Dead Reckoning

  32. Very excited for Foundations! Play it every so often on TTS so it will be nice to have the physical copy. I think at the time it was my most expensive kickstater but now that ship had long sailed lol. Excited for undead or alive as it will be my first zombicide game, we'll see if its a system i enjoy and the money I dropped on Marvel zombies is worth it! Darwin journey is also high on the list, along with endless winter, burncycle, frostpunk (although i have concerns it wont be a game for me), planet unknown, etc. So many games on the way! Gonna be an exciting year 😁

  33. Very happy I backed Darwin's journey. I think the theme might get more people from my group to actually try a heavier euro

  34. I agree on Dead Reckoning!
    But where is Endless Winter? 🤔

  35. I got a shipping notice for Dead Reckoning it will be here soon

  36. Foundations of Rome looked fun, but I just couldn't justify that price no matter how nice the 3D polyominos are. My most anticipated game for 2022 is finally seeing the release of Isofarian Guard.

  37. There is quite a backlog of games I have Kickstarted over the past 2-3 years that are supposed to come flooding in this year. That said I would still be able to barely manage a top 12, so instead I will do a top 6 which are as follows:

    The Everrain (no longer Neverrain)
    Endless Winter
    Massive Darkness 2
    Dice Theme Park

    Half of these are supposed to be loading/loaded onto ships and be coming soon. Can't wait for April/May.

  38. My most anticipated games this year are:
    Bardsung (just arrived today)
    Aeon Trespass
    The Witcher

  39. I'm realy engoing Massive darkness 2. Some items made me laught for a long time! I'm looking forward to you'r covering

  40. Dead Reckoning arrived yesterday for me in UK 😉

  41. Where is Planet Unknown? I just received my copy yesterday in Denmark… got it partly because of your hype… But Cant wait to try it… hopefully in the weekend

  42. Can’t believe Endless Winter isn’t on here. If I remember correctly you had extremely positive comments when you played it. I’m not hating on any of your picks but it could’ve been #13. Lol.

  43. I am rediculously excited for Wonderlands War. This just looks like a game that I will get to the table A LOT. I have enjoyed most of Druid City Games with the exception of Tidal Blades (because I didn't back it and regret it), however I hope when they do TB2 here shortly I can remedy not having the game. Too bad that Valor and Villainy 2 wasn't on this list. Hopefully that game actually delivers in '22 and not '23 like I suspect it will.

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