My Most Anticipated Upcoming Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Board Games To Know in 2022 | Part 1!! -

My Most Anticipated Upcoming Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Board Games To Know in 2022 | Part 1!!

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It’s nearly 2022, which means we need to already start looking ahead to what games are coming to crowdfunding in the very near future….you know…for budgeting purposes.

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Part 2 is gonna be epic!!!
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Time Stamp:
00:00 – The list of 20-11!!
01:50 – #20 – Heroes of Might & Magic III The Board Game
03:57 – #19 – Aldarra Reborn
05:16 – #18 – Tindaya
07:14 – #17 – Chang’an
08:25 – #16 – Explorers of The Woodlands
10:11 – #15 – Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters
12:09 – #14 – Batman Escape from Arkham Asylum
13:56 – #13 – Final Girl Season 2
15:58 – #12 – Puzzle Strike II
17:38 – #11 – Deep Rock Galactic

19:06 – Final Thoughts!


  1. Where do you play most of your games? Do your kids play most of them with you, or do you have a dedicated gaming group? Just curious. Thanks and love the videos!

  2. Puzzle Strike Third Edition and Puzzle Strike II are very, very different games. I tried the second one in print and play and the difference was so shocking I thought I had read the rules wrong. Way more aggressive.

  3. hi zoom out your camera a bit. you use your hands quite often when talking. you should capture that too

  4. You have much better lighting now
    Have a great day too!!

  5. The only one of those I might want would be Final girl but I hate the horror theme so I will pass again on that Kickstarter like I did the first time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a great game if I Hate the theme this much. Looking forward to your top 10. I’m assuming marvel zombicide is in the top 2.

  6. Thank you for the mention, we are humbled by it.
    We would be happy to show you around the project if you would like, just send us an email.
    Silver Coin: AOMH is not a Dungeon Crawler it is an Adventure-like game with lots of Euro mechanics and the game's main focus is despite its appearance not on just fighting monsters, but is more about the journey and optimizing your way through the game.
    So yeah once again thank you for tracking our project, we are honored. 🙂

  7. Nice list and good highlights. Of these, I'm interested by Puzzle Strike 2 and Tindaya.

  8. Of this set I'm most interested in Explorers of the Woodlands. I definitely prefer screen printed meeples or standees over minis.

  9. Final Girl turned out to be one of my favorite games of 2021 so I'm definitely backing the new Kickstarter. I hope the all in storage keeps the VHS/book like design of each location/Slasher pack as the magnetic clasp design is really well done

  10. I’ve had my eye on Explorers of the Woodlands for a while. Let’s see if they bring something new and fun to dungeon crawlers. I’ve never heard of Deep Rock Galactic before, but I’ll check out the campaign.

  11. I'm definitely curious about Aldarra Reborn, Chang'an, Silver Coin, and sort of curious about Explorers of the Woodlands, and from what I have been reading about and seeing of Deep Rock Galactic it definitely has me intrigued. The people making it have played and drawn from a large variety of excellent co-op game, including Spirit Island, so I'm interested to see what sort of ideas that may have generated for a more Dungeon Crawly type of game.

  12. Excited to see the campaign for Deep Rock Galactic. I feel like it can bring a unique enough take on the IP to stand on its own apart from the video game. We will see though. Other than that, Escape from Arkham is the only other game that had been on my radar

  13. Went all in on Final Girl Season 1, easily my GOTY 2021. I can't wait for the season 2 Kickstarter and will certainly back it in its entirety.

  14. If you have any interest in Final Girl, I'd say back it.

    Game is sold out online and at local retailers. I'd imagine the only way currently to get the game is through the second hand market but given the demand for it you might be paying ridiculous prices. I don't see that changing for season 2.

    Super excited for Deep Rock Galactic though! Given the gameplay, I am ready to go all in. ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE!

  15. Final girl is probably the only one I'm interested in next year so far, especially with how the solo community is raving a out it

  16. I rea somewhere — but cant find anymore — that there was mentioned a new heavy heavy Roll/flip n Write like heavyness like hadrianswall — any 1 heard this too?

  17. Are things always this sparse around these months? Or are less board games being made/launched on kickstarter/gamefound?

  18. Final Girl was literally the worst boardgame I've ever played. I feel like people are saying it's good because it's new. Over time I think people will see it for what it is, it's just a luck-fest. Playing as all of the final girls is exactly the same, they just all do boring actions like attack, guard, search, and move (by the way you can actually kill yourself by just trying to move…terrrrible design). The game sucks.

  19. There is Kingdom Forlorn and their is Sankokushin and Malya Land of Legends and that is all. All I need. In fact with how big campaigns get it might be to much.^^

  20. Thanks Chris . In 2022 I would see an old Archon Studio project The Dark Void, space dungeon crawler with Cthulhu and Hidden Diamension story. They're been working on this year or two ago. But stopped. Maybe one day they back to this project , I wish.

  21. Still holding out for Sankokushin, though a few of these catch my interest. That and possibly Marvel Zombies. Still think I'll have to wait to see what kind of damage Sankokushin will do.

  22. I play Deep Rock Galactic ("DRG") a little and the pics I've seen of the board game have me believing that the adaptation is going to be great — and the CEO is a big fan of Gloomhaven, Aeon's End, Robinson Crusoe, Spirit Island. They have a great community that they listen to for driving development. High hopes here… but having my friend who's much more into DRG than I am to back instead of me lol

  23. Really looking forward to seeing what they do with Deep Rock Galactic. The game is a ton of fun, but mostly due to its chaotic nature and ability to go from zero to one-hundred in a matter of seconds.

    I think I enjoy the new angle more, it feels a little more up close and personal. Do you use video lighting? If not, it might help light temperature stay more consistent between daylight and incandescent bulbs, whereas in this video there was some cool blues on your right side and warm reds on your left. Makes it just a little distracting where more consistent studio lighting would take the contrast away.

  24. My group has played Deep Rock Galactic since it launched in early access and are still playing it years later. Excited to see what the table top version has to offer for sure. Also very excited about the Batman game. It is giving me strong Nemesis vibes for some reason.

  25. Deep rock galactic has my interest. Same with final girl, i do like solos and have played the base game of hostage negotiator. Wanted to get the expansions but they're over priced and haven't gone on sale that I've noticed. Final girl looks more complicated which is okay with me so might give the base game a try or jump into season 2 with a lower pledge.

    Excited to see what's on your top 10 list! 😁

  26. Kingdoms Forlorn. That's definitely my main focus for 2022. Let's hope that AT:O meet my expectation so I don't start losing hope for KF.

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