My New Favourite Hidden Movement Game Is... -

My New Favourite Hidden Movement Game Is…

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I review and compare the two hot new hidden movement games Mind MGMT and Sniper Elite: The Board Game, and pick my favourite.
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  1. Curious: have you played Beast? It also has great buzz

  2. Really glad to hear Sniper Elite is awesome! I love the video games and was worried when they turn a video game into a board game it would be terrible. Happy to hear they’ve captured the video game feel and it’s still a super fun board game.

    Now just waiting for Sly Cooper to be turned into a board game complete with minis…..

  3. Judging by the comments you may have the 80/20 split flipped. I haven’t played any hidden movement games but I went all in on Mind MGMT and Beast so if I like them I will check out Sniper Elite too. Thanks for your input 👍🏻

  4. So, whitechapel was one of my grail games. A game I’d play with those that own it and at cons for years. I love it. I got myself a copy a few years ago and was so happy. But this year I’ve acquired mind mgmt and now I’m tempted to cull whitechapel. I really love mind mgmt. as for sniper elite, I really need to give it a try. I won’t lie, the bland theming off a video game was a big turn off for me. It didn’t look interesting at all. But, I do love myself a good hidden movement game. Thnx!

  5. Letters from Whitechapel over Whitehall Mysteries?! You're a madman!

  6. Unless I'm missing something, Letters from Whitechapel got a revised edition in 2020 that is still in print and seems to be available at many online retailers.

  7. Hey, than you for this analysis! I like Fury of Dracula a lot, but getting it to the table after a year or two is always a chore. Might try Sniper Elite instead!

  8. Mind MGMT was a complete dud for me.

    I haven't tried Sniper Elite. Honestly, Jaws is my go to hidden movement. It's honestly just a hoot. I love the two different acts. It's just a fun, enjoyable experience.

    Mind MGMT is one of very few games I can honestly say I will never play again. I can find enjoyment out of most gaming experiences. If you're excited about it, I'd play it. Not Mind MGMT though. Never again.

  9. The way you speak & present a game is so engaging I can even buy Monopoly if you talk about it.

  10. Nicely… New intresting video 🎉 Sniper Elite the Board Game – 💔

  11. Mind MGMT is so so good. Love the Shift system.

  12. That horribly awkward moment when you look at the statue on Jon's shelf and realize you and it are doing the same pose and remember your posture has slowly devolved back into that of a prawn…

  13. Jon, I don't recall whether you've shared your opinion on Whitehall Mystery vs Letters from Whitechapel. I'm curious to hear how the simplified board and ruleset felt to someone who really loved the original.

  14. Im currently in lockdown in Florida because of hurricane Ian. This made my day.

  15. I got the retail copy of Mind Management and loved it so much, I ordered the 2nd KS deluxe edition AND upgrade components for my old copy so that I can gift it to someone I know would love it.

    It is not only my favorite hidden movement, it is easily in my top 10 favorite games.

  16. the thing that takes Mind MGMT over the edge for me is the amazing app, that turns the game into a cooperative deduction puzzle

  17. Well dang, I'm regretting backing the Mind MGMT reprint now.

  18. I will have to give Sniper Elite a try, you make it sound interesting! I LOVE Mind MGMT. Everything about it. And I don't mind the downtime as the Recruiter, because it gives me the opportunity to listen to the Rogue Agents' conversation and reasoning, adjusting my own strategy as necessary. It's a deduction game, but also a subtle social engineering game. I'm happiest when gaslighting my friends and loved ones.

  19. Sniper Elite is excellent; the best hidden movement game IMHO. It's so easy to play, fun, thematic, and I love losing as much as winning (I think it's best with 2 players). When I lose, it's usually because I assumed something or underestimated how brazen or clever my opponent would be. It's fast and always different.

  20. Great reviews as always, thanks for all the effort you put in these!!

  21. Hopefully they'll make a sequel to Sniper Elite and base it off the old Commandos computer game, that was the BEST

  22. Great reviews, I love hidden movement games too and agree never have I played one that is 10/10. Hopefully that perfect one someday comes 🙂

  23. I purchased Sniper Elite and the expansion knowing nothing about the game. I actually got into the recently released video game version. Very excited to hear this review!

  24. For another action orientated hidden movement game, give BEAST a look. Should hopefully hit retail early next year.
    1 player plays a BEAST (one of various choices with unique upgrades and actions) vs 4 Hunters. You can give the TTS mod a try as well.

    With that said – big fan of Whitechappel and Fury of Dracula (3rd ed). Great games.

  25. I have been so interested in trying Sniper Elite. Love the looks of it. 🙂 David Thompson has become one of my favorite board game designers in recent years.

  26. I haven’t even watched this video yet but I already love it. Was thinking to myself earlier today, I wish someone would do a video on which is better Sniper Elite or Mind Mgmt. and then, poof, here it is!

  27. Worth finding and playing is "MUSEUM CAPER CLUE"

  28. Thank you for great descriptions and analysis of these two games. Very helpful, as well as entertaining.
    You are a great youtuber/reviewer/entertainer! Keep up the great work.

  29. All I'm thinking now is "Jon has Nuns on the Run and I don't" and it makes me incredibly jelly! Really wanted to try that one out!

  30. By the way Jon, you ever thought of making a video solely focused on hidden movement games, or at least your top 5? They're a super interesting genre and I'm pretty sure people would enjoy your insight on them 🙂

  31. My concern about these games is that the movement mechanics are the game. Kind of a one trick pony. How many replays can you get before the novelty wears out?

  32. The issue with hidden movement games is that whoever is playing the "hidden", in any design, just has a much better more intense gaming experience. The "hunters" can be a good gaming experience but it's just not on the same level as the "hunted". I only ever play hidden movement games as 2p affairs.

  33. Every reviewer seems to be nuts for MM whereas I’ve not heard much about SE. Good to hear a different opinion

  34. John I just don’t get it. Have you ever played sonar the little brother of capt sonar. Not sure why it’s not talked about. 2 subs hunting each other turn based with the option to make hidden movements. Plus you can design your own maps in minutes. Feed back please

  35. As a hidden movement aficionado I really need to give Sniper Elite a try, however I prefer the more deductive approach of Whitechapel and Mind MGMT over the "action oriented" style of hidden movement games like Specter Ops.
    (By the way, for me Whitechapel is a 10/10 and Mind MGMT is a 9.5/10).

  36. Got sniper elite BG plus expansion on release, it’s so good! had a friend freaking out that he couldn’t tell where the sniper was 😅

  37. My next and favorite Hidden movement game: BEAST by Studio Midhall.

  38. Now that we are in the comments can you tell us what is your absolute favorite hidden movement game? Even if it’s out of print.

  39. Thanks for this review! Letters from Whitechapel is my favorite hidden movement game (so far) but now Sniper Elite is on my want to play list too! (Mind MGMT was already on my list and still is because I like deduction a lot)

  40. So you prefer SE over specter ops because of the LOS rule?

  41. The only hidden movement I've played is Beast. Excited to receive it soon

  42. Thanks so much for the great video! Really appreciate the kind words for Sniper Elite!

  43. Why not a 2D compartment on board game where player land their piece on it, they get an extra throw to add excitement?
    Why not put board game board on top of lazy Susan to add fun?

  44. letter from whitechapel is my favourite because is the one more fun to be the hunter for me, a lot of hidden movements games have the mechanic that if the hunter lose the trail he lose all the work he did, while in letter you are just getting near his hiddeout for the next round.

    Of all the hidden movements games you played, what was the one that you liked more playing as hunter?

    I think that playing the spy/assassin usually is the best part of these games. Tried the introduction of Mind mgmt and was a very good game, and now I want to try sniper elite, but it looks like specter ops, and in that game I didn't like that hunters walked at the same speed as the spy unless you went to the car first.

  45. Do you think that Alone is a sort of hidden movement game variant for the human player where the map itself is hidden? Like how Treasure Island is hidden movement but without the movement.

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