MY SHELF OF SHAME / Board Games On My Shelf That I Have NEVER PLAYED / What Games Are On Your SHELF? -

MY SHELF OF SHAME / Board Games On My Shelf That I Have NEVER PLAYED / What Games Are On Your SHELF?

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This is a video about My Shelf of Shame. These are board game on my shelf that I have NEVER played, even though I have owned them for years! What games are on your Shelf of Shame?








  1. What games are on your Shelf of Shame? C'mon, 'fess up! 🙂

  2. Moscow, 1941, though it says it's an SPI game, was published by TSR after their … acquisition … of SPI. That series of games received a very mixed reception, and the fact that Zeb Cook is listed as the designer rather than one of the SPI crew doesn't exactly make me want to leap to embrace it.Titan is one of my favorite games, but it is long (generally), since every clash of stacks on the main board means you set up a tactical battle on a battle board. IME, the better player usually wins, but there is a lot of dice rolling. It was especially innovative when it was released and I think it holds up quite well.Knights of the Air hit the market when there was a bit of a glut of WWI air games. Never really got traction against Richthofen's War, Blue Max, Fight in the Skies, Ace of Aces, ….Descent is quite good and feels very different from Gloomhaven. Plus the minis work well for RPGs if painted. I have it and don't intend to get rid of it, and I'd recommend giving it a try.My shelf of … opportunity … is extensive. I haven't had a group for wargames for years (but of course I don't stop buying them) and my opponents for more Euro games are only sporadically available. I plan to play nearly all of them eventually, and of course games go out of print and become nearly impossible to find, so keeping them makes a certain twisted sense.

  3. I had a hard time getting people to play Descent with me. I'm glad they made a solo app for it and Imperial Assult to help with this issue. 2 other games on my shelf of shame are Deep Madness, love the concept just haven't put it on the table and Endure the Stars, I waited for the 1.5 update to fix problems with the rules and there it sits. I am slowly working through my shelf. Those are my oldest sitting. SHAME!!!!!

  4. Currently the only game on my Shelf is Modern Art since i cant get ahold of enough players to try it

  5. "Shelf"?!? I have a Storage Unit of Shame. 🙂 But, I long to play everyone…or I have it posted for sale. If only I had the time and opponents… Oh, I had "Billionaire" as a kid and it is as you expect, a few mechanics are kinda fun. I do remember playing a ton of this as Monopoly got old. (I too moved to Avalon Hill games asap after that one…a gateway?? )…I am trying to sell off my Moscow '41… Knights of The Air is a good game, but soo many others, trying to sell that one as well.

  6. My shelf of shame is extremely large, but I have every intention of playing each one. I'm slowly working my way through games with a solo mode. I especially like games I can sandbox. I wonder if that's a video you could make – games which are fun just 'sandboxing'.

  7. 1. Diplomacy. I own the physical version, but have only ever played online. Something about insufficiently committed friends.

    2. Xeno Invasion expansion for Race For the Galaxy

  8. Some great titles you will definitely need to get to there!! Kessermine Pass looks neat!!

  9. I play in person, at my home, about once a year. My friends usually host. But I still buy new games and frequently never play them. 1, I kind of enjoy being a collector and 2, I frequently only play a game online at this point.

  10. Enemy Coast Ahead. REALLY need to get this on the table! Just waiting for a good playthrough video from a dedicated gamer!

  11. My only question is, why?! With very few exceptions, I sell any games I haven't played in over a year — I can't imagine holding onto an unplayed game for 25 of them!

  12. 4-6 hours for a gaming session is a huge time commitment. It’s impressive that you’ve held on to a game for that long (25 years)! On the other hand, if I ever had a chance to play a board game like Star Wars: Rebellion with anyone willing to commit 3-4 hours to play it with me, I’d gladly do it!

    Personally, I’ve played everything I own at least a few times. It may take me a few days before I get a new game on the table (until I’ve read the rulebook and feel confident I understand the mechanics) but I just have to try the games I get. My curiosity gets the better of me.

  13. My shelf of shame is about 20 games. I have promised my wife I will not buy a single game, no matter how good the deal may be, till I've played every game I own. Here's hoping I can get this accomplished by Christmas.

  14. What about Empires of the void 2??? You've been playing that without me???

  15. Isle of Cats, Agricola, Oceans. A few more, bit can't think of them.

  16. I’m not a huge board gamer (more into tabletop mini games) but of my handful of board games the only one I haven’t played (kind of) is twilight imperium. I did play it years ago once or twice and loved it, but I bought my copy some time ago and have never actually used it. This is mostly due to the difficulty of finding a sufficiently large group willing to play a relatively complex game willing and able to kill an entire day playing it.

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