My Top 10 Board Games of 2021 -

My Top 10 Board Games of 2021

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Fashionably late, right?
Check out my top 10 board games of 2021! What are some of your favorites?

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  1. the intro clocks at 3 seconds : thank you so much for that !

  2. I really want to try Mind MGMT. Looks like a game I would dig. 🙂

  3. Hmmmm this is a great first draft guys, but it seems there's a critical error: a game that starts with Capital and rhymes with Lux2Generations seems to have been edited out on accident! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Question, why did you cull Ankh if you liked it so much? Just wondering. 🙂

  5. I just picked up Mind MGMT! This one was hard to find because it's been rated high on a lot of lists of 2021.

  6. The cat is adorable! Also, Radlands Deluxe edition is pretty nice, if you enjoy the game. The playmats are really helpful and the synth cards are AMAZING.

  7. been waiting for a video from you! Saludos de México

  8. Sweet Draco! Enjoy your kitty. I had to put mine down two weeks ago.

  9. Cascadia killed Calico for me, the solo is also very good. Radlands is exactly what I wanted in a dueling game. Ankh was also my no. 2 game of 2021
    Roll Player Adventures and Mind MGMT are sitting on my shelf waiting to be played.
    Cubitos fell flat for me, I like Quacks better.
    Would love to try Bullet <3

  10. Mind Mgmt just came back to Kickstarter today Feb 8 with the deluxe version and a small expansion.
    I guess I will need to watch your play thru to see if I need to back your #1 game

  11. Radlands is such a good game! I’ve been looking for more small box games because I’m running low on shelf space. This fit the bill for me!

  12. Ok since Danielle didn't like Radlands, and told me I didn't need to get the deluxe version with the mats, I ordered the base version. Then I watched every positive review say how important the mats are and I caved. Haha. I canceled my order and went deluxe. It hasn't come in the mail yet but I am very excited.

  13. Keep on learning an improving every day. You make it hard to take your advice and stop watching YouTube videos about gaming.

  14. I can’t believe you culled Bullet! It’s a quick and fun game to play and it’s great for solo. I agree with you on RPA, it’s really well done.

  15. Too bad this video didn't come out in time to get your name added onto the "people who love MIND MGMT" list on the kickstarter today!

  16. That clip of Bryce Dallas Howard from the Help!? I can never play Berried Treasure now … ruined. 🤮

  17. So happy to see MIND MGMT as your #1 pick Max! So honoured!!!

  18. Wait, where is Doolins Top 10?

    Also, I find it weird for every channel outside of The Dice Tower to do Top 10 of a year when there is no way for someone other than probably those at the Dice Tower to actually play all the releases of the year.
    I think it should be a Top 10 of new games you played in 2021; what is new to you!

  19. Great video & terrific picks! Mind MGMT & Cascadia are the 💣

  20. Great list! Wondering about Ankh. Is your opinion at two players, based on the core box alone or with one or more expansions? Thanks!

  21. Ahh Bullet💙, I was so happy to see it on this list. It was my favorite 2021 release and I felt like no one was talking about it 😭 lol. Great list, super fun

  22. 2021 was a great year for board games. More cat please.

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