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MY TOP 10 Board Games of 2023!

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It’s that time of year again for my favorite games from 2023. I can’t wait to share them with you. Join me in this exploration of the games that captured my interest this past year.

0:00 – Intro
1:30 – # 10
3:46 – # 9
6:35 – # 8
9:08 – # 7
12:09 – # 6
15:05 – Runners Up
17:33 – # 5
19:59 – # 4
23:05 – # 3
26:28 – # 2
29:41 – # 1

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  1. Man, I need to put Ancient Knowledge on my list… I was a little disappointed with Earth, and I'm wondering if I might like Ancient Knowledge better…

  2. What a unique list of games, love it! I really enjoyed Couture and looking forward to playing Fliptown.

  3. Hooky is a great game from 2023, that hasn't been promoted by the leaders in the board game industry. Maybe it's not flashy enough, or the price point is forgettable. In fact, forget I mentioned it.

  4. Thanks for your top 10 list! It gave me some more ideas. Here’s a few from 2023 that are my favorites and/or shall I say my game group favorites. Heat Petal to the Metal gets the most tabletop play. It would not have been my first choice of themes but it’s such a well designed game and satisfies different player abilities. Clever solo mode too. Planet Unknown (I think it’s from 2023, maybe not) is really good but not necessarily a gateway game. I’ll count it as a 2023 game since it was difficult to get. Beer and Bread is a great 2 player game! I’m waiting for Earth to arrive and hope that it gets to the table often and that I enjoy it as much as the reviews. Returned The Guild of Merchant Explorers, despite so many great reviews. Yes, a feel good game with an enjoyable theme. Components too fiddle to enjoy and hexes and icons on maps too difficult to read for middle aged and older players. I hear they’re working on a deluxe version, so I’d give that a try if they address the poor production issues.

  5. Always enjoy that you bring up several games that I don't see being reviewed on other channels, such as the Gig. Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for your support and mention of Raising Robots! We hope that you are able to get it back to the table soon.

  7. We love Fliptown. I've played it at two-player as well as solo and there is great replayability in the solo version against the different "cowbots." Love a wetsern theme and the game made us laugh. Another game we really enjoyed was The White Castle.. Thanks for a great list!

  8. Nice to see Apiary top! I noticed that it takes hardly any time at all when you start playing it to get into it. It comes together so quickly! I love how the workers age, how the bumping works. I think we're talking the real deal here with this designer! Thanks for your content last year, and I hope you have your best ever year of gaming in 2024!

  9. Great list! A few of my favorites from 2023 that didn't make your list were Tesseract, Freelancers, and Rolling Heights. It was a pretty strong year for games!

  10. Great list. I have been playing Fliptown a lot. I love that game. I just got Apiary but haven't even opened the box. I think another great game this year for me was Thunderroad Vendetta. I love the theme of it.

  11. Absolutely LOVE Apiary even with just playing it solo. It would be my #1 game of the year if my wife and I hadn’t played Ticket to Ride Legacy.

    Apiary is my #1 solo game though and #2 overall

  12. Raising Robots somehow reminds mo of Gizmos and i play Gizmos alot ill keep my eye on it, its sad to see Ancient Knowledge dont get much recognition i think World Wonders killed this game, i just checked amazon and its overstocked it looks good but World Wonders with those Wooden pieces is hard to pass on.
    Great list thanks for the top 10 🙂

  13. Fliptown surprised me too. A "western" theme doesn't do much for me, but some review I heard caught my interest and I'm so glad!! I can't stop playing this game. So fun!!!

  14. Right there with you on Fliptown. Love it.

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