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My Top 10 Board Games of All Time!

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  1. What was the name of the game in the thumbnail? You didn't just clickbait me, did you?

  2. Can you really put a boardgame on a list if you never have played the board version ? It's like puting a video gale on your boardgame list

  3. Nemesis and Dune Imperium top 2? Naaaaaaaaaawwwwwww

  4. Nice list, and enthusiastically presented , very cool

  5. I was ready to shut down when you said Catan 😂

  6. For area control I have Tigris and Euphrates. I got the GH program for free but didn’t like it at all. Ark nova as it was explained at a game con gave me halfway the rules a headache. Scythe looks very interesting.

  7. Sadly, Scythe, Blood Rage, and Gloomhaven are from far-leftist scuuum activist😵

  8. Man, don't sweat putting popular choices on your list. Nemesis is one of my very best games. They are popular for a reason. I saw someone call Ark Nova the current pinnacle of board game evolution earlier this year. Great list! (I really need to play Scythe… it's been on my shelf for years…)

  9. My personal favorite game is called Fallen Land. It is a post apocalyptic sand box style deck builder with mini stories. It has great artwork and the stories are top notch. It does take aup a fair amount of table space and the time to play can be quite long but the ever changing replayability makes it worth bringing out every few months.
    2nd Edition will hopefully be out later this year.

  10. I really like the original Nemesis but after 8 plays, I feel a bit repetitive. I would play this game once of twice a year now and it will be enough.

  11. Great list – Scythe, Blood Rage, Dune 👍
    my all time favourite and maybe you don't know it: Terra Mystica
    (I played Terra Mystica 80 to 100 times and still love it)

  12. Great list. Definitely agree with Scythe, Gloomhaven, Nemesis and Dune.

  13. You are way too much into control and fight type of games:) None of these sounds interesting to me except for Codenames.

  14. Hello. I have not seen a single one of your videos before. Let's see what you got.

  15. Fantastic list. Dune: Imperium is definitely my #1, Everdell my #2, and Ark Nova my #3. But every game you listed would beon a list of my top 20 of all time.

  16. What game is pictured in your thumbnail? I was waiting for it and it never showed up.

  17. Which board is in the background of the thumbnail? Is it AI generated?

  18. Isn't a digital edition (gloomhaven) a videogame at this point? I would not consider it the same as the other boardgames in this top ten if you don't play it on a table. Just my thoughts…

  19. We seem to have similar taste in games. I'd recommend Great Western Trail, Brass: Lancashire, and Eclipse: Second Dawn of the Galaxy if you haven't played them.

  20. Man, great video! but please tidy up that bed! It distracts me as hell!

  21. Finally a top 10 that actually has games I like in it

  22. Love Nemesis-just painting them all up. I also love Deep Madness, folklore the affliction and C-DMD.

  23. Pax Pamir 2nd Edition might be right up your alley: influence in coalitions, each victory point is a grind, opportunistic card play, best at 3-5 players who know what they're doing, steep learning curve, and a very nice edition on top of that.

  24. Nemesis is my favorite I think but I'm really looking forward to ISS Vanguard that I backed

  25. What game is on the coverage of this video?

  26. What are your thoughts about Kemet: Blood and Sand as compared to original Kemet?

  27. Hi Mate, rikky from byron bay australia here, Loooove dune too…..but my second and maybe first chocie for great board games…WAR OF THE RING…wow..expansions and paint jobs and the large delux play matt make this VERY hard to beat…your thoughts?

  28. Nice list! As a Blood Rage fan, I wonder what your thought are on Rising Sun & Ankh. Also which expansions do you always throw in for BR?

    Also I believe you would probably enjoy SW Rebellion, Forbidden Stars, Imperial Assault and Endless Winter based on your top 10 list 🙂

  29. Lol love your commitment to self-confidence!

    You really went all in on the “this is the best” top 10 and it made me all the more excited to watch!

    Great vid and good top 10!

  30. I saw you once discussing the no. 1 board games pf several well known bg youtubers and saw this. Then I saw your channel timeline tag saying “I play board games”. Subscribed 😅😂.

  31. Very good video, but slow down a notch. 🙂

  32. Love the callout for the digital version of gloomhaven! Would love to see more folks do that!

  33. Hi. I really liked the flow of your talking, the jokes and the video in generall, its just I somehow have a completely different board game taste. The only game at your list that I find cool is blood rage, (and dune is also ok-ish in my books), but there are so much cooler games out there!) For comparison: My list would look like the following: 10.Root, 9.Blood Rage, 8. Pagan Fate of Roanoke, 7.Hive, 6. Trickerion, 5. Santorini, 4. Gaia Projekt, 3. Stationfall, 2. Spirit Island, 1. Age of Innovation

  34. Decent list. My top 10:

    10. Mare Nostrum: Empires
    9. Ra
    8. Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
    7. Concordia
    6. Rising Sun
    5. Empires: Age of Discovery
    4. Anno 1800
    3. Underwater Cities
    2. Castles of Burgundy
    1. Ark Nova

  35. Codenames is great for a wide variety of people! Love it

  36. 100% agree on Nemesis: A Masterpiece! There's no other boardgame experience like it. My nr 1.

  37. You chose Dune and Ark Nova over TI4 and Merchants and Marauders ? Go to hell ! 😅

  38. Try Dwellings of Eldervale. It is hands down the best area control with a lot of paths to victory.

  39. hmm funny, it seems like you forgot –> Brass Birmingham, Twillight Struggle, Lost Ruins of Anark, Frostpunk, Great Western Trail, Robinson Crusoe, the Castle of Burgundy and Star Wars Outer Rim 😉 properly a mistake 😉

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