Legendary Tactics
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Here, Nato goes over his top 10 board games of all time, as of mid-2023. There are a few games that have been added to the list since the last one, in 2021. Let us know if any of these are your favourites!
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  1. War games and colonization. I’m surprised Trump didn’t make a guest appearance.

  2. guy in the red need to stfu and let the other guy finish scentences

  3. So glad to see Up Front on your list. My #1 of all time, but I have not played many of the games on your list, either. Someday …

  4. Current core starter experience for netrunner is the System Gateway (free to download print and play PDFs) made by the fan run folks, and it’s incredible. As some who owns 6x FFG original core, the revised core, and 2x of all FFG cards, I can say that the Null Signal Games-produced System Gateway is the best introduction to the game ever and a very polished and satisfying experience in itself—well worth a look for anyone the least bit curious

  5. each of these games is pretty much a hard pass for me

  6. Love the channel, this video kinda bugs me a little because the two presenters, while obviously passionate, talk over each other quite a bit

  7. I started watching this but that hat was too much of a distraction.

  8. Now is a great time to get (back) into netrunner ! There's new cards coming out regularly but not at a crazy pace like before and the new player onboarding is great with a "newbie-friendly" set in the form of System Gateway.

  9. RIP Netrunner. I liked it before all the expansions and such – like Twilight Struggle, it gets better when you have the tension of knowing what's coming and the play/counterplay. By the time Mumbad came around, it was really just a "Archetype Matchup" game and making meta calls was so much of the game that the game itself barely mattered :/

  10. I really resonate a lot with this list! I would put RAF: Battle of Britain on my own list and never played Netrunner but Spirit Island and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Otherwise, agree on several others!

    Out of the new COIN games (after Liberty or Death), I have sort of lost track… I have Pendragon ready for me to learn, but otherwise any of the post-Liberty or Death games that you would recommend as being very innovative and great solo? (I also have ADP and Cuba Libre.)

  11. Are there any other card type games like TS and Netrunner where you feel the tension and have a strong bluffing element? Besides say poker. I personally love that combo of mechanics. People keep saying Flesh and Blood but haven't tried it.

  12. Love the passion and excitement expressed by you both in this video for gaming. 🙂

  13. Sounds like a great list, but almost every game is a war or political game.

  14. I played Up Front alot in the USAF….also is that the guy fron Tears for Fears?

  15. Great list! I also would put ADP as my favorite COIN, and Netrunner is so good

  16. To each their own. Great list, but the baggies make me cringe and cry. The first thing I do with new games is throw away all baggies and replace with various containers and storage solutions that look nice and make for easy set up and gameplay. I HATE baggies!!

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