My Top 10 Board Games Of All Time in 2023 -

My Top 10 Board Games Of All Time in 2023

Legendary Tactics
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These are my top 10 favourite board games of all time. This is my 2023 list. I’ve added 5 new games to the list since the last video. Let me know your current top 10 games in the comments.
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0:00 My Top 10 Intro
0:26 Games Off The List
1:06 10) A New Space Game
2:31 9) The Digital Version
3:32 8) A Two Player Masterpiece
4:10 7) A Stabby Game
5:14 6) A Beautiful Euro
6:07 5) I Always Lose
6:52 4) Asymmetrical Perfection
8:00 3) The Consummate Star Wars Game
9:06 2) The Consummate Space Game
9:56 1) Still My Top Game


  1. You need to play blockade runner, 7 wonders architect, ceasar of alesia with the updated larger counters and updated maps, russia besieged, and fortress Europa both updated with larger counters.

  2. Oh man I’m dying to try Star Wars Rebellion.

  3. Nice list. For me the digital doesnt count because it's more important to sit down with friends. I miss some games that you didnt talked about. For instans Love Letter, Castle Panic and my nr 1 game that can be sooo fun Sheriff of Nottingham.

  4. Thanks for the list interesting selection, thanks

  5. The question is . . . if you play a digital game, are you playing a board game? I was discussing this with a friend of mine and I asked him if he was playing Pac-man the Board Game, would he count that as playing a video game.

  6. Dislike! Just because you are now adding digital games to the List of top ten boardgames.

  7. Does the Star Wars Rebellion game that is on Steam do justice to the physical board game, or not even close? For example, I thought the PC version of Wingspan ,Ticket to Ride and Food Chain Magnate are just as good as the tabletop versions! Regarding the video element of Root.. any thoughts on Nightmare Horror Adventures: Welcome to Crafton Mansion ? Nyctophobia?Regarding Kemet, Cosmic Encounter and Coup.. perhaps on your next best-of, you can stratify it based on difficulty (i.e. experienced players vs new to the hobby)… or 2 player (Feast of Odin) vs many player party (Cockroach Poker Royal ).. or genres: bluff (The Sting Game) vs co-op (The Crew) vs Euros / card collecting (solving puzzles to gain points), etc ?

  8. None if these games are in my top 10, to each his/her own

  9. What, no Brian Boru ? (way better than [broken] Root)

  10. Solid list man. I agree that Root digitall is that good. Very cool number one, Phenomenal game.

  11. Hegemony and Mr. President (GMT) are my top favs!

  12. In my 50+ years of boardgaming my fav of all time is a new game called Russia Beseiged.

  13. What is a board game? You seem to have forgotten.

  14. I like your 'ultimate edition' of Diplomacy, I did the same thing with Dawn of the Zeds, combining the best parts of all the different printings to make my copy perfect

  15. This sounds like this guy's top digital board games, the main thing about a board game is to get immersed in the atmosphere of the game with your friends/family live on the table, together. No need for displays and so on.

  16. Nice list 🙂 and always good to see so much sci-fi in the top. Cannot wait to have my son old enough to play Rebellion with me, haha.

  17. Always scroll through to see if Root is at least in the top 5 as my validity check. I’d have it higher, but this list checks out! 😛

    Always a fan of top ten lists! Thanks for making this!

  18. I am about 70% through painting my Kemet Blood and Sand set. I am enjoying the process, but really looking forward to the next game.

  19. Also, get the expansion for Star Wars:Rebellion

  20. Somewhat surprised to not see Twilight Struggle given your fantastic video series – not even an honorable mention…! All good – def in my top 5

  21. I appreciate the free thinking options, but boy do I hate Diplomacy and Coup. You must like backstabbing and lying. Complete game turnoffs for me.

  22. Also, I play a lot of "multiplayer solo" against myself…This almost entirely a list of games where that play style is not possible.

  23. To me, I would not put a game on a list where I only play it online. To me the interaction with others is what I like most about board games.

  24. Into the Warp, Scum Queen!
    A common cry during a game of Cosmic Encounters with my buddies (and s few gals) back in Atlanta.

    Our other Game of Choice was Diplomacy. Friends would drop everything and come running when we got a few guys together. Just as long as they didnt get Italy… Our games would go into 5 minutes a turn Blitz Mode at Midnight, so we could finish before our favorite bar closed at 2am

  25. Skulls lives in our canoe gear and moonraker looks interesting

  26. By 1978 we had exhausted Cosmic Encounters to the point
    where we were playing 3 hidden powers, randomly selected,
    replaced upon usage.
    If, today, you were to visit the home we played in, you could
    still hear echos of "TAKE AWAY HIS POWERS"

  27. So glad to see Moonrakers on this list. Great game that forces you to work together with your enemies.

  28. I only play Wingspan digitally. Only base game and European Expansion is available digitally, and games go quickly. The tournament scene is very strong.

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