My Top 10 Board Games of ALL TIME in 2024 -

My Top 10 Board Games of ALL TIME in 2024

Legendary Tactics
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These are my friend Ruskie’s top 10 favourite board games of all time. This is his 2024 list. It is very balanced and family friendly, if you’re looking for some games to get the whole family to the table.
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0:00 Top 10 Board Games in 2024
0:18 Honourable Mentions
0:43 10) A Euro!
2:05 9) Obligatory Marvel Game
3:38 8) Kingdom Building
4:57 7) Creative Time
5:56 6) Hidden Information Game
7:40 5) I’ve Never Heard of this One!
8:50 4) A Cooperative Clone
10:53 3) Covid Lockdown Game
12:26 2) One for the Whole Family
13:34 1) The Big Kahuna


  1. Ruskie seems like such a cool guy! The world needs more like him.

  2. Nice list! I like that there's a variety of types of games from playing games with all different people!

  3. a lot of fun games… but 'best of all time'…. like c'mon…. (this list makes me feel like this chap has only ever played about 15 games).

  4. Prowl: Clan and Cunning is a better smaller version of Hidden Leader

  5. I guessed it was one of the gloomhaven games! You could try Agemonia to steer even more into the rpg storytelling path 😉

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