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My Top 10 Board Games (Of All Time)

Ali Risdal
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I take a short break from my regular bookish content to discuss my top ten favorite board games in my collection. If you also like playing board games, share your favorites in the comments.

If you are going to buy one of these games, please consider getting them from these links (it is very helpful to me).

King of Tokyo:
Mage Wars Academy:
Clank! In Space!
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Robinson Crusoe:

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Time stamps:
00:00 Hello
00:25 Number 10: Friday
01:19 Number 9: King of Tokyo
02:17 Number 8: Dominion
03:10 Number 7: Mage Wars Academy
04:44 Number 6: Small World
05:58 Number 5: Photosynthesis
06:55 Number 4: Clank! In Space!
08:35 Number 3: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
10:22 Number 2: Robinson Crusoe
11:40 Number 1: Root


  1. Great video. Friday is a brilliant game. Star Relms is my favourite deck builder.

  2. I need to add to my board game collection and this was helpful! I just have Catan, Stratego, Risk, Monotony, Labyrinth, and Scrabble. For card games just Magic and Lunch Money/Beer Money

  3. Good list, a few that I have not played that I need to try 😀

  4. Yeah, my number 1, Robinson Crusoe for sure. Have all the expansions for it. Also, if you like it enough, the collectors edition on Gamefound is ridiculously bonkers.

  5. My personnal favorites board games:
    1/ Abyss
    2/ Clank!
    3/ Diceforge
    4/ Dominion
    5/ Unstable Unicorn

    But thanks to you i really want to try King of Tokyo and Root !
    Nice video 😉

  6. Great video and great list. Have a sub. 🙂
    I don't think i could put my games into a "top 10". We have dozens and love playing. but here's the list of games we play more regularly than others. I'll exclude games that are on your top 10 list like King of Tokyo.
    – Elder Sign – actually this may be our most played. Great co-op game, with a mix of dice rolling, risk-pushing, and resource management.
    – Alhambra – A lovely and challenging tile purchase/placement game
    – Takenoko – A tileplacement/scoring game with a roving gardener trying to develop land and grow bamboo and a marauding panda intent on eating that bamboo!
    – Dead of Winter – super tough zombie apocalypse themed co-op game. We rarely win but its great fun losing!
    – Tiny Epic Galaxies – A fun little game in galatic empire building in a tony box
    – Quirkle – a simple tile placement game, perfect for a large family game
    – Camel Up – a fun camel racing game with risk taking guessing/estimation vital for the scoring
    – Champions of Midguard – a great worker placement game with a Viking theme.
    – Istanbul – a worker placement game that requires a few plays to get the hang of but is wonderful once you get into it
    – Lords of Waterdeep – a simple and cutthroat worker placement game set in the Dungeons & Dragons city of Waterdeep. Its a game of gathering resources to complete scoring quests.
    – Pandemic – really challenging co-op game of trying to save the world from a series of global pandemics.

  7. Have you tried Takenoko . Growing bamboo in Japan when the prize panda keeps eating it .
    I love this game but still have not won it

  8. Friday sounds interesting but I'm not much of a fan of solo games. Deception is a great party game, I love it too! I've only played King of New York and I didn't care for it much, but I hear King of Tokyo is actually better. I hated Root. I know it's a popular game but I traded it away after only a few plays.

    Thanks for this video, I really enjoyed it. 🙂

  9. SCYTHE has to be one of the top 5 best board games to have ever come out (IMHO). They made a video game version on Steam also that plays like the board game.

  10. Half of these are card games not board games.

  11. My top 5 board games are Guns of August, Clue, Diplomacy, Codename, and Scattegories. Top 5 Card games: Modern Naval Battles, Racko, Mill Bornes, Cards Against Humanity and all the variants of Uno ( Uno, Uno Flip and Dos to name a few)

  12. You should try playing Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon ! Dark fantasy game with a massive campaign in a twisted Arthurian legend setting.

  13. I used to dis board games, but recently began to understand their appeal more. In comparison to computer games :

    1. You are playing against actual people. No AI in a computer game can match a real person in terms of unpredictability.
    2. You are within vicinity of those people. So if they behave like jerks (like in online games) you can actually punch them in the face.
    3. Board games are often a one time purchase/deal. Computer games recently tend to ship/sell in small chunks, so you end up having to pay more than you planned for. Some of them are really terrible with in game transactions etc.

  14. for me from 10 to 1 is : Kingdom Death Monster.
    its the best board game I have ever played in my entire life

  15. Nice list of good games! What about Dungeon Crawls? Descent 1&2? Oathsworn, Bardsung, Deepest Dungeon, Darklight, Dungeonquest, Heroquest, Dark Souls, Silver Tower, Horizon Zero Dawn etc.?

  16. Great top 10!
    Some of my tops (in no particular order) are Dinosaur Island, Agricola, Cosmic Encounter (for the lolz), Cthulhu: Death May Die (so good!)…
    for some lighter ones, Port Royal, Codenames, Sagrada..
    Oh and if you like cute… Isle of cats! =^..^=

  17. 9:37, oi, please use correct sized sleeves! You may ruin your cards even more like this.

  18. Survive, Clue Museum Caper, and Masterpiece.

  19. There were 12 things I liked in this video, the 10 board games, puppy, and Ali

  20. Have you ever played Wiz-War? I think you'd like it.

  21. Interesting video, you've succeeded in putting your refined palate for well-designed board games on full display, but alas
    I have one question…



    Mouse Trap✨

  22. Why does this have so many views… I missing something?

  23. Love a good board game 😀 if you don't already watch The dice tower I strongly recommend that you do. Great reviews, playthroughs and more.
    Some good games I really enjoy
    Dead men tell no tales (co-op)
    The bloody inn
    Sub Terra(co-op)
    Kill doctor lucky
    Flamme roughe
    Survive escape from Atlantis
    Dungeon fighter (co-op)
    Kemet (area control)

    Thank you for a great video 😊

  24. The one issue I have with Dominion is that experience does pay off especially if you are teaching new people. From my experience, the owner of the game wins the game 90% of the time, especially when they set up the board. Also it is a little pricey for a card game.

  25. Deception and King of Tokyo are fantastic games I also have in my collection. I'm much more into escape room games lately however (EXIT and Unlock!) and I can't recommend them enough.

  26. Stumbled across your channel and enjoyed your review. I subscribed and look forward to more great content. BUT? CARDS? UM? Boardgames? Im older over 50 so it must not mean the same thing. I will search your channel for more Boardgames reviews. Not Risk or Chess lol

  27. You should try Puerto Rico, Pandemic and Gaia Project.

  28. Two games to try and add to your collection: Wingspan and Parks. Both fun!

  29. I see Pandemic has been recommended below. But really… when it comes to co-operative game experiences, you will never do better than Pandemic Legacy.
    (Clank has a hard to find Legacy version as well.)

    Point Salad – when you need a quick, simple and surprisingly deep game.

    Nidavellir – also surprisingly simple and deep… and fun. How can you not love recruit dwarves to go fight a dragon? You don't even get to fight the dragon in this game – you just prepare to… and its still amazing.

    And yes, you are right – Root is the BEST. Though I want to play more Oath – it might surpass it.

  30. Root is my favorite board game as well! My goal is to (eventually) play as every single faction.

  31. Nice choices, Mage Knight is good fun. Root as #1 makes sense too, great game.

    For 2 player game, I recommend Blue Moon (it's a tug of war game using magic casting cards as the core mechanic)
    For 2-6 player grand strategy, I highly recommend you check out Twilight Imperium

  32. If you like Mage Wars Academy you should try Magic The Gathering 😉

  33. Root!!! Underground Duchy are my favorite

  34. Best deck building: Aeon's End.
    Best tower defence: Castle Panic.
    Best logic puzzle: Okey Dokey.
    Best kid game: Monsters in the Elevator.
    Best treasure hunting: Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters.
    Best thematic game for these last few years: Pandemic.
    Best dice game: Roll for Adventure.

  35. Thanks, those games look awesome. Just need to find a way to buy them abroad

  36. You hit on a bunch of my favorites. Some others I really enjoy:
    * Camel Up
    * Lords of Waterdeep
    * Terraforming Mars
    * Machi Koro
    * Scythe

  37. If you haven’t played Mysterium, get it. From your descriptions of what you liked about these games, I strongly suspect you’ll love Mysterium. (Since it didn’t make your top 10, I can probably safely assume you have not played!)

  38. This was the first video i’ve seen from you Ali and I was just thinking ”Thats a shame that you don’t do more boardgame content” (cause I’m not that in to books😅). Then I read your update coment and subscribed immedietly! Keep up the good work🙌🏼

  39. Like the diversity lot of boars games on here ive never heard of

  40. So, I own a lot of Dominion sets, but now I've decided I really don't like the game. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Constant drudgery.

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