My Top 10 Board Games (Of All Time) -

My Top 10 Board Games (Of All Time)

Ali Risdal
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I take a short break from my regular bookish content to discuss my top ten favorite board games in my collection. If you also like playing board games, share your favorites in the comments.

If you are going to buy one of these games, please consider getting them from these links (it is very helpful to me).

King of Tokyo:
Mage Wars Academy:
Clank! In Space!
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Robinson Crusoe:

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Time stamps:
00:00 Hello
00:25 Number 10: Friday
01:19 Number 9: King of Tokyo
02:17 Number 8: Dominion
03:10 Number 7: Mage Wars Academy
04:44 Number 6: Small World
05:58 Number 5: Photosynthesis
06:55 Number 4: Clank! In Space!
08:35 Number 3: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
10:22 Number 2: Robinson Crusoe
11:40 Number 1: Root


  1. I only have King of Tokyo out of those, I have considered getting some of the others, but I think my friends are too dumb to play most of them.

  2. Great Video! Subbed to the channel for more!

  3. My top ten:
    Cottage garden
    Patchwork (2 player game)

  4. Scotland Yard. Coopertive, strategic, 6 player game which brings in others, and could end in a minute, or 2 hours. Attractive board and pieces. According to the box, voted best game by Europe, whatever that means.

  5. We are big on collecting board games in my family we just rarely have the time to play them. I really wish I didn't have to work so many hours to pay the bills. I would much rather play board games with my kids

  6. I don’t usually get recommendations for random channels. And I’m not particularly a board game player. But…this was a really good video! You have a knack for YouTube and I liked the content. I may check out some book reviews as well. Keep it up!

  7. I love Dixit. You secretly play a card trying to give clues so people guess your card but your clue can’t be to good because if all players vote for you you score zero points. Other players are playing cards to get votes for their secretly played card based on your clue. When you’re the clue giver your clue has to be just right to get max points. I believe no table talk is how it is played. I have played it both ways and it is a different experience but great. No table talk has a different tension. Table talk has every little thing people say giving clues even when not directly intended. So fun both ways.

  8. We love Terraforming Mars. It is part cooperative, part competitive. When the kids are home, we play it at least once a week.

  9. Great list! Most of them I've just heard it now. They all seem interesting!

  10. If your favourite co-op game is Robinson Crusoe, then you clearly haven’t heard of forbidden island

  11. wow they really reskinned King of Tokyo. I love that game but I also really like Smallworld. Some of the others I've never played. Thanks for shedding light on those

  12. The only board-game I own is root and I have a blast every time I play it. Wanna give deception a try

  13. Last night on earth is a good zombie board game worth checking out. And I do love warhammer underworlds too, like a fantasy/war board game

  14. Dead of winter. Its a co-op zombie apocalypse game where you work with others to survive. The catch is everyone has a secret objective and maybe, just maybe one of your friends is TRYING TO GET YOU ALL KILLED!

  15. Presumably you're deliberately excluding chess from the list? Otherwise, it can only take top spot.

  16. king of tokyo dark edition is better than the original: it fixes the useless 111 and 222 dice tris.

  17. On the vein of cute and fun games I recommend checking out Everdell.

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  19. A tutaj moja Topka gier wydanych po polsku w 2021'

  20. You have to try Aeon's End. Great cooperative game u can solo or with other players. Several unique play characteristics like the turn taking and non shuffling of your deck. I have both main versions and several expansions. The whole game is like the final boss battle. You difficult lose more then u win.

  21. Thanks for the video, never heard of Root before, but seems really great!

  22. The handles on your cabinets are not facing the same way. Their patterns are wrong. Step back and look at them and you'll see it. Rotate them all to be the same direction.

  23. carcassone is a must play period. Also I just picked up shifting stones super simple, fun to play.

  24. Yes! Great video. Reading sucks anyway! But games are fun. Thumbs up from me.

  25. Glad I looked this up. My favorite board game is EVO.

  26. lol is this the top 10 games you own that very few people know? Or am I just missing an isle at the store.

  27. In the same category as Deception, but not a party game is my favorite: Betrayal at House on the Hill. Like Scooby Doo for grownups. But my kids love it too. Co-OP in the beginning until a Haunt is triggered. Then everyone tried to defeat the "traitor". Check it out. 50 different haunts in the box! Lots of variations

  28. I wonder how Catan wasn't on this list, it would suit your taste great 🙂

  29. You should try Risk 2210 AD. It changes everything completely. Excellent game.

  30. i feel like your type is deck building games. I'm going to buy the hong kong murder game. A recommandation i have is get some sponsered links for this game so people like me can click on it to buy and you can make money off it too.

  31. I really love Concordia, easy to play but hard to master with its deep strategy. You're basically a trader in the ancient mediterania, and has to score points by playing your cards carefully.

    El Grande is really fun, a board control game with some interesting mechanics, rounds of secret placements where you have to figure your oppenents moves, hidden units that will be revealed.

    Azul and Splendor are two easy lightweight games, with enough strategy to keep them interesting.

  32. Thank you for the great suggestions! I will probably pick up Root.
    I recommend Here To Slay. It is a monster slaying RPG via dice rolling and card buffing, with an alternative win condition if you can collection one hero of each class. You also play as cute animals!

  33. Can you send me one copy of "Deception-Murder in Hong Kong" to Brazil? i appreciate your video, big hug from Brazil 😀

  34. Some really classic and varied picks in there Ali! It's pretty rare to see something like Mage Wars in anyone's top 10s. It was one of the first games that really got me into board gaming.

  35. Good to see that there is someone who likes small world, and photosynthesis. Our group has tried a few times in an attempt to like them.

  36. omg! I love that otter moonlight shirt lmao love it

  37. This was awesome. Robinson Crusoe we have an play. We just call it Death on an Island. But super fun to play. Many of the games I have heard of but have not played so excited to get some and play them.

  38. I just discovered Root and I'm obsessed !!

  39. Great video. Friday is a brilliant game. Star Relms is my favourite deck builder.

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