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My Top 10 Current Favourite Board Games!

Jenna Rose
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Hey friends! It’s board game time! Francis and I got into board games over 2 years ago and I love recommending games to others! Board games are such a good way to connect with friends and family and make memories together without being distracted by everything around us. I hope you all enjoy this video and definitely check out my fav board games!

♡ MY TOP 10 ♡
1. 7 Wonders
2. The Search For Planet X
3. Viticulture
4. Welcome To…
5. Above & Below
6. Wingspan
7. Miyabi
8. Tiny Towns
9. Everdell
10. Concordia

Honourable Mentions
Santa Monica

(I mentioned his games were harder but honestly the only one that is more complicated is Gloomhaven lol)
1. Gloomhaven
2. Wingspan
3. Everdell
4. 7 Wonders
5. Viticulture
6. Concordia
7. Above & Below
8. Pandemic
9. Barenpark
10. Cartographers

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  1. Welcome To is so solid – if you're looking for your next Roll and Write, Dinosaur Island : Rawr and Write was a real standout for me, probably my favourite Roll and Write I've played. 

    I love seeing Search for Planet X up there! I love deduction games and that one is for sure on my next acquisitions list, haha

  2. Wow your top 10 is amazing, I also want to share my top 10 games.
    1. Caylus (original version)
    2. Food chain magnet
    3. Carnegie
    4. Gaja project
    5. Le havre
    6. Brass birmingham
    7. Age of steam
    8. Barrage
    9. Anachrony
    10. West kingdom of architect

    So well made games, hope you like my list.

  3. What's that background music it's pretty calming and nice , would love to play it, while gaming

  4. Like that you show the back of some of the games – think you should do this with all of them & earlier in your explanations.
    (Never understood why reviewers rarely do this.)

  5. Cities for 7 wonders is a good expansion to just always keep in. Adds a bit more variety without really any new rules. Between Leaders, Babylon, and Armada – I'd say one of those at a time when you want a new layer for the game. From our experience, different people like one of those over another. My pref was Leaders too, but the rest of the group didn't like it. Now I like Armada best.

  6. The only box that looks played is 7wonders. All the rest look just out of the plastic. Doesn't help if this is your first boardgame video and you want to appear credible. Notwithstanding, I look forward to your next in depth review of a boardgame and thank you for highlighting a great hobby.

  7. Have you tried 7 Wonders Duel? I think you guys would really enjoy it. Went back and watched your board game collection Vlog you guys got a good collection going!

  8. If you like the immersion of Above & Below, be sure to check out the other sequels in the trilogy, especially Near & Far.

  9. 7 Wonders Cities is a great expansion. You’ll love it!

  10. Really enjoy non boardgame centric channels providing boardgame content. Really helps in expanding interest in boardgames! Great list, thanks for sharing.

  11. Girl, if you ever want to do trades or hear my board games that I'm selling and share your list of your cull, I'd love it! Perhaps will buy some off ya!

  12. I hate starting with this, I don't want to look like a "well actually" internet nerd, but Gloomhaven is a campaign game rather than a legacy game. A Legacy game is a fairly small group of titles where the game is destroyed/altered as you play it, so most of them can only be played through once. Since nothing in Gloomhaven is destroyed you can replay it endlessly. That's why I really dislike legacy games as they seem quite wasteful/indulgent to me, so I'm careful to draw that distinction between the two types. Otherwise, they are quite similar in that the games generally feature ongoing development in characters etc, and the experience of one session informs the next, just give me a game that I can go back to rather than something like Pandemic Legacy which you can't play again after completing the 12-24 sessions. You can't say it's not good value as I think that it would entertain a group of 4 people for 12-24 hours for the same cost as them going to the cinema once, it's more of an environmental thing that bothers me.

    Pedantry out of the way, I enjoyed seeing the list from a content producer outside of the boardgame bubble – I agree it's a lovely hobby to just spend time with people, without say the formality of a dinner party. I kind of feel that the best approach for a person with a lifestyle rather than hobby audience is to do top tens based on life. "Top ten games to invite friends over for", "Top Ten Games to Relax with your partner", "Top Ten Games for Competitive Couples", "Top Ten Games for family gatherings". Most BG channels would break down by say mechanic or theme, but that only makes sense to people who already know what niches they are interested in hearing about. You could maybe also try doing a series of videos of hobby market games vs ones you grew up with so for example
    Clue vs Awkward Guests
    Scrabble vs Paperback (vs Hardback?)
    Game Of Life vs Pursuit Of Happiness
    What I find has helped put people off boardgames is a few things – you don't get the fast gratification of video games for example, but a big one is because of bad experiences with titles like Monopoly or Risk (both take too long to finish for me), so if there is a hobby game that fixes some of the issues, that might be a fairly non-confrontational way to talk about why people might like to give these ones a try despite the bad experiences? These sort of things can sound a bit snobby coming from hobbyist channels

    I was delighted to see Above & Below on the list, as I find that a completely charming and relaxing game. It's an odd beast with the sort of choose your own adventure story bits, but that just adds to the rather bucolic feel to me.

    With 7 Wonders I can appreciate the design, but I don't feel like the amount of choice I have (particularly in games with more players) meshes well with how complex the scoring is. I much prefer any drafting games to skew simpler, as it frees up concentration for chatting. Not against complex games, just that I don't think complicated drafting games meshes with me, so give me something like The Networks (easier scoring than 7 Wonders, but still with some interesting decisions), Sushi Go Party, or for a younger family something like Planet (though scoring the planets at the end can be a bit tricky physically, how cute the little planets look when done makes up for it!). Catan is another one of the big names (on the hobby side) that I have very mixed feelings about. It has a huge influence, but I've had a few too many games where the robber has just absolutely hosed me and can often feel like I'm just missing turns with no real options until it gets moved off the particular space.

    Since a big thing for you is having that physical camaraderie, I'm not sure the site will be of interest, but BoardGameArena is a browser based platform that lets you play a lot of games which may at least give you a way to try out some that you're unfamiliar with, especially if you have the other players on Skype or something similar at the same time. Some games need a player with a premium account to be around, and you'll also need a premium account if playing with people in the same IP address, but it has let me game with nephew and his mum over lockdown (he is a bit of a fan of Stone Age)

    Finally (and sorry for the post turning in to an essay!) here are a few titles that might be of interest:
    -The Bloody Inn. Based on a true story apparently, the players are a family running an inn in France, and murdering guests and burying the bodies so the police don't catch them (or require a bribe to look the other way). It's a wonderfully tight little game with a macabre theme that can easily lead to comedy. It also has a fairly tiny space requirement so can be played on a coffee table
    -Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space. It's a hidden movement game where you're not quite sure who is an alien trying to eat you and who is another human player just running in the same direction as you! You can get some clues about where other players are, but sometimes players can lie, and sometimes they don't need to say anything at all…
    -Dice Hospital. Available on BGA, it's a bit of a multiplayer solitaire as you try to score points by curing patients in clusters. You can recruit rooms for your hospital and extra staff, and it is ultimately a contest of trying to activate your workers and rooms in the way that clears the most people. I don't know how well it scales for 2 players though. It can be played that way, BUT because you don't go as far through the deck it seems easier for a player to get punished by not drawing the colours they needed
    -Chronicles Of Crime. You need a phone or tablet to play this, but it essentially uses the board as an interface for a point and click adventure by using QR codes, so you can quickly get caught up in a tale of murder etc. Apparently it works really well for groups when you have the phone put the game on the TV
    -New York Slice. A game about sharing pizza – one player divides it, and the others get to take which section they want leaving the person who split it with the last selection. Yes, the pieces do look a lot like real pizza so it can inspire an appetite!
    -Fuse. A real time game about trying to defuse bombs on a space ship (or solve number puzzles with dice as it feels pretty abstract…) It's got a great tension and because it is played on a timer you can reliably play it in 10 minutes

  13. Great list, amazing to see a game like Planet X on there, might have to pick that one up.

  14. Great list of games, some solid choices there.

  15. Great video and list! I really wanted to try the Search for Planet X. I love deduction games; Awkward Guests is one of my favourites- another good choice if you like Cluedo/murder mystery 🙂

  16. Fantastic list of games! I own alot of games from this list 😊 and many of them are on my top list as well!

  17. Everdell is lower than Wingspan?! Atrocity!

  18. the Long Weekend mini expansion for Santa Monica is really really fun! great games 🙂

  19. I really like a lot of the games on your top 10 list, its great to find someone with a similar taste in games! I look forward to trying out some of the other games im not as familiar with. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Great line up of games! Played most but there a couple I will definitely have to try. Thanks!

  21. This was so fun! I need more friends so I can get some of these hahah

  22. Wingspan is fantastic. My wife’s #1 game and my number 2 (Scyth is my fav). We just ordered Everdell.

  23. Great video overview of some really great board games. I absolutely adore Everdell and Tiny Towns. Which do you prefer between Wingspan and Everdell?

  24. Also since you like Viticulture so much, I highly recommend the Visitor's expansion. Changes the cards up so they are less VP focused and more wine production focused.

  25. Oh…… the fact that you called Welcome to Your Perfect Home by its correct name earned you a sub! I think you're the only person besides myself I've heard call it that.

  26. Great list! Thanks for spreading the love of board games 🎲 ❤

  27. Wonderful list!
    I own all of your top 10 save for Above and Below
    I like Tiny Towns best with 2 players, have you played it that way?
    May I strongly suggest the Tuscany expansion and the Rhine Valley visitors cards for Viticulture.
    I got into the hobby maybe 6 years ago. It has brought my entire extended family together like nothing else.

  28. I'd make the distinction between complex and complicated.
    "Complicated" implies unnecessary complexity, i.e. that doesn't serve a purpose.

  29. I think Everdell is Tableau building, not Deck Building

  30. “2 hours… long game?” laughs in Warhammer40kish

  31. Have you tried 7 Wonders: Architects? It is simpler and faster than 7 Wonders, but every time we play, we want to play 3 times in a row.

  32. Thank you for the explanation!
    we produce and export lots of such games!

  33. Congratulations, all great recomendations. I have a huge collection of board games and participate in a youtube channel in spanish about board games here in Puerto Rico called The gaming dragons. Soon will be uploading our videos for christmas gift recomendations. By the way, when you explained planet x game, you said cuadrants, I understand but you mean sections or areas, because cuadrants is when you divide the plane in 4 areas by the horizontal x axe and the vertical y axe. ja ja ja Yes, there is a Catan about the space is called: Catan Starfarers is and and the other you mentioned is catan seafarers is and expantion. I think with the base one is enought, but you can check the seafarers expantion maybe it add new challenge and taste to the game. I have the Catan: starfarers is a huge box and expensive game.

  34. Fantastic lists from both of you. Cartographers and Welcome To battle it out as my favorite Roll/Flip & Write. there are a lot of games I absolutely love that I've never won.

  35. Such a fun & amazing list! Thank you so much for sharing ☺️

  36. Great list! I would like to see your collection and how you store them

  37. Nice list, tbh, I was expecting smaller, party games in this list, but this list surprised me, great games, glad you enjoy them. 🤩

  38. Thanks for this. Your top 10 is very similar to mine. I hadn’t even heard of the Search for Planet X though, so may have to think about getting it! And you might just have tipped me into getting Above and Below.

  39. Nice video, thanks. But Everdell and 7 Womders are never deckbuilding games. Card drafting and tableau building maybe? 🤓

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