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My Top 10 Five-Star Board Games!

After Evenfall
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Welcome to After Evenfall, where we embark on adventures from home! Join me today as we go through my top 10 five star games!

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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Game 10
02:54 – Game 9
06:11 – Game 8
08:05 – Game 7
09:38 – Game 6
11:44 – Game 5
14:13 – Game 4
17:07 – Game 3
18:56 – Game 2
20:24 – Game 1
22:43 – Outro

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  1. Excellent video! Loved hearing about what your family members thought about the games. I'm a big F1 fan too and your recommendation about Heat definitely will have me picking this one up. Def subscribing to this channel!

  2. you had me at Trolls & Princesses. It was great fun, my wife and I love it. Agree, 2- player is great

  3. Root is my favorite board game too! Fortunately I have a playing group exclusively for Root (today we played twice). I hope you find people addicted to Root so you can enjoy it even more 😊

  4. Nice list! If you enjoy deduction and Clue then I recommend you give Awkward Guests a look if you haven’t already

  5. Im trying to cut down on games… thanks alot….lol

  6. This was a nice refreshing list… not just the usual suspects. Will definitely check out a few of them. Thanks much!

  7. I’m in the same boat. Absolutely no one wants to play Root and to explain each faction is almost a turn off to the point where it might not be worth getting the expansions since most will only play once 😢

  8. I hadn't heard of most of these, thank you for these recommendations

  9. If you like heat— try Thunder Road Vendetta.

  10. We are so honored to have Root be your #1! 😍

  11. the audio is slightly misaligned. Great video otherwise!

  12. Root is definitely not for everyone. But thanks for the hint regarding Brian Boru.

    What I could recommend from myself is the game that took me and my family by storm – "Blue lagoon"

  13. Dice Throne! im a huge fan, its super good

  14. I keep looking at flamecraft every time I walk by it.

  15. What about Terraforming Mars, Wings, Scythe, Inis, Dune: imperium, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, 7 wonders Duel, Viticulture ?
    Haven't you played them yet?

  16. I really liked this video Root is my all time favorite game too and I very much can relate to the struggle of trying to get people to play consistently. Keep up the good work!

  17. very nice list and presentation! Have you played Search for Lost Species? I didn't care that much for Search for Planet X but the Lost Species somehow clicked. P.s. for a regular gamer like me the listing of the publishing company when presenting every game adds absolutely no value, whereas perhaps naming the designer might add a bit. Or just leaving also that out, everyone interested can find those out.

  18. Root is also one of my favorites as well.
    I've only been able to play it with people twice because exactly like you said it became a one and done 😞

  19. Root is my all-time favorite game, but it took some years until I was able to play it regularly, but now I have a bunch of friends who love it (and a bunch who can't stand it, ha), so I play it once a month in person and usually enjoy a few async games per month on the digital version too.

  20. Delightful overview of these games, thanks for the list of stuff to check out. I own ROOT but I haven't heard of many of these 🙂

  21. I love Root, I have the same Castle 3d printed and I was looking with curiosity at the giant meeples you have on the shelves

    Recently I printed and painted 1 miniature for each faction and use them as point trackers (I use Dick's Poelen designs, they are beautiful, there is even a thread on the BGG about them)

  22. I enjoyed the your personal list I found a few new titles. Added dice throne for my wishlist but I want heat medal to the pedal first. Unfortunately getting the games I want where I live is complicated hehe.

  23. LOVE all the Root love! Did you make your meeple decorations yourself? I’ve been on the hunt for a little Alliance toast for my desk, but haven’t had any luck finding them!

  24. Root is my favorite as well!!! Search for planet X is also in my top 5. Thanks for your video!

  25. I just bought Heat for my brother-in-law who loves board games but doesn't know many. Love your argument. They're so relatable lol!

  26. Where did u get those root decorations?

  27. Hello, great video. Would you share the link to the Etsy stuff ? 21:24

  28. I'm playing Heat! on BGA right now! So much fun, an amazing game!

  29. Awesome video, glad i found you! Now that my kids are turning into gamers it's hard to find game suggestions that everyone in the family enjoys.

  30. I was lucky with Root, I fell in love with it and every single group I play with fell in love with it as well. I think it all depends on how you present the game initially and how you teach it.

  31. great list and way of summarizing the games. I do like when showing the board and the display of the game. It gives a good picture of the art, tiles, figures, meeples, cards, etc… it does help a lot. You got one more follower!

  32. One of the most challenging things with love of heavy boardgames is finding people to play it with.
    And those who are willing to play it also play video games and sometimes they'd rather stay home and play a video game because it's just more convenient and same level of fun (for them).

  33. Dice throne respect! Unequivocally my favorite 2 player game. I have all 3 big boxes and play w my girlfriend.

  34. I bought root and an expansion, but yes it’s a very intimating game

  35. root, flamecraft, and dice throne is definitely on my top 10 list too ( but mine is marvel's dice throne! )

  36. I also love Root but it's hard to find players that will play with me due to complicated gameplay.

  37. Dice throne is so much fun!! 2v2 is also awesome (our solution was shared lifepoints between teammates)

  38. I have that Velaris sweatshirt! Board games + reading are two hobbies that really seem to go hand in hand

  39. That's funny, my Castles of Burgundy red box came damaged too.
    It must be a feature.

  40. My Top -10 Board Games:
    10. Nemesis 10* Nemesis: Lockdown

    9. Brzdęk! Nie drażnij smoka – pokochałem tą grę od samego początku 9*. Brzdęk! Katakumby 9*. Brzdęk! Raban w próżni – jeszcze bardziej dopracowana wersja Brzdęka 9*. Brzdęk! Legacy
    8. Diuna: Imperium – ta gra świetnie odzwierciedla klimat Arrakis i całej DIUNY
    7. Wiedźmin: Stary Świat + dodatki – o jak mi ta gra się spodobała i pozytywnie mnie zaskoczyła, naprawdę czuć w niej KLIMAT Wiedźmina
    6. Mage Knight – świetny klimat, świetny świat, po prostu Mage Knight !!
    5. Anachrony – bardzo fajnie pomyślany świat i klimatyczna gra
    4. Łowcy A. D. 2114 – o jaka ta gra jest klimatyczna i dopracowana…
    3. Etherfields – klimat tej gry, mechanika i piękne grafiki urzekły mnie…
    2. Scythe – klimat tej gry jest genialny… Świetnie odzwierciedla klimat konfliktu…
    1. Bonfire – jak wzajemnie zazębiają się mechaniki w tej grze, to jest po prostu niesamowite !!

  41. You have 3 that overlap with my top ten!

    Root (my number 1) – I have everything, but only play online nowadays with the app and Table Top Simulator. Like you said, hard to find willing opponents/learners!
    Castles of burgundy (my number 2) – special edition is phenomenal
    Dice throne (my number 10) – my most played game, have all the characters (s1, s2, marvel, Santa v krampus, and marvel x-men on the way!) but not dice throne adventures…hoping to get that soon.

    Have yet to get an opportunity to play heat, but I really want to! I think that could be a top ten for me as well. Great list!

  42. A list of big boxes😂 As someone who lives in the Netherlands i see a lot of games i never have seen here. I almost bought the overcomplete edition of renewed kickstarter of Castles of Burgundy Special Edition, but in the end my reason won it from my wanting, because i really could not afford it. I hope they will release it again when my budget allows it. Now i only play it digital

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