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My Top 10 Five-Star Board Games!

After Evenfall
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Welcome to After Evenfall, where we embark on adventures from home! Join me today as we go through my top 10 five star games!

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00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Game 10
02:54 – Game 9
06:11 – Game 8
08:05 – Game 7
09:38 – Game 6
11:44 – Game 5
14:13 – Game 4
17:07 – Game 3
18:56 – Game 2
20:24 – Game 1
22:43 – Outro

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  1. Great taste nice Video💪🏼♥️

  2. I got flamecraft for Christmas. Only played it onde, but love it.

    And I am curious on trying Root. Talked about borrowing it from a friend. Is it good to play with only 2 players?

  3. Root hooked me too back then. Can´t tell you how much fun this is to explore. But yeah it requires some commitment and thats rare sadly.

  4. What an awesome list! For some reason, every time I go for one of the top BGG games, it end up not super impressed. I think I'll love these games!

  5. Great list! Do you do league play on the app?

  6. That’s a great video, and a lovely list! And super happy to see Root up there, I love it and am fortunate to have friends who are also willing and able to play with me 😊

  7. Awesome list! Can I ask about your lighting setup? It looks beautiful!

  8. Great top 10 I am waiting for Flamecraft to arrive with series 2 upgrades so excited as I love cosy games, one of our favourites is creature comforts for a ‘lullaby game’ we also love Honey Buzz I am waiting for the expansions. I see Paint The Roses in the background trying so hard to find this in deluxe in the UK really want it, would you recommend?? Another game I have just ordered with 3 expansions is Aqua Garden hopefully another cute cosy lullaby game! Thanks for your top 10, new subscriber here!!

  9. Thank you for this very detailed list, you presented quite a few games I've never heard about!

  10. Root has been on my list for a while now but I hesitate to buy it for the same issue you mentioned, no one to play with 🙁 I have games still in its original plastic wrap for 3+ years. Felt like I'm wasting money.

  11. So glad Root is your number 1 game. Leder Games is such a great developer.

  12. Maybe for your CoB boxes, run a thin bead of wood glue along the seam and wipe it out?

  13. I enjoy planet x and decided to pickup lost species which is also really good 😊

  14. nothing caught my eyes.. you like competitive games a lot😁

  15. Root would be #1 for me as well
    I also love Terraforming Mars and Marvel Legendary

  16. Root is awesome indeed! Seems like I‘m quite lucky that my friends love it aswell, I‘ve played it on the app a lot of times but would Never prefer it over bringing it to the table. There is just too much fun in pushing your cute meeples around the map and bring mayhem to the clearings of your friends 🎉. But i overplayed the lake map a Bit. It feels a Little Bit Too constrained for me and my friends. What i Would Like to See for this Game is a new map pack ( Or just a visual change to the Fall and Winter Maps, they both look a Little ugly in comparison)
    Keep up your good content

  17. I have the opposite problem, my groups want to play Root too often!

  18. Subbed. Great video. A few games I had never heard of so I'm excited to try them out. I'd suggest cutting your intro in half. No biggie tho. Great video😁

  19. How much say you and your husband are two of my favorite people anyone that loves, dice throne it's part of my family😂. I love Dice Thrones also but I humbly submit to you my favorite game which is UNMATCHED. there are 50 different characters and it is a card and board game if you do a search on YouTube you can find all kinds of places to learn the GAME. To see it played I would watch the channel Friday Night Fight from one board Family. The miniature are so cute. Imagine Alice in Wonderland vs. She-Hulk. 1v1 or 2v2 is best played.

  20. Brian Boru is a fantastic game. Great list overall.

    The only one I haven't played is your #1. I fear Root wouldn't hit the table often enough, so I never dared venture into its waters.

  21. Great list, great presentation 👍🏻👍🏻.

  22. 13:32 By heaviness, do you mean – Depth (how deep the strategy of the game is) or Complexity (how complex the rules are – to understand and/or get the game played)?

  23. Root is a top 5 game! I love Root!

  24. If you really liked Clue growing up, have you tried Awkward Guests?

  25. Root has to be the 1st one on the list! So enjoyable playing, having fun and interacting with all on the table and so on… Nice list!✨

  26. This review didn't tell us anything about the games other than how you feel about them. A breakdown of how the mechanics are applied and a sneak peak at the gameplay look would be a lot more helpful. I get the feeling that you didn't prepare much for this presentation. I would recommend writing a script composed of several talking points in order, with a more exact breakdown of how the game actually plays, with personal commentary reserved for the end of each game's presentation. You don't have to follow the script exactly during the actual filming of the video, but it will give you a good reference point to fall back on when you stumble and it will help the viewers understand what you like about the game in a more practical sense.

  27. I have the exact same problem with Root—it’s my FAVORITE board game but nobody ever wants to learn how because they’re so intimidated!

  28. Love your natural presentation. Good luck with your channel.

  29. Any chance we could get a solo board game top ten list?

  30. Ah Root! I also wish I had a regular gaming group to play this with!

  31. Cool to see Trolls and Princesses on someone's list! I purchased the game based on the theme but have not gotten it to the table. How is the player interaction? I tend to prefer my Euros highly interactive/mean

  32. Game 9 is The only one i knw and its one of the best board games i played.

  33. Heat is definitely Formula One. Just old formula one 😅

  34. Just found your channel. Loved the vid and love that you have so many cool games 😊

  35. Root is my all time favourite game too. I just wish I had more people to play it with, so i appreciate your struggle to get root to the table. Love everything about it, the theme, the art, the gameplay everything

  36. You definitely have a theme you're into. Way to stick with what interests you and not be influenced by the opinions of the masses!

  37. Hello, how are you? I hope you are well. You are really creative and kind. Go ahead and continue, but I want your advice. I want you to recommend several games for me, whether board games or games like Uno and others. Because in school we always have a free day in which we do not study, so I decide to play with my friends. There are only two of them and I am the third, so I want Fun, strange, and new games that we never get tired of, and two or three people can play them together

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