My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024! -

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024!

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Hey friends! It’s 2024 and that means it is time to chat about some games I’m excited about being released this year! These are just a few because I know there will be so many more being released throughout the year and these are simply just the ones I have seen that have caught my eye! Enjoy!

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02:21 games I covered last year and will be covering on the channel!
05:06 games I have had the chance to play
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  1. Botany was disappointing.. Hype deflated.

  2. I’m so excited for Botany. I’ve been counting down since I pledged last year. 😂

  3. Great video, thanks for the Feld tip. I'll return the favor. Save your $, Botany is gorgeous tbs, but they didnt playtest it sufficiently so there's not much of a game there. Check out BGG for my full review:

    Botany: If the Victorian Theme Doesn't Bore You…

  4. I'm a Botany backer and as far as I am aware, La Fleur will start crowdfunding as soon as (or soon after) Botany is fulfilled – which is very soon, I think they ship Feb/March!

  5. Gnome Hollow looks amazing! can't wait to play it 🙂

  6. whenever i need to check fun cute looking games for family, i know i can count on you.. didnt know about gnomehollow. and looking forward to your floe review.

  7. a-pis-TOCK-ruh-see maybe (just like aristocracy)? I tried Googling the word to see what it meant and all I got was hits on the game so I think it’s a made-up word

  8. Caffe Baras! I freaking love the coconut dogs. they are pretty common where I live, for me this game is a must.

  9. Hello Jenna Rose.

    I just discovered that you talk about my game Kallax in this video. I don't know what to say otherwise… Thank you ! Thank you so much ! 😊

    The way you mention it couldn't please me more. This is exactly the type of reaction I wanted to provoke by bringing this slightly crazy idea to life 🤩

  10. I also backed Creature Caravan…can’t wait for that one!

  11. I’m really looking forward to your Floe coverage. I’ve been following that one for what feels like years. I love so many of Henry Audubon’s games and the artwork looks fantastic. Looks a bit bigger/deeper than a lot of his other works. I’m excited to see more.

  12. I'm most excited for Valka (first game I backed in a while). Also Wyrmspan. My group is super nerdy and bird watching is not a theme that grabs us. But Dragon watching? Hell to the yes.

  13. Funnily enough, "Fromage" is typically the kind of BG that won't sell here in France (like "Charcuterie", the name of the game made people smile here). Of course we love cheese and charcuterie, but it's like calling a BG "Meat" or "Big Sausage": it's not, how shall I put it, "refined", it's so down-to-earth, even a bit weird!

    The other games look exciting; I love Three Sisters and I'm wondering what "French Quarter" will look like. 
    Floe and Witchbound are the kind of games that I should like.

    Kallax the BG! I won't buy it, but I'd love to try it!!!!

    For now, I ordered Apiary, Les rats de Wistar and Evenfall. I have so many games to play still on my kallaxes, I wasn't reasonable in 2023 ha ha!

    Thanks for the video Jenna and for your good spirits! Your channel is always a pleasure to watch!

  14. Watching your channel has been a highlight of my 2023🎉 I hope you have a wonderful 2024!

  15. Love this list. Excited about the button shy releases as well!! Also, absolutely adore this beanie/pigtail look on ya. Much love from across the continent.

  16. Thank you so much for including Gnome Hollow in your most anticipated list! What a thrill it is to see people talking about our wonderful game!

    Jenna, reach out if you want some stickers:) happy to send you some!

  17. Civolution certainly has my curiosity piqued. I think I also saw that in either Adam's most anticipated list and/or Amy & Maggie's.

  18. A lot of great looking games here. Super excited for Fromage! We will also be getting you Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors this year, for sure!!

  19. I really love that you share my love for all things Garphill. Recently, I bought Hadrian’s Wall from them because of how much you’ve talked it up solo. Spent some time learning it today and may play it later. Already played a game of Legacy of Yu last night and this morning. 😊

  20. Absolutely NO surprise you’re looking forward to Café Baras. 😂 I think when I first saw this, I immediately thought of your channel.

    In terms of games I’m lookikg forward to most, Ezra and Nehemia, obviously, being a huge fan of Garphill. Dwellings of Eldervale is one of my top games ever, so I’m super excited for AE to fulfill. Finally, Unconscious Minds, simply due to the joint art of Andrew Bosley and Vincent Dutrait. ❤

  21. Thanks so much for including Galactic Cruise and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was great meeting you at Pax Unplugged! -T.K.

  22. So what I’m hearing is we need to play andromeda again 🤔 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🚀

  23. Thank you for featuring Gnome Hollow! We are so honored to be publishing this one 🫶

  24. Kallax the Board Game feels like shades of Pack & Stack with the 3d pieces and the different objectives!

  25. As a Christian, I'm super excited about Ezra and Nehemiah! Looks like it's right down my alley! Hadn't heard of a Nice Cuppa, also looks down my alley! My sister backed Botany and they said as soon as it fulfills in March, they will start the Kickstarter for La Fleur. They said it's practically ready to print as soon as the kickstarter is over.

  26. Botany crowdfunded in 2023. I wasn’t able to back it, but I am hoping to play when it releases.

  27. It’s funny, the game I’m looking forward to the most this year is actually the game you highlighted in your ad, Skyrockets! Such a big fan of real-time games, this one looks like a blast.

  28. Great list! Ezra and Nehemiah is my #1 anticipated for next year – I did back the KS even though I'm going to KS less and less these days. I'm also intrigued by Daitoshi because of Dani Garcia and Devir teaming up. Windmill Valley is another by Dani Garcia coming next year; and it's him reuniting with Board and Dice. Except it seems like it will be a lighter game, so not as excited for that one as Daitoshi, which should be fairly heavy. Inventors of the South Tigris and Sankore: The Pride of Mansa Musa are also on my radar.

  29. Love the list a lot of the games are also on my most anticipated game for the year, along with Explorers of navoria, Wyrmspan and Peacemakers: horror of war

  30. I backed French Quarter and it is supposed to fulfill in the next few weeks so it will be in retail shortly thereafter I would think.

  31. "Cuppa" is a British expression that means "cup of tea" (not coffee). And speaking of Button Shy, have you played Ancient Realm (solo game)? I think it's one of their best. Nice list!

  32. I’m just counting down the days until French Quarter comes out. A lot of backers have received their copies so hopefully retail comes soon! A lot of the games you mentioned are on my list as well, but I don’t know how I missed a new Feld release coming out as Castles and Bonfire are two of my favorite games. Some other games that I’m looking forward to that you didn’t mention are:
    1. Philharmonix
    2. Galaxy Postman
    3. Tabriz
    4. Pixels & Polygons
    5. Clandestine
    6. Hardwood Grove
    7. Sibille

  33. I'm looking forward to Wyrmspan the the Nusfjord Bix Box release.

  34. Looking FFG forward to Forges of Ravenshire, Cretaceous Rails, We’re Sinking!, Let’s Go! To Japan, and Carson City Big Box delivering. Also looking forward to the Heat expansion releasing February 23, Unmatched: Sun’s Origin in February 2024, and picking up El Grande reprint that just released January 12. 😊

  35. I backed French Quarter and from the messages sent, I expect to see that the game will be shipped to me soon. I love Fleet and 3 Sisters, I'm not fond of Motor City.

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