My Top 10 NEW Board Games for the Family! (Your Gift-Giving Guide for the Holidays!) 🎁 -

My Top 10 NEW Board Games for the Family! (Your Gift-Giving Guide for the Holidays!) 🎁

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Hey there! It’s been a bit of a hiatus for the channel but I’m back with renewed vim and vigor–and I wanted to make sure I got a chance to share some family board game gift recommendations before it got too late! 🎁 These are all games that are tried and tested by myself and the closest people in my life and I think that you’ll love playing any of the games on this list with your friends and family! They’re also all games from within the last five years so they represent the best that the modern board gaming world has to offer for casual/light gamers! (No Monopoly or Parcheesi on this list!) Are there any other recent games you would recommend as gifts for the holidays? Let me know in the comments down below! 💬

My Top 20 Favorite Board Games for the Family!
Me and Jesse’s Top 20 Games to Play with Non-Gamers! 🦆
HerStory: How to Play and Review!
Tiny Towns Review with a Surprise Guest! 🏡
Shifting Stones: One of the Best Family Games I’ve Ever Played!! 🗿

In this video:
00:00 Intro
00:47 Yeah! Magnets! 🧲
02:02 Just the One of Us…?
04:02 Colors and Clues!
06:05 The Salad Game! 🥗
08:36 Moving Minerals! 🗿
11:36 The Newest 7 Wonders!
14:09 The Tetris Game!
16:29 Travel Back in Time!
21:38 Miniature Municipalities!
25:14 The Machi Koro Killer! 🚀
28:43 Outro

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  1. mensa is a high iq society ss was probably chosen as a favorite? i dont know exactly but thats the gist of it

  2. Great and fast explanation of Trekking through history. Thanks

  3. Love Project L. I’ve only played twice, but enjoyed it both times!

  4. Dutch Blitz is also another simple fast playing card game that I like.

  5. Does anyone have any idea where we can buy kluster? Can't seem to find it in the US

  6. Hues and Cues: off off off off off off off yellow.

  7. You should show more of your face and less board game :^P

  8. 5 minute dungeon is a fun one that gets people’s energies up. It’s a real time game where you fight monsters and deal with events in a dungeon until you defeat the boss, but you have to do it in 5 minutes.
    It’s a pretty simple game too.

  9. Congrats on your marriage and new place! Exciting times! And a great video topic to kick things off with 👍

  10. I've got 5 out of the 10, and played 1 more. Great recommendations

  11. Welcome back, and congratulations on the marriage!

  12. The new place is looking good, Dave. I love the light and I hope all the walls are real this time ^^
    Small note – your audio sounds a little echo-y. The feeling is like you are standing a bit away from you microphone (your phone I am guessing) and you are shouting a bit to make sure you are being heard. It's not bad but it's noticeable. You might want to consider a clip-on mike. Also, welcome back 😉

  13. Congratulations on your marraige! Wish you all the best! Great list, Just One is a hit with the family.

  14. I really want Shifting Stones, but can't buy it anywhere in my country 🙁
    Thanks for a great video 😃👍🏻

  15. Congratulations on your marriage! As someone who is always on the lookout for the perfect games to give family members for Christmas I really appreciate this list, as well as your other "Top 20" videos. Last year I made a 'game night' gift basket for my sister's family. They loved it so much and played the games every day for months. The Quest for El Dorado was their favorite of the games I included. This year I plan to give Cascadia and Yokai Sketch (the last one was an impulse buy on Spiel Essen, a nice little two player game which doesn't require much mental effort), but "Just One" or Point Salad may be going in the gift basket as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. You reminded me about Tiny Towns! I have to give that another try. Great list!!

  17. Congratulations on your marraige! I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Also… Great games. 😀

  18. Your table is like a shout out to your fake background.
    Congrats on the marriage, home, and adulting.

  19. Congratulations, Dave on your life changes! Great video. You’re just missing a Santa’s hat…haha. Can you share how you set up your overhead camera? Feel free to reach out to me directly if easier. Thank you and happy holidays!

  20. New background and new games! Congrats on your marriage:)

  21. Congratulations 🎉 and welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you more often again.

  22. Congrats and welcome back. I've been enjoying space base on BGA>

  23. Welcome back Dave, thanks for the video! Space Base looks great. So happy for you and Hannah, congrats again! 🥳

  24. Love Just One! We don’t worry about scoring. We usually play 3 games. Good times with that for both gamers and non gamers!

  25. Shifting Stones would be a nice solo game for me.

  26. Love Project L. I’ve only played twice, but enjoyed it both times!

  27. Trekking Through History is a game that I would like to try!
    The game play is intriguing and I love the fact that the cards have that educational backside. (Kind of like wingspan, where you can learn about the birds!)

  28. I own Tiny Town (The Base Game)
    I enjoy this as solo. There are several videos on YouTube, that are play along with. I enjoy playing that way. The people I play with are not fans, but I enjoy it!

    My group and myself as well do enjoy Space Base! I also enjoy Machi Kori, but they do not.

  29. I like the theme of building a city over a salad, although your mind is to busy concentrating on your actions, in both games, it’s hard to appreciate your collection until the end of the game.
    The big difference to city over salad is the Civ. Tokens.
    The buildings give you points, Civ. Tokens, or permanent resources to help you buy other buildings, so there is a little more meat to the game. I Highly recommend that if you play, DO USE THE 2 BUILDING/RESOURCE tokens, that comes with the game!
    Both in real life and video watching, I’ve found it’s easy to forget to use them and that’s when the mistakes happens!
    Everyone needs to help everyone remember. The best way is to pass the tokens around the board to each player, before they start their turn! (Remember refill is ALWAYS LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM)
    Finally, keep the Draw Deck straight and neat. You can see what the top card is, but you are not to see any other cards under it.

  30. True that! I also dislike games with timers! I do not think fast, so the pressures of time makes me unlike games that require it. I live telestrations! I played it only once and we didn’t use it. However we did encourage people not to make it like you’re writing a novel

  31. Good to have ya back making videos bud! And congrats again!

  32. Welcome back! Is that a real wall behind you? Hahaha, Congratulations (again!) and so nice to see you back on the YouTubes.
    Love Project L, we have Space Base but haven't played it yet. I am very intrigued by Tiny Towns – it looks delightful. I gave up Point Salad for Point City… it's slightly meatier?

  33. Could you turn down the background music in future? It's really distracting

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