My TOP 10 SOLO BOARD GAMES! 2022 Edition πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ -

My TOP 10 SOLO BOARD GAMES! 2022 Edition πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Tabletop Tokki
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Join me in checking out some AMAZING solo board games that I’ve discovered/ fallen in love with since my first Top 10 Solo Games list last year! πŸŽ‰

Which of these games is your favorite/ do you want to try most? Let me know down in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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01:06 #10 πŸ‘Ή
03:41 #9 πŸ–‹οΈ
05:52 #8 β˜•
07:51 #7 πŸ›Έ
10:57 #6 πŸ€–
12:40 #5 πŸ•ΈοΈ*
16:01 #4 πŸ‹*
17:44 #3 πŸš€
19:49 #2 πŸƒ
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  1. I have been wanting to try canopy coz it looks very pretty. But does the mechanism of giving cards to next player seems abit broken? As in over advantage to next player. There is another game , mint condition comics use this mechanism. I felt it is disadvantage to the first player as they end up getting lesser cards than other players

  2. As a solo gamer I really like your lists because they are very different from what can generally be found on other channels. I have slightly different taste than you but you've helped me find some hidden gems more than once. Will add a lot of the games in your list to my bgg wishlist. Thanks!

  3. Thanks to you I bought Eiyo, Lux Aeterna, and Canopy πŸ™‚

  4. I went to check out if I could purchase Rove and then again for Ragemore as button shy games are pretty wallet friendly to purchase… and both are sold out! There are lots of games on this list I have not heard of before but they are all looking really great.

    I'm wondering if you have ever tried Lucidity: Six sided nightmare? It's right now one of my top favourite solo games and I much prefer to play it solo then with others though have only tried it once with 1 other player… I guess it's a push your luck in some ways, or I always end up pushing my luck.

    I am newly introduced to your channel through a post in a gaming group with this video and have been wanting to find people that create content about solo games so your channel is right up my alley of things I was looking for! Looking forward to watching more of your other content and the new content that you create!

    Happy gaming! πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome list! I can't wait to check out a bunch of these games. Thank you so much! I really love your channel.

  6. Black Sonata of courseπŸ‘ and other games you actually like πŸ˜‡ 😝 . But joking aside, I love pocket games, so I will give Ragemore a try. Have you tried Sprawlopolis? I'd hesitate to call it a pocket game, but it's really well done for such a small package. Falling Skies, simple design but so much planning out to do. πŸ‘.

  7. Got rid of lux auterna and black sonata hated them 😊
    The rest are cool

    I really was numbed that ragemore does not have more expansions I hate so much games that are one time play unfortunately most of the list is like that (rove, grove also…)

    Canopy again is beat the automa for points right?

  8. Ragemore is great! I was thinking it would be Set a Watch. I'll have to check out Canopy and Lux Aeterna. Those look great.

  9. Rove and Ragemore look pretty cool. I'm excited about Grove.

  10. Have you played Rococco yet? The Deluxe version came out with a Solo Variant that puts you against an AI

  11. Have you played red rising, that's my go to solo game that I love

  12. I really enjoy your lists, because as someone else mentioned, it's not just the same big box kickstarter games you see on most lists. It's refreshing. Thanks for doing what you do!

  13. Great video, my first watch of your channel. Subbed. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. You got some unique picks here! Thanks for showcasing more Buttonshy games. I’m going to look into the ones you mentioned

  15. No Capital Lux 2? 😲😲 As you know, Lux Aeterna is my favourite game, and you have to accept some of the blame/credit for that. πŸ˜‰ As ROVE is on your list, I assume you are backing the expansions on KS? Only a few days left….

  16. Great presentation and I love how you fandom over the games. Shows a great personality, when it comes to enjoying things.

  17. Great content for everyone searching for a solo game! Thanks for doing so!

  18. Great list! I think I want to be a solo gamer, but in reality I very seldom actually play solo. Ragemore does sound really good though.

  19. Agree with the other posters that I like your lists as they are very different to others. You have a love for smaller box games that others don't talk about as much. They are not quite my top games either but I enjoy several of the Button Shy Games. As a matter of interest, do you start with 5, 4 or 3 cards in ROVE? I am playing with a friends copy and seem to do alright so far – admittedly I was an urban planner and seem to have good spatial awareness (yet to try 3 cards though).

    My favourite Button Shy game is Spaceshipped and I hope to get a commercial copy with expansions in the next kickstarter rather than my PNP version. I know that Spaceshipped is a bit on rails at times, but for some reason I find the quick market calculations and shifting/flipping mechanic quite meditative. And kudos for the mention of Maiden in the Forest.

  20. Surprised about Ragemore. I just. Couldn’t β€œget it”. I played a few times and I’ve never encountered a game I just felt like I was missing something vital that I didn’t know. Maybe I should give it another shot. But I played it a good bit and just never β€˜got it’ (unlike say, Friday)

  21. My favorite solo game most recently was Bullet Heart. Kind of shocked me, but I found the solo mode just as good, if not better, than any of the multiplayer options. It almost makes me think it was actually designed as a solo game first.

  22. I’m getting to the weird point where if I find another solo game I love, I will officially not be able to do a top 10, it will have to be a top 15 or 20. Not a single game is a game I’d be willing to remove from my β€˜top’ list.

  23. I always loved a good solo game when you're on your own challenging the game itself. Just got Coffee roaster which I'm enjoying, and added Under falling skies to my list. Rove looks awesomely cool as well. Thanks for these videos that introduce us to even more great games out there.

  24. Thanks for this video! Black Sonata, Lux Aeterna, and Canopy were all instant adds to my wishlist! May check out a few of the others as well.

  25. Thanks for the video, I found some great suggestions hereπŸ‘

  26. Love this list! I actually own and stand by #9, #8, #7, and #6

    #9: Even if someone memorizes the pattern, that's still only half the puzzle, as the other half is deducting WHO the Dark Lady is, which is a challenge in itself.

    #8: I own the Saashi & Saashi version with original art, and treasure it GREATLY. I enjoy the bag-building and always imagine my hands as "hand roasting" each bean to its fullest potential. It's a bean-(deck-)optimizing game of knowing when to stop so when you DO brew your coffee, the ratio is just-right to pour the perfect cup, and it's WONDERFUL!

    #7: I always think of the dice placement like 1-player chess: Each die does a cause-and-effect between your moves and the AI's literal moves. Every choice is a mitigation, so I, too, don't believe it's luck-based. I've had some REAL close calls more often in there than in many other games I've soloed, and it's more thrilling when it's during the campaign!

    #6: Rove beats Sprawlopolis as my favorite solo ButtonShy game. Fun fact: the mission patterns match the rover's picture format! I also LOVE how the mission artworks create a panoramic picture as you progress in the game. Such a brain-buster!

    I'm loving your view of solo games and this list, and, as many others here have mentioned, it's a refreshing take amidst the common ones out there!

  27. Just to let you know Eiyo does not seem to be available any longer in the US. BBG used copies are from 40 Euro (Croatia) to $100-$185 from the US. Or for $17 from publisher from England ($10 game + $7 shipping). It might take a while to get here but that's OK.

  28. Love The Brambles! Have you read the pictorial guide that solitairetimes made for this game? Dives into where the images came from.

  29. Wow! Canopy looks straight up my alley! I immediately bought the game after watching this video XD thank you so much for showing it off!

  30. Great vid. Hadn’t heard about most of these

  31. I only recognized one game from this list, Under Falling Skies. So now there are 9 other games I might potentially like, ty!

  32. Thank you for making these videos! I am taking a game design class and our goal by the end is to pitch one of our own. So hearing about all the possible games out there, the various mechanics, and ways to play is amazingly helpful. I love these top 10 lists and the solo series you've done. This channel awesome but is also very bad for my wallet xD

  33. I love your videos and I love how excited you are! One can see how much you love the games and it's really a little bright island amidst all the depressing news these days to find so much joy on your channel.

  34. Great list! Just subbed. I have recently discovered Mini Rogue which I am having a blast playing. Have you (or anyone reading this) played it? Hope you're all well.

  35. wheres capital lux 2 generations? :S

  36. Another great list! Fleshing to keep seeing games that other channels miss. So many options for small vox, quick play games.
    Literally just played a game of Ragemore for the first time in too long! Have you played Squires for Hire? A fun little puzzle/points game

  37. I found so many games on this that I never knew existed, I'm off hunting now, I pray for my success ;w; Thank you for sharing!

  38. Yesterday I started watching your videos.
    Today I bought many games that you recommend.
    Tomorrow, my budget tells me I have to stop watching your videos.
    It was fun while it lasted. Bye!

  39. Coffee Roaster is your biggest box concerning your top10 solo games?!
    I think I dont even have a game in my top10 with such a SMALL box. πŸ™‚
    Well, I might be cheating by considering all my Arkham Horror LCG boxes to be one big box. πŸ˜‰

  40. Great video! Thank you for your thoughts and overviews. Very helpful.

  41. Great list. It's nice to see lots of small box games featured. I only own one game on your list, Falling Skies. I agree with your observations about dice mitigation. There are numerous ways to make the dice work in your favour, and that's the challenge for the player.

  42. Finally got into solo gaming recently after moving away from my group. From your shelf and reviews it looks like we have similar tastes! Really happy to have found your channel and thank you for helping rekindle my love for games πŸ₯²

  43. Great video. I'm new to gaming and bought Black Sonata, Ragemore, Under Falling Skies and recently Coffee Roaster based on your reviews. Ragemore is my favorite despite losing 50% of the time, its makes you think steps ahead while trying to stave off defeat. Black Sonata is great too, I love its deduction aspect. Thanks !

  44. I know I'm late to the party here, but I just picked up Ragemore on your rec. Looks great and I'm looking forward to building it tomorrow. Thanks!

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