My Top 10 Solo Board Games -

My Top 10 Solo Board Games

Merlin’s Manor
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In this game I go over my favorite board games to play solo, which have an official solo mode. I do not include cooperative games that can be played 2-handed solo, but do not have an official solo mode. There is one co-op game on this list, but it has an official way to play solo as a single character.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite solo games are!

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Game 8 03:22
Game 7 04:14
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Game 3 11:18
Game 2 13:30
Game 1 14:26
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  1. I hear lots of great things about Final Girl and Falling Sky's. I need to collect one or both of these. I do like Cascadia solo.

  2. You should try the new Everdell Mistwood solo expansion. It is supposed to be a much better Solo experience than playing against Rugwart. I have not tried it myself yet, but I hear good things.

  3. Great video! I mostly also tend to go for solo-only or dedicated solo mode games, BUT.. have you ever played Burgle Bros? This is one of my all time favourite games to solo(2 handed)

  4. Not quite into solo games but Mini Rogue and Lost Expedition are great.

  5. Have you gotten to play Ark Nova solo yet?

  6. Honorable Mentions: Planet Unknown, A Feast for Odin, Cartographers, and Cascadia.

  7. Thanks for the video! I agree with you on Spirit Island, that true solo is preferable to two-handed.

  8. Surprised you picked Calico over Cascadia. I like Cascadia way more.

  9. Great list. I'm starting to buy games that have a solo mode as I really don't have anyone to play with. I love Wingspan solo and can't wait to get my copy of final girl.
    Glad to hear Everdell can be played solo. I've been eyeballing that game for awhile as well as Terraforming Mars. I actually haven't played any version of that game

  10. Good to know about Red Rising. I really like Fantasy Realms but have been waiting to play RR multi-player. Maybe I need to break it out solo.

  11. Great video. Ichecked out your others and subscribed. I've been looking for explanations of various mechanics and lo and behold you have videos about them.

  12. Final Girl is such an epic solo game – love, love, love it. Also, Under Fall Skies is fantastic as well – I've played both a bunch this past year.

  13. If the vid is about solo play, why do you keep talking about multiplayer?

  14. What a fun list. I really enjoyed this. Had not even heard of Dinogenics 🙂

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