My Top 100 Games Of All Time! #100-91 | The Cream Of The Crop -

My Top 100 Games Of All Time! #100-91 | The Cream Of The Crop

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Hey friends! It’s finally time! Time to go through my top 100 games of all time (currently lol). Join me the next 5 weeks as I go through all the games 10 at a time. I am so excited to chat all about the best of the best or the “cream of the crop” in my opinion. Hope you all enjoy and let’s jump in!

00:00 intro
02:50 #100
05:50 #99
08:06 #98
11:00 #97
13:03 #96
16:22 #95
18:31 #94
21:08 #93
23:36 #92
26:28 #91
31:15 outro

Francis & I’s Top 20 Games Of All Time (back in 2022)


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  1. Woo Hoo, Faraway made the list. I am addicted to this game.

  2. Hair, coffee and boardgames, it's cool and refreshing 😀The only game I've played here is Faraway which is fun and original. Kinfire Delve seems a lot of fun too but no french edition still…I would love to play Final Girl, but there's so many comments like yours saying it's frustrating some times (and as an Arkham Horror lcg player, I know what frustration really can be)Thank you and keep it that way 😉

  3. Nice passionate take on your favorite games. I look forward to the rest of your list.

  4. According to Ruel Gaviola, Faraway does have a fan-made solo mode. Ive played Coffee Traders, and i think you would enjoy it. It does have some meat on the bones.

  5. Wok and Roll is by a Singaporean designer and his publishing company, he has probably at least 15 designs

  6. Very exciting to see your top 100 series kick off!

    100. Sail
    99. Serengeti: The Wild
    98. Trailblazers
    97. Project L
    96. Tiny Epic Pirates
    95. Hive
    94. Tsuro
    93. Stuffed Fables
    92. Dice Masters
    91. Chai

  7. Whoa hair! I love it! And I can't wait for more of these videos! Wonder if Hadrians wall will appear anywhere on a future video 😉

  8. You've inspired me to crack open my Kinfire Delve to play for the first time. Do you also own Kinfire Chronicles? Can't make up my mind whether to get that or not.Great start to your list!

  9. What a peaceful way to pass some time. Great stuff as always and I love that you started the list with my favourite type of game: the x and write. Let them shine in 2024!

  10. Love the hair!

    I’ve just picked up two of Kinfire delve and looking forward to trying it. Can’t wait for the rest of the top 100!

  11. Someone looks great 🙂

    Hey are you going to be at GenCon again this year?

  12. Love the new hair, Jenna. You look great. We don't connect on these games, but I know games higher in the list we will. I was kinda surprised Sept ih? ma was so low. You always talk highly of it.

  13. First of all: your hair looks great.

    Now to the games… I just love Bärenpark so I am always happy to see it on someone's top list. Out of the other games there are a few I would like to try but the one I'm interested most is Kinfire Delve followed by Alchemists.

    If I may suggest something… It's no big deal but I'd like to see the designer's or designers' name in the title banner. Not in this top 100 list but in general.

    I would leave my 100-91 here but I haven't even played 100 games yet. I am however considering doing a top 100 of my most wanted games list. If I manage to finish that in the next time I'll post it in the comments of future videos. 😊

  14. AWESOME. so excited about this series.

    Love Barenpark, really enjoyed Twilight inscription, as well as coffee roaster.

    My buddy lives in Japan and bought me a copy of the original Saachi&Saachi edition. He even met up with Saachi for coffee and got it signed!!! It’s one of those games I’ll never say goodbye to.

  15. I am alergic to coffee beans……but I can play coffee games. 😄

  16. Your hair looks great, Jenna! Looking forward to following along with your countdown!

  17. Awesome Jenna! A top 100 list? I will definitely be tuning in for the rest. One of my favorite YouTube personalities.. Thank you and continue your great content.

  18. The new hairdo looks great! Also super excited for this list – keep up the great work! 😊

  19. First time commenting, but I had to when I saw the love for Alchemists!
    Such a fantastic game, hopefully you’ll get to table it more in the future 👍

  20. Great list, looking forward to seeing the rest of them. New hair looks fantastic!

  21. You look great! And I love the Top 100 series. 🙂 Looking forward to the rest!

  22. holy fantastic hair! also these picks are already fire, i still need to try Twilight Inscription, I've played TI 4 like 3 times so def want to try the roll & write of it

  23. Hey, happy to see you are doing a Top 100 because most Top 100 are almost multiplayer only games but urs will be most likely a nice mix between multiplayer and solo. Have you already worked out an upload schedule?

  24. You look positively radiant 😀 The colour suits you very well! Nothing like the occasional image change to recharge batteries ^^
    Sagrada plays so well at 6 and it occasionally slips in if everyone is too tired to do anything more complex 😛
    Ares Expedition sadly fell through in my play group – we still prefer original Terraforming Mars with speed start houserules, no draft + Prelude + Venus + Colonies preferably at 3 or 4 players. TM is one of our comfort games. ^^ We only played the base game of Ares a few times and figured it just takes us about the same time while feeling more restrictive/confined and less satisfying.
    Have not played anything else from this part of the list and am looking forward to what the next one holds 😀

  25. Go Team Jenna!!! I have Faraway, Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition, Sagrada, Twilight Inscription, and Kinfire Delve. I really enjoy Faraway alot right now and even played it by myself once to show it off to people though it doesn't have a solo.

  26. My Top-100:
    100. Skymines
    99. Łąka
    98. Dobry Rok
    97. Res Arcana
    96. Smartphone Inc.
    95. Niezbadana Planeta
    94. Eleven
    93. Kaskadia
    92. Jekyll i Hyde
    91. Kakao 😉

  27. Ha! Gorgeous!….. the hair is nice too! ok ok that is enough creepy internet!

  28. coffee traders was a really nice experience. But we've only played it once as a 3 player game and I suspect that it will be much better with 4 or 5 people 🙂

  29. What happened to your other YT (jennarosebeasley) channel? I loved that channel and I am honestly not a board game person, so I just miss seeing your other content.

  30. this was such a cool list! I already love some of these games, and some other ones I definitely need to try, I'm excited for the next 90 games on this list! that new hair suits you very well by the way!

  31. Woohoo. Hair looking fabulous. I've only played Barenpark and Sagrada from this list, both of which I think are amazing games. Wok & Roll and Faraway both look really interesting to me.

  32. That's so cool about the upcoming Sagrada Collection. After witnessing how cool and friendly Daryl is, im 💯 buying a copy of Sagrada. And will probably buy that expansion too. Exciting!

  33. That ghost lady in Final Girl is tough! The secret is to focus hard on searching, and then get the heck out of dodge.

  34. loving the series and loving the hair! x

  35. Jenna this new look, lovely! I cannot wait to try Wok & Roll and Coffee Roaster. Faraway really doesn’t do it for me, it’s almost too brain burny for my taste lol but I love Calico so idk. Maybe you could teach me on BGA real-time one day soon 🙂

    EDIT: SAGRADA <3 if you have the app on mobile we should play turn-based

    91 Wavelength

    92 Balderdash

    93 Evolution: Climate

    94 High Society

    95 Ready Set Bet

    96 Deep Dive

    97 Hues and Cues

    98 Food Chain Island

    99 Codenames: Duet

    100 Carcassonne

  36. You look great Jenna. Are you having even more fun playing board games now that you’re blonde? BGG has a great Faraway solo variant. Ruel Gaviola has a play through video. I have only won once but as you mentioned in your review the puzzleiness of it all is so much fun! Looking forward to your next video.

  37. I do like list episodes, but I prefer when they are thematic, like top space themed games, or top games for travel. I personally find top one hundred to feel like a long list of games.

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