My Top 20 Favorite Board Games for the Family! (Your Gift-Giving Guide for Any Occasion!) -

My Top 20 Favorite Board Games for the Family! (Your Gift-Giving Guide for Any Occasion!)

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One quick point of clarification: I really should be saying my top 20 most *recommended* board games for the family… or maybe my favorite board games to recommend to families? (These are also all great “gateway” games, too… games that help to bring non-gamers into our hobby!) The ones at the top of the list are some of the most popular family games out there and the ones that I think most families would enjoy. But don’t worry about the ranking too much either; even that was a little arbitrary at times! Every family is different and prefers different kinds of games, naturally!

If you are curious at all, my personal top 5 ranking for these games in order of how much I’d want to play them right now would be: Stone Age, Azul: Summer Pavilion, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, Downforce or Camel Up, then Splendor (with the expansion)!

Let me know if I missed any games in my list or ask me any questions you have about any of the games I mentioned in the comments below!

In this video:
00:00 Intro
00:16 20.) Codenames: Pictures
00:37 19.) The Mind
01:06 18.) King of Tokyo
01:46 17.) Onitama
02:24 16.) Machi Koro
02:49 15.) Kingdomino
03:16 14.) Cacassonne (and Land vs Sea)
03:51 13.) Century: Golem Edition
04:19 11.) Downforce
04:46 11.) Camel Up
04:59 10.) Patchwork
05:27 9.) The Quacks of Quedlinburg
06:25 7.) Sushi Go and 7 Wonders
07:05 6.) Sagrada
07:49 5.) Incan Gold
08:24 4.) Azul, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Azul: Summer Pavilion
08:57 3.) Ticket to Ride
09:36 2.) Splendor
10:14 1.) Stone Age
11:17 Outro

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  1. One of my favourite games I've ever played is bang! Always such a blast. The more players the more fun the game is.

  2. Thank you for review! Bought 5 new games ))

  3. Great personality…your love of board games is contagious 👍

  4. My two favorite games are Karuba and El Dorado. We're senior citizens and love them.

  5. Most of these games are way to high tech especially for the younger crowd!

  6. Hey there! I'm planning on going live next Sunday (11/6) for my first-ever LIVE Solo Play Sunday! Join me as I play A Feast for Odin and also try to figure out/manage all the technical aspects of a YouTube livestream! Stay for the gameplay or just stop in to say hi! See you there! 👋🏼

  7. So we just pulled out Clue again labor day weekend lol. That is about the level my parents want to stay at. So I either play Qwixx, Clue or Risk with them , or I play Mage Knight, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and the rest of my collection I've accumulated during covid, by myself. So I mostly play & back games with a solo mode for that reason. Can't wait to get my hands on Oros and Nightmare Cathedral also.

  8. Holy quack! That cherry bomb boom scared me!

  9. This was a fantastic list of games! My family love playing the mind along with Sushi Go Party. I hope you have a great holiday season with the family Dave 😄

  10. I’m SO looking forward to playing several of these games with my family this year when I go home for the Holidays 🥰. Especially The Mind! That one encourages lots of giggles 😝.

  11. Um. Lots of Asian games. You Japanese bro? Haha. I kept waiting to see if Stone Age was going to make an appearance. Wow first place?? Kinda biased huh? 🙂 Did you consider difficulty for first time players? I would have thought a game like splendor seems less complex and shorter? I know Incan Gold is always an easy fun classic too for family fun time. I thought that would have been rated higher. Good quality vid. How about connect four? Is that a board game??? How about the penny game? Scat???

  12. Cool, it's Friday… still got the whole weekend ahead! Woo-hoo! I was waiting for that third explosion! Took a short while, but worth it. Needed just one more to finish off your gag reel.

  13. Hi Dave! I'd love to see a video of you ranking your top 2 player/couple games! (For me and your friend dave to play!)

  14. Great pacing. You keep it moving and have some good shots of the games.

  15. My four-year-old loves Kingdomino right now. Stone Age is indeed an odd pick for family games. You're right that it's not that hard to teach, and even though there are simpler similar games out there (The River), families may enjoy the dice rolling element.

  16. Thanks, Dave! This is a great help for me as i am always trying to find games to play with my wife and kids that arent super heavy.

  17. Thanks for the list! I'm not in game-buying mode, but I found a few suggestions for games I can play on BGA with my far-flung kids.

  18. wow, your energy is fantastic, you got a sub from me. Keep it up !

  19. Great choices, I definitely agree with these especially Sushi Go (or Sushi Go Party) and I got to see some new ones too. My friend may like Marvel Splendor. I did not know of other Azul games until now. I love how your video is very concise with proper information. Stone Age is one I would like to pick up now, a less luck version of Catan? Count me in!
    Others I would recommend though I don't own it yet is Potion Explosion (may be a bit difficult for children) and one that is not out as of yet called Speed Paper (on Kickstarter, a very affordable print and play).

  20. Family…. how many are lucky enough to get a whole family who love hours of games 🙁

    I agree that Stone Age is a great game. It is such a great mix.

  21. Excellent video, thank you. Gives me many ideas!

  22. Sagrada and Stone Age are in my top ten games. I had the third Azul before, want to get the Queen's Garden, great video.

  23. Great Video and list! Thank you for the hard work!

  24. Hi Dave, wow you weren’t kidding that this video snagged a lot of views! Congrats and it was a great video! Hope you remember me from before. I’m slowing building up my channel. You’ll notice that I finally have a logo. Looking forward to your future videos!

  25. Excellent editing and style! Please make more of these lists! I know lists are a dime a dozen for board game channels but each one has its own take and personality. I'm very interested in your personal tastes in gaming.

  26. Taco, cat goat, cheese, pizza & throw throw burrito are also great party games.

  27. Awesome video and awesome channel! Subbed!

  28. Great list you have here. Try out Wingspan & Parks are some really fun games!

  29. Space Base & Dominion can be good games families can play.

  30. Absolutely love the list, however I will say two other games my family absolutely LOVES. We love Wingspan, and also Dice Forge. I saw your comment about Wingspan, I can see what you're saying about it being a bit heavier, but I still think it should fall under family games, and it would be my #1. Dice Forge is one that my family and I were just recently introduced to, and oh my goodness, like my 8 year old instantly took a very strong liking to that game. Between the Azul games, our favorite is Summer Pavilion, and our least favorite Azul is Stained Glass. From everything I've heard about the upcoming Queens Garden, it's probably going to be a bit too heavy for my family

  31. Before you play recommended your channel 👍 subscribed!

  32. 5:47 & 6:01 😂. Yeah Quacks of Quedlinburg is dope. Good for 4 max, pretty relaxing.

    I agree Patchwork is really chill too to the point I want both Halloween and Christmas versions purchased, lol.

    Nice that Sagrada is getting more attention too, that game is pretty underrated. And of course Azul is addictively classic.

    All the rest are pretty mild or easy to teach, glad I had more ideas to pull in my family members 😅.

  33. Another GREAT video!!! GREAT recommendations!! I own ALL of them except for King Domino, Century Golem, Quacks, Incan Gold and Stone Age. But Century Golem, Quacks and Incan Gold have been on my wishlist for a while 😊😊. I’ll have to look some more into Stone Age as it’s your number one 😊😊. Another game my kids really LOVE is QUARRIORS!! It’s an oldie but goodie!! Lots of Dice chucking and dice drafting 😊😊 Silver Bullet/Coin is another one they always want to bring to the table 😊😊

  34. Good list. We are always trying to find good family games that our kids will enjoy.

  35. I love Quacks of Quedlinburg. The witch expansion adds more fun to it with extra items to buy

  36. Awesome list. Many of these are already in my collection! But Incan Gold and Century Golem are solid recs. Onitama might be a great gift for my chess-loving Dad.

  37. Splendor is a beast! And it has expansions pack with 4 additional game modes in it!

  38. My son is 7 and has loved Catan Jr, but is ready to move onto something more complex. Do you think My First Stone Age would be a good choice, rather than moving up to Catan or Stone Age?

  39. I donk't know if you tried, but you could one of my best family games (as our list are quite simiallar):
    – Dream Home;
    – Monster Mansion.
    For me great family games.

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