My Top 20 Favorite Solo Board Games - Top 20 Best Solo Board Games 2024 Edition - SBGK -

My Top 20 Favorite Solo Board Games – Top 20 Best Solo Board Games 2024 Edition – SBGK

Solo Board Gaming Knight
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For the first time ever, I have created a list of my “Top 20 Solo Board Games!” I’ve never made such a huge list before! It was a huge undertaking but I’m glad to be able to share it with each and every one of you.

Stay tuned after the video for a bonus list of games inducted into The Knights of the Round Table. This is a dedicated list for games that are above and beyond those that came before it. Think of it as a “seal” or “award” of sorts. This gives me the opportunity to add new games on my “Top 10” lists giving other games an opportunity to shine.

Thank you all for watching the video! There will be timestamps in the pinned comment below.


Solo Board Gaming Knight


“Fighting the Avanc” by Darren Curtis


  1. For the first time ever, I have created the biggest list I have ever made for this channel! Stay tuned after the video for a bonus list. I hope you enjoy “My Top 20 Favorite Solo Board Games!” Enjoy! Timestamps below:0:00 Stay Tuned After The Video0:10 Channel’s First!THE LIST1:02 Number 201:36 Number 192:17 Number 182:57 Number 173:47 Number 164:27 Number 155:11 Number 145:58 Number 136:54 Number 127:39 Number 118:22 Number 109:15 Number 910:10 Number 9B10:47 Number 811:43 Number 712:47 Number 7B13:37 Number 614:31 Number 515:48 Number 416:57 Number 318:13 Number 219:48 Number 121:17 You Don’t Want To KnowBONUS LIST21:42 One More List! Enjoy!Once again, thank you all for all of the support! This channel exists because of the love we all have for board games. There were some games that shifted on this list and many that made an appearance for the first time. I hope you enjoyed this list! Take care, Solo KnightsSincerely, Solo Board Gaming Knight

  2. Such a cool cool video👍🚀❗Thank you so much for this enthusiastic, inspiring and cinematic production❗

  3. Wow!!! I got my video plans for tonight when I get back home!! Haha 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Thanks for the list, I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it! While our tastes don't totally align (I was super disappointed by Adventure Tactics) it's great to see other excellent games like Tales from the Red Dragon Inn up here and newer games I've been interested in like Tamashii.

  5. Such an amazing video !!!😊… love the end!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. I really need to get Oathsworn, but I just opened Primal: the Awakening today!

  7. I can’t wait for Season 3 of Final Girl. I am going to challenge myself to play all my boxes each day this October!

  8. Somewhere on Endor the sound of Ewoks celebrating resounds–they're applauding your top 20–especially Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Outer Rim!! Can you hear their flutes playing, SBK? The best part of your Top 20 is that you were true to yourself and consistent to the videos you've shared with us on this channel! Thank you, & May The Force Be With You! Happy gaming😊.

  9. Hey Solo! Hope you’re doing well! Your videos always cheer me up! 💕 what a great list! Definitely put a couple of games on my radar! Thanks!!

  10. Nice list! I'm just about to sleeve my copy of Legendary Encounters: Alien this afternoon.

  11. Ahhhh thanks so much for doing a solo top 20 list! I need to do my top solo games…

    I think I'm the same as you the I'm attracted to these big campaign crawlers quite a lot. I have tales from the red dragon inn and would love to get my hands on roll player adventures and oathsworn! 

    I loooove Marvel Legendary too. it's a game Id never sell! Awesome list!!! ( apart from vagrant song which I HATED!!! heheh)

  12. No bullet ❤again? No marvel champions?
    Not even a single oniverse game again?

    Glad to see warps edge at least

  13. wow i had no idea there was a Turtles game. And those minis look great!

  14. Wow wow wow, what an awesome list, dear Knight, absolutely LOVED IT. So well done! Your videos never ever disappoint, and the effort you put into this is simply inspiring.
    Thank you for another glorious 20 minutes, my good friend.
    As always, can't wait for your next upload ❤ A huge high five from me to you. Hope you had an awesome weekend and hope you have a great week! All the best, dear Knight, and see you soon!

  15. Dude… talk about perfect timing! I’m looking for lots of solo board games/card games I can play to myself in peace and then this video popped up! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you! Great work too!

  16. Well some people say that Hexploreit is a great system

  17. my dude, you're going places… keep up the good work 👏

  18. Great list, thank you! I don't have all of them but a good chunk I do have and love them. The one game I'm rating even higher then Oathsworn (especially for solo play) is Isofarian Guard.

  19. Love it! “Knights of the Round Table”. It makes sense.

  20. At 0:18 you briefly show a game with acrylic standees on a spiral bound book terrain. Would you please tell me what game this is?

  21. I bought the GI Joe Deckbuilding Game after not liking the Transformers one, and after seeing your review. I was not a GI Joe fan at the time but I fell in love with the game and eventually have all the expansions.

  22. Roll player adventure is the only big rpg i have ever completed. I had both oathsworn, iss vanguard, isofarian guard and jaws of the lion, but I sold them all before even reach half way. Big recommendations!

  23. Thank you! If you like campaign games, you’re going to love Roll Player Adventures! It feels epic! Oathsworn is REALLY epic! I play it four-handed and love it (although you can play it with just one full character and easier-to-control companions).

    Good luck with your list!

  24. I know it will never happen. But I would love to see a Warps Edge “Robotech” edition. Great vid sir Knight.

  25. What do you think is best player-companion number for solo oathswarn?

  26. One of my favorite solo games is The Witcher Old World and today, playing my Kickstarter version for the first time with the "On the Trail of Monsters" expansion, the combat changes from trivial to unpredictable and more demanding. In the last fight, keeping the last 4 cards in my hand and making combinations with exactly 6 damage left to the monster… the overwhelming impression and satisfaction of winning 🤗. I can't believe why this add-on is not included in the standard, retail version (?)… how much this game can lose without it 😱!

  27. Ascension Tactics – time to research that one.
    Great video. 🙂

  28. Still waiting on ascension tactics inferno…

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