My Top 5 Board Games Released in 2023! -

My Top 5 Board Games Released in 2023!

Tim Chuon
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IT’S HERE! Here are my top board games of 2023! These games were all titles released in 2023 and were the games that I had a ridiculous amount of fun with throughout the year~

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Here are all the games mentioned (Amazon links are affiliates!):

Age of Wonders: Planetfall:

Ra (Featured was the Pharaoh Edition):

ICE (Featured was the Collector’s edition):

Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition (Featured was the Acrylic Tiles + sundropped minis upgrade):

Thunder Road: Vendetta (Featured was the Maximum Chrome Edition):


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  1. Wild!!! 🐺 I remember thinking Ice looked cool when it was being crowdfunded. Now I’m regretting not backing it. Tim… stop making me add games to my to-buy list 😆 I don’t know what to get next haha

  2. Just wow, the production quality is crazy!
    We're delighted to discover this channel and to see I C E on the podium, it's just so great.
    We're totally up for a wild collaboration! ☺

  3. Just found your channel. Seems your tastes are similar to mine. Love RA and CoB. Haven’t tried Thunder Road yet but will check out next KS. Subscribed.

  4. Def appreciate the suggested best player counts, thx

  5. Picked up Thunder Road at Gen Con…It was one of the games I was targeting to pick up there. This game KILLED….people couldn't not wait to play this with us. It was our most played game at the con and everybody had a great time, even if it did end with some fiery vehicular deaths :). So much chaos, so much fun.

  6. Seriously one of the best lists I’ve seen!

  7. keep up the good work! your production and insight are excellent!

  8. WILD! I missed out on the kickstarter for ICE, but plan to pick it up when it comes back around. It has such a unique presence. Thunder Road was my HenCon purchase, and I love, love, love the chaos factor in this game!

  9. The ending part of number 3 and 4 are not matching the video contents. Which one is true 3rd?

  10. Your production quality is another level… script, videography, soundtrack, editing, etc…. 10/10 👍

  11. Love the presentation of all the board games! Thanks for even setting up the games too. You even chose an appropriate shirt for the action shots for Ice haha!!!

  12. im not going to be original but amazing production quality

  13. You have such great taste Tim. Played a bunch of Castles and Raw this year. But I'm most excited to play Thunder Road Vendetta. With your recommendation and so many others, I can't wait!!!

  14. I wish my game, M0SAIC was on this list. Oh well.

  15. Just got introduced to a bunch of new games that I want to try in 2024.
    Production as always🤌🏼.

  16. Amazing Tim! Definitely you work is a great motivation for all board game content creators. I love it!
    Regarding the games, I need to try ICE and absolutely agreed with this special edition of castles of burgundy, it is amazing! WILD! 🐺

  17. I can't agree enough about the S.E. of CoB, it is such an amazing game and with that AR quality it is perfection. I actually did not hear about ICE and now putting the upcoming ICE Unlimited 2nd Edition on my campaign radar for May. I've never played a racing board game and that Thunder road looks WILD!

  18. Great timing Tim! wishing you a blessed 2024 with lots of good gaming and good vibes.

  19. This video is WILD! Interesting to see some re-makes, and the production value for some of these games really does seem top tier. Great vid!

  20. Another amazing video! I always love the production value of your videos, it's great to see board games presented so beautifully. Can't wait for the next list!

  21. The production of your videos are the best. Just wow.

  22. Does anyone know if ICE is coming to retail? I missed the crowdfunder and am totally gutted as it looks exactly like my kind of game!

  23. #1 is def WILD until I remembered losing by 1 space haha. Also love #4 and the way you can take control of the game with tile placement, underrated for the layers of strategy

  24. Just found this channel recently! Your video quality is well above all other board game channels. Excited for when you blow up!

  25. The new RA production is FANTASTIC! We really like ICE and the new production of Castles of Burgandy is AMAZING!

  26. Age of Wonders Planetfall is originally a PC Game

  27. That was a truly WILD list. CoB, oh yeah.

  28. just refreshing to see a best of the year list that is not topped by a super complex heavy game. 3 on the list are my best of the year as well.

  29. I really wanna try Thunder Road V but it's a bummer that I only have my wife to play it with. Oh, and you'd probably know but the production quality of your video is absolutely through the Root!(yes, pun intended and it happens to be another game I can't try with my wife 🙁 )

  30. These games are all Wildly good picks. I love love me some Thunder Road Vendetta! Great stories and chaos every time we play.

  31. WILD, Thunder Road is also definitely on my top 5 of 2023!

  32. Amazing video as always… but I have a pressing question.

    Were you sitting on something during this long video or squatting the entire time? 😂 I think you’re sitting… but wasn’t sure.

  33. I have been wanting to try Thunder Road Vendetta since I saw the remake announced! Can't wait for the second Kickstarter because I'm jumping on it this time!

  34. I think your channel is the only one I watch just to see all the cool production stuff you add to it: music, sound effects, slowmo closeups, etc. I don't know if it's just you or a production team that makes your videos but you have some serious talent. I'll watch any board game channel for the info, but yours is a feast for the senses.

  35. Love the passion and energy you put into your videos (referring to all elements – filming, character, opinions, etc)

  36. The Production IS RAD !!!!! Also COB is PURE GOLD!

  37. Awesome Choices! Ice and Thunder Road are also in my top 4 of the year.

  38. Your color grading has reached great heights! This is incredible!!! Like oozing with quality. I have wanted ICE since it was announced but every time I didn't have the $$ to drop. This game looks SOOO good!

  39. This list was wild! I want to play ra, castles, and especially thunder road. Did you play world wonders? I want to play that too. Bonsai was a new one i played that I enjoyed.

  40. awesome list! looks like ICE is the one I'm gonna get!
    superb production values as always Tim! it's so good to watch, not skip even a second of it!

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