My TOP 5 Games from GEN CON! -

My TOP 5 Games from GEN CON!

Tim Chuon
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Here are my TOP 5 board games from Gen Con!

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Hoplomachus: Victorum:


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  1. Would have greatly appreciated having the name of the game up or leaving the cover image up, I noticed you only did it for your #5.

  2. I missed out on Dwellings of Eldervale but this has me super excited. I look forward to seeing more of this.

  3. I'm new to your channel and the level of production here is nuts! Must take so long to record and edit. Ez sub

  4. Finally found someone with similar tastebud.

  5. Your videos are awesome. I watched one that came up on my lists and I have subbed and told many of my friends about you. Keep up the amazing work

  6. Your explanations and production value are next level! I can only think of one other channel with this much artistic presence. 15 min felt like 5. Subscribed

  7. Fascinating how different games get different people excited. I have taken no interest in Oathsworn, but you make a good argument for me to give it another look. I don't know if Revive was on display there, but I keep hoping for it to show up on someone's gencon wrapup video.

  8. Northgard is solid! Really easy to show new gamers!

  9. So happy to see Northgard on your list, Tim!

  10. Did you see Galactic Renaissance? From the creator of Inis and the publisher of Inis/Kemet/Cyclades/etc. They were on GenCon on Sunday and i can find absolutely nothing about it! Since i love Inis, it is the game im looking forward to the most!

  11. I was at Gen Con I didn't see you there lol. I bought Power Rangers board game, transformers deck builder, marvel legendary, marvel dice throne, marvel champions. I got to demo Legendary Encounters Matrix with the creator! Such a great time.

  12. I could not agree more about Andromeda's Edge, it is exceptional! If you are open to trying some other space-themed games while you wait, I can make some recommendations. This is actually a running joke between me and my BFF 🙂

  13. Awesome list! Solid top 5. Flamecraft looks great, the artwork and theme is our jam.

  14. I just had a 5-player game of Northgard last week and it was pretty fun! Really enjoyed the map expansion aspect and area control. I also found the combat aspect a little lackluster because you could essentially guarantee a victory if you add enough resources. Still, I'd play it again.

  15. The 3 games I’m looking forward to are Ready, Set, Bet; 3000 Scoundrels, and Clank! Catacombs

  16. Yay Hoplo! You have me wanting Oathsworn and I can’t buy it! Andromeda’s Edge looks great. Perfect timing, I sold dwellings while it’s hot!

  17. I already have a copy of Northgard, I backed it on Kickstarter, I haven't had a chance to play it yet though. I also backed Flamecraft, both of those games look great.

  18. Tiny Epic Galaxies is a great and fun space game you should try. It saves space

  19. Love the Victorum production, very well done. Absolute most anticipated game of the year!

  20. This video got a subscribe from me. 🙂

  21. These are some dope picks! Love to see more love for Flamecraft too, that's one of our favorites! As always, fantastic video! – G

  22. It seems like Andromeda's Edge is to DoE as Gaia Project is to Terra Mystica. A better implementation but space theme. Makes me sad because I prefer the fantasy theme. Perhaps the DoE expansion would be able to incorporate or allow for these changes. Definitely will get AE and then decide which one to keep.

  23. Andromeda's Edge is so fun. I played it end of May at Kubla Con, and Luke Laurie says they've tuned it even more since then. So I'm really excited.

  24. Which game are YOU looking forward to the most post Gen Con?!

  25. Ooooo, these look great, thank you! I haven't seen much coverage, but one game I backed that was probably there was Septima. So excited for that one 😊.

  26. I own Northgard, played it two times and love it! And i also love Dwellings, so my most hyped game is also Andromeda's Edge! 😀

  27. I missed Dwellings. I'm now following Andromedas Edge. Thanks!

  28. Can’t wait for Andromeda’s Edge! Sounds amazing. Great video Tim!!

  29. Man, everything here sounds so awesome!

  30. Nice list Tim…. The only one I did not get to demo was Andromeda’s Edge, but it looks great! The game I’m looking forward to is Knight Fall. I’m a fan of Red Raven games and this one looks interesting.

  31. Awesome work Tim. Can't wait for Oathsworn myself.

  32. Well, I had some games I was excited for… and now I have five more. I have to admit, Oathsworn and Andromeda were not on my radar at all, but you make them sound so good, I have no choice but to look into them now.

  33. Hoplomachus. Oh yeah. Glad I backed that one.
    Oathsworn. Oh yeah, again. I backed that one too. Alas, I don't have my copy…. yet. Very excited about this one.

  34. Why do most games these days have to be a combination of miniatures, combat, and dice rolling, in order for the game to sell?

  35. Intro with licenced music now? man everytime I think you've reached a new high you up the game again! amazing as always Tim!

  36. Awesome Tim! Thank you for coming by and checking out Andromeda’s Edge!!!

  37. According to a BGG article, combat in AE will have a minimum value of the number of ships which you put into the battle.
    I cannot put the link on here, but you will have to trust me and look for the thread.

  38. We were lucky enough to demo Andromeda’s Edge and I 100% agree with you. It was my single greatest gameplay at the con and it was only a prototype! Cheers to Luke and his team. They have created an engaging and amazing experience, and I CANNOT wait until the final product is out. When a game has every player at the table not wanting to end it so that they can keep playing… aaaand when a game has you having loads of fun even when you’re losing, you know it is epic.

    Thanks, Tim! Great video as always. 🙂

  39. Tim weird question! You located in the lower mainland, BC by any chance? Thought I heard you mention you were from the Vancouver area in a previous video! Hope our gaming groups cross paths if so!

  40. Amazing footage as always! Just leaving a comment for the algorithm 😉

  41. Awesome list! Thanks for stopping by our booth and checking it out. Everything on this list looks like it's going to make a dent in my wallet 🙂

  42. Oathsworn is soooo good. From its gameplay flow to its crunchy decisions and out-of-this-world narrative this game has it all!

  43. Thank you so much for the Flamecraft love! It was such a delight to share it with you, and I cannot wait to show these wonderful little dragons to the world <3

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