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My Top 5 Solitaire WW2 Board Games

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I often get the question: “What are your favorite games?”, so I thought that it would be cool to make a video on the subject. So here are my favorite 5 World War 2 Solo games!

Before the shitstorm starts: This is NOT a list of “The best top 5 WW2 Solo games”, this is a list of MY top 5 ww2 solo games! There are currentlyt 346 WW2 board games which are either solo or has a solo mode. I have played about 100 of them. Out of those 100, these are the best 5 games IN MY OPINION! Seeing there are roughly 250 games that I have not played, and that my opinions are only just that, my opinions, there might be games which you think deserves to be on this list, which are not! This are just my own subjective opinions and not facts!

LOL at 20:10 that was supposed to be edited out xD

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  1. 1. Combat!, 2. American Tank Ace, 3. Fields of Fire, 4. Target for Today, 5. Lanzerath Ridge

  2. Nice video, I must take a look on Pavlov House! 👍🏻 +1 to Warfighter

  3. Could you do a play through of 20th Air Force?

  4. Great video, thanks so much for doing it. With all of the games in your list it's pretty easy to imagine what expansions could be done, but what would an expansion of Pavlov's House be? The engagement was so unique and the game covers all aspects of it so well I really can't think of any kind of expansion for it. Have you tried Castle Itter or Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms? Different situations but somewhat similar in play.

  5. I'm happy (or sorry, depending on your enjoyment while making this video) to know that I also partly contributed to goad you into creating your "Top 5 solitaire WW2 games" 😄

    Besides: ha! Just recently, I was wondering why you don't do more reviews and then this one comes up, which is basically five in one video … I enjoyed it a lot, and you also managed to make me put Warfighter WW2 into my wishlist (where it might even stay for a long time, but at least now it's there)! 😉

    If you started making some more, maybe publishers would be more willing to send you review copies of their games = win win.

    Anyway, I think the most important thing is that it definitely shows that you're feeling better, as you had some very long speaking intervals during this video and you didn't clear your throat even a single time. So, cheers for that, my friend, and on with solitaire WW2 gaming now more than ever!

    Oh, and lest I forget: I was really impressed by your supernatural speed! You managed to swap games in a fraction of a fraction of a split second…

  6. I agree on Pavlov's House. I own all of the Valiant Defense games, but PH is still the best, IMO. Thanks for making this video. Glad you're doing well.

  7. Good idea for a video!
    I also own & really enjoy Pavlov's House and almost bought Warfighter the other day but it was sold out:(

  8. I’m hoping to get The Hunters once they release it again because you can’t find a copy anywhere unless you wan5 to pay a silly price. Warfighters is a great game. It’s nice that you can get other options for various nations, but they can get pricey and frankly I think they priced the expansions a bit too high what they deliver. I think Compass Games’ Combat! Is still the best solo game to be had. It’s just a great experience. I’ve got my copy of American Tank Ace and that may end up on my top 5 list. Thanks for the video.

  9. Oh man, thank you so, so much, Dan! I hugely appreciate the kind words.

  10. I am waiting for the reprint of "Skies above the Reich" (GMT).

  11. Only one I've played is Patton's Best which I didn't get along with, felt like a much more fiddly version of B-17 which in itself was just about rolling lucky. Both games long gone from my collection.

  12. Hi everyone! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my channel and click the "bell icon"! You can also support the channel by liking the video! Have a great day!

  13. I’d have to agree with everything but Patton’s Best. It’s a game that just didn’t appeal to me but I guess it’s very popular. And where is an Enemy Action game in this list?!! Great video!

  14. Agreed!
    I’ve always fancied that pavlovs house. The company make good games for sure. You’re looking very 1940s with your tache by the way mate!

  15. What?!? No "Raid On St. Nazaire"?! You must have never tried it. All-time greatest solo wargame ever.

  16. Curious to see an "hon mentions" list to hear where you think Skies (and Storm) Above the Reich falls!

  17. Your number #1 is pretty much what got me back into boardgames around 2016. Played Silent Hunter 3 on the PC for years which led to learning a great deal about U-boat history. I spotted Open Fire on your shelf, have you played it yet? I grabbed a copy a couple years ago in perfect condition but have yet to try it.

  18. Only DVG I have: By Stealth and Sea. It can be brutal.

  19. Raid on St Nazaire for me…with Carrier and RAF close behind.

  20. I found your channel today which is great because I really like solitaire war games (specifically WW2). I've recently bought Lanzerath Ridge and want to get Castle Itter (maybe a Christmas present). I'm hoping I find a game on your channel that resonates with me. I don't have the interest in having to know real depth like "Patton's Best", but something that is fairly easy and yet compelling. Keep up the good work!

  21. Great list. Have you played Sherman Leader, if so what do you think of it?

  22. Totally agree about The Hunters. It is an excellent game. You can feel the stress when your submarine is under attack. Like you, I have watched a lot of submarine movies and tv series since I got the game.

  23. What I love about The Hunters is how it puts you through a whole range of emotions!

  24. Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga (Revolution Games).

  25. what's the easiest war game a beginner should try? I've only tried storms over the Reich (still counts as wargame?) and every die roll was so bad, right from the setup.. i couldn't go back to try out even for the second time and sold the game 🙁

    what's an easy game where i won't get super overwhelmed and i don't get completely destroyed in the game? 😅

    Oh I also tried resist. not a fan, found that to be on the hard side, as well.

  26. Hunters was my first Wargames and Solo… and my first English game… it’s great and still one of my favourite … All your emotion about the game I have too … a another favourite WW II is B-17 FF Leader … and still Warfighter ..

  27. To be honest, it’s hard to get behind any list that does not include a John Butterfield game (which is strange considering D Day at Omaha is sitting on the shelf right behind you). The D Day Series (Omaha Beach, Tarawa, Peleliu), RAF Battle of Britain 1940, and Enemy Action Series (Ardennes and Kharkov) are all amazing WWII solo games that come packed with great content and well-written rule books. And while I haven’t played all the games in your list, I just have to completely disagree with Pavlovs House being on there…. Should be replaced with any Butterfield game mentioned above. Just my opinion, of course….

  28. nice list but the Hunters on 1 ? good game but a dice festival…. the game plays u not u play the game because so much dice rolls….

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