My Top Board Games of 2023 -

My Top Board Games of 2023

Lord of the Board
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In this video, I’ll be sharing my top picks for the best board games of 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a casual gamer, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in this lineup. From strategic masterpieces to family-friendly fun, I’ll be covering it all. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the top board games that made 2023 an unforgettable year for me! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more board game content!

► Zoo Vadis Preview
► Homo Ludens Channel ​⁠​⁠@HomoLudens1871


► 0:37 Re-Imagined Honorable Mentions
► 2:25 Honorable Mentions
► 4:44 That’s Not A Hat
► 7:24 Zoo Vadis
► 10:32 Plantagenet
► 14:38 Sail
► 19:00 Other Tops of the Year!
► 20:08 Voidfall
► 26:32 THE END



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  1. Sam not mentioning dune in any video challenge: Impossible.

  2. I feel like we have a very similar taste in boardgames! Thats why i enjoy your content very much 🙂

    Maybe one day we can play a game together!

    Recently i have had a lot of fun with Wallenstein, Wolves and Pax Pamir 🙂

  3. Oh, Sail might be added to my collection soon! Looks amazing!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for putting the actual game names in your chapters. Nothing more irritating than scrubbing the video to find people talking about games I'm interested in and having to squint at thumbnails to see what games are in each section.

  5. thought john company 2e would be your number 1 for sure

  6. I love sail! Stoked it got so high up on your list!

  7. I picked up Sail back in September and still haven't played it. I need to rectify that!

  8. What about your top 10 best board games ever?

  9. I played Zoo Vadis and went hard. I got the victory, but at what cost!? Joking aside, it's good fun stuff and I love negotiation games.

  10. The fact there is a Yu-Gi-Oh video game based on the very English War of the Roses still blows my mind.

  11. Sail looks so good, great video!
    Also loved the bear

  12. Great list. I'm really intrigued by the Levy series and I'm kind of waiting for Henry: Agincourt, which seems like a good starting point. But Plantagenet is the one i really want, so I'm happy to hear you found more approachable than earlier entries in the series.

  13. Yes!! That’s Not A Hat was so easy and enjoyable! We loved playing it through the holiday season

  14. I bounced off the other L&C games, so you’ve got me intrigued with this newer one. Thanks for sharing!

  15. What were your top games released in 2023? What did I miss?

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