My Top Ten Board Games OF ALL TIME!!!! (as of 2021) -

My Top Ten Board Games OF ALL TIME!!!! (as of 2021)

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Happy New Year! In celebration of another successful trip around the sun, I’ve put together a video going over my Top Ten Favorite Board Games of ALL TIME (as of 2021). I’d like to make this an annual tradition, as I love Top Ten lists, and I anticipate quite a lot of shakeup in the year to come! I hope you enjoy (and that it isn’t too long and rambling), and I’d love to hear your personal top ten lists down in the comments below!

Video Chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
6:51 – #10: Villages and Smithies and Throne Rooms, oh my!
8:48 – #9: “Flow like water, Sting like an oni”
11:35 – #8: Redwall: The Game
14:19 – #7: Yddrasil Has Fallen
17:10 – #6: Don’t look the fish in the eye, else you find yourself in realms beyond human comprehension.
20:49 – #5: This one is #1
24:44 – #4: Who knew life in Eastern Bloc was so whimsical?
27:54 – #3: I like it IN SPITE OF the weebery
30:38 – #2: *Jame Earl Jones’s breathing*
32:24 – #1: ?????
37:15 – Upcoming projects

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  1. I wish i could go two TI games in one month! My group can only handle 1 every few months.

  2. Even with the initial fanfare, I've never seen someone put Rising Sun in their top 10. I think the negotiation aspect that was hyped doesn't arrive as expected. Whats your experience with that element?

  3. You are way more experienced in board games than I am. My favorites are Betrayal at the House on the Hill and Carcassone.I've never played it but TI lore is incredible. I get chills listening to it and think it should be a much bigger media franchise

  4. I love Rising Sun. I love Gloomhaven. It's amazing.

  5. Is TI worth to play with only three players?

  6. Dominion? I'm out. kthnxbye.
    Edit: Okay I lied. I stuck around because I was curious.
    On FF and Arkham LCG – I almost wish the fans did not ask for one box solution cuz FF cucked all the fans by making not one, not three, but two boxes for every campaign (one for investigator and one for the campaign, practically forcing players to buy both), and putting a price point on the boxes which is significantly costlier than the previous model. lol.
    Gloomhaven is awesome. Finished the whole campaign. Waiting for Frosthaven. I find this aspect of Gloomhaven super fun.. retiring and unlocking new boxes, taking new characters on the same journey and discovering new ways to play with them. I think that's part of the point of the game.

  7. Nice list, but no Spirit Island? What made you bounce off it? This list feels like it should have been in there.

  8. Love your top 10 ! We have very similar tastes and the same of being a player rather than a collector. Interested at knowing what is the rest of your top 20. And happy new year 🙂

  9. Just had the courage to dive into kdm on Christmas. And I love it. Though we are proxy a few minis. I love it breaks up the normal "kill a monster for the bigger sword to kill a bigger monster" by making the resources matter more by having the settlement/tribe next generation

  10. Kdm is fine for some teenagers depending on how emotional stable and mature they are and know how to sensor things they dont want to be exposed to.

  11. Have you played Dominant Species? You need to play Dominant Species!

  12. Scrolling through YouTube and just found your channel. Great list. I'm a subscriber now!

  13. Root, Blood Rage, Scythe, and Arkham Horror LCG are all in my top ten, as well. All the others (except Dominion) are close to my top 10 OR top of my most wanted list. Great tastes! New to my list is Dune: Imperium. HUGE recommend from me!

  14. I standby Viticulture should be on this list

  15. Comments for the comment throne!

    Likes for the like god!

  16. You missed Ticket to Ride! It's such a fun game!

  17. So, question, does Bloodrage have a clean and crisp design?

  18. Your top five is a great list (though I have not played KDM), I wish my friends would give them a chance.

  19. Wish I could play back to back games of TI4 🥺

  20. Another fantastic Eric M Lang game, "Chaos in the old world"
    It's amazing, it's the best, it was released in 2009 and hasn't been available for purchase in forever. So good, love it. Get a used copy maybe, it's a fantastic game

    Also! Sidereal Confluence
    Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube Cube

  21. People: TI vs. WH40K power comparssion? 40K wins.
    Mahacts: Hold my gene-beer, slave…

  22. Nice. I gotta get on some of those. We have the same taste.

  23. "put TI on the shelf for a couple of months." I can't even get my group to play once every two months. Sucks being a boardgame fan in a group of D&D fanatics.

    Also: it may be a normie game these days, but I still love Axis and Allies. The mega game you can build between the European and Pacific editions is incredible. It was the game that got me into the hobby.

  24. "Gloomhaven sat on my shelf for a while now, I don't think I've even played this year … "
    Me neither, man. I've not played Gloomhaven in all of 2022 either! =-(
    I guess you recorded this late 2021, but still funny 🙂

    Great video! Well, so far. Only 16 more minutes remaining now.

  25. SCPT tournament is kicking off. I'm sure there will bo opportunites to guest commentate!

  26. Dominion is the grandfather/founder of deck building games?? Huh? Wouldn't this be Magic the Gathering?

  27. You definitely have a "type" when it comes to board games. 🙂

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