My Wife's Top 10 Board Games -

My Wife’s Top 10 Board Games

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  1. sooo a friend from high school told me this… I actually went to high school with your wife! small world. I'm trying very hard to remember her last name and I can't seem to and I deleted FB a few years back. but that's my fun fact!!

  2. Great video! You are both so awesome together. I have played many of those and enjoyed them as well. I would enjoy more videos with you both on board games or whatever. They are always entertaining.

  3. No spoilers: Season 2 is just as good as Season 1!!!!!!!!! maybe better! play it NAOH

  4. Hes a bit to harsh to his wife, my opinion though.

  5. I'm so confused because for a while I assumed you to be a late teen or early adult

  6. Oooh you sold me on exit the game! I'm gonna try it

  7. I like how Sungwon just assume we care about what Azul game he likes more when clearly we're here for Anne-Marie's list

  8. Guess he treat her well, she's becoming big or fat or whatever you call….lively?.

  9. The pandemic is preventing us from playing Pandemic. All this real plague stuff is getting in the way of us fantasizing about plagues

  10. i just noticed this guy had a wife… I used to think he was twenty, now I think he have 50

  11. top 10?! we had like total of 3-4 board game in our household when i was kid.

  12. I've just found this channel and I have to say, you guys are so cute together!

  13. do you have cosmic encounters its a fun board game and my fav you will love it

  14. My husband and I watch most of your videos together and are avid board game players so this was fun to watch. Would be happy to watch more videos like this!

  15. Ok I was listening to this sort of like a podcast (not really focused on the visuals) and then came Machi Koro. Didn't pay attention to the name of the game, but the moment I heard the gameplay I thought, wait doesn't these game mechanics sound similar to the game we got for some relative's birthday or something? I'd like to play this one too! And then turns out it was indeed the same game, and I was like goodness gracious!

  16. Your wife should defintiveley try Risk legacy

  17. Carcassonne. Where is this on your list? My wife and I play it at least once a week with river and dragon expansions.

  18. Can’t wait to see your top 10 board games Sungwon. Thanks for the video!

  19. 10. Taboo
    9. Dominion
    8. Dominion
    7. Dominion
    6. Dominion
    5. Dominion
    4. Dominion
    3. Dominion
    2. Dominion
    1. Battle Tactics

  20. SungWon's and Anne Marie's love story in a nutshell:

    0:20 When he first saw her Tinder profile
    0:41 When they actually met in person
    0:55 Her mood half way into their first date
    1:08, 6:03, 6:17, 7:40 Whenever she told him about her boring life
    1:38 When he asked her if he was her first choice
    21:51 When the handsome, muscular waiter came by to take their orders
    15:58 What she thought of herself
    25:22 What he thought of himself
    12:49 What they thought of each other
    25:05 Post date conclusion

  21. Dang, with all due respect, ProZD married a beautiful woman! Happy for y’all!

  22. WOW you both look so young.
    But then again so do most people when you get to my age.

  23. I actually agree with your wife on gloomhaven, streamlined dnd. Which is a good thing as an intro to dnd too imo.

    I prefer gloomhaven even saying that though.

  24. This was delightful, boardgames are a topic I'd definitely tune in for more, I wish I could afford more… and actually manage to play the ones I already own. lol

  25. I love all your boardgame videos, though I dont proactively watch your content, I always find myself coming back here to find a new game to buy.

  26. I just wanted to say you are reallly pretty. And you personality is like one of my best friends. So I feel like you are my friend.

  27. How old are you? In my mind you are perpetually like 16-24

  28. have you guys been to game haus cafe in glendale?

  29. I don't like the LARP version of Pandemic.

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