My Wife's Top 10 Board Games -

My Wife’s Top 10 Board Games

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  1. I agree with the D&D to Gloomhaven comparison. The mechanics aren't the same, but the combat decisions and character building balance the same concerns.

  2. I have no idea or anything about board games, I play online video games but. It was interesting listening to y’all like a podcast or something

  3. It made me sad that you don’t want to match shirts with your wife 🙁

  4. I am always Amazed at Sung Won's voice, Talented Fella!

  5. I’m so with you on Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and Gloomhaven! We’ve also played Pandemic Legacy Season 2 to the end, which is epic also, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion is also a great way to get introduced into Gloomhaven which we are actually playing first.

  6. So for Machi Koro, the 5th anniversary edition has the expansions of previous versions?

  7. What do u eat. You look younger than my 17 years old brother.

  8. why have I never heard of any of these games

  9. Some of the exclamations (Ohhh!) remind me very strongly of Bill Hader's Dateline sketches on SNL

  10. I refuse to believe that your wife isn't just tomoko chan

  11. Take notes y'all…when you can argue with the significant other about dungeons and dragons you likely found that special someone.

  12. Liking all these two player options! Haven't played many board games lately since many of ours require 3-4+. Thanks for this well-vetted list 🙏

  13. I swear that I've always thought this guy was like 17 years old

  14. @:46 his reaction to her picking clank is great but then his reaction to her saying she didn't have to do the video, his laugh after was priceless @:55

  15. "Missus" isn't right. It's supposed to be S.W.M.B.O. (*) 🤣

    (* S.W.M.B.O = She Who Must Be Obeyed)

  16. My wife hates "the missus" as well. Thankfully I didn't discover this in front of an audience of many thousands.

  17. For those whose happiness level is raised by an adorable couple discussing board games: check out Board Game Ramblings.

    Also: crossover episode? Please?

  18. W8 a min , something's not right, i thought prozd was not married , (he just looks like a uni kid)

  19. Someone: There's a new season of Pandemic
    Me: Oh naw.

  20. "We can't play Pandemic because there's a pandemic"

  21. Have you tried the forbidden island series of board games?

  22. My wife and I love board games this was great!

  23. I agree that Gloomhaven does have D&D feel to it while not being quite the same. It in a way is a very structured while somehow being still being a bit free and open in how you can chose to do quests.

  24. idk why but ur voice makes what u say funnier

  25. Funny couple 🙂

    So…. you find a girl who loves games…. but complete different taste… bummer!

  26. 3:45 – people used to complain about product placement in movies – now that YouTube sponsors are an integrated 2m in a 10m video, moments like this sip were what I wish product placement on YouTube was more like.

  27. I love the cute bickering at the beginning <3

  28. Her: giving a whole review of all the board games.
    Him: Yeah, mmhmmm.

  29. 10. Clank!
    9. Exit: The Game series (personally I like Unlock more)
    8. Machi Koro
    7. 5:00

  30. There is a game named "Ganz schön clever" in english? I thought my eyes are tripping when I saw the german name lmao

  31. HE HAS A WIIFe wwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!??????!!!!!??

  32. Bruh you still look like a middle school student. How do you have a wife

  33. Stabs knife into table "Two can play at that game"

  34. I have no fucking clue what these two are talking about but I am just admiring how sung won found and unicorn and merried her

  35. My wife's favorites are
    1. Food Chain Magnate
    2. Trickerion
    3. Castell
    4. Gaia Project
    5. Race for the Galaxy
    6. Dice Throne
    7. Everdell
    Not sure about the order or the last three that would be on the list, but those definitely top her list.

  36. Machi Koro has a special place in my heart because of similar reasons and fun, I agree 100% with the necessity for the expansions. Gloomhaven is a great choice for a high-tier pick, I don't think it's quite that D&Dish, unless you mean like the older 1-2e editions. But it sure is a good game. [Sun Box] was my favorite class but Vermling Mindthief was also really nice and you start with access to that one. Pandemic Legacy was a masterpiece, I've never played a board game with a moment that took me by legitimate surprise until that.

  37. Ey, SungWon, you didn’t do too bad, but in my opinion, you kind of speak over Anne Marie a little too much and it made this vid a bit hard to watch. They’re your guest, let them speak. You get to speak 100% in the other 99% of videos.

  38. sooo a friend from high school told me this… I actually went to high school with your wife! small world. I'm trying very hard to remember her last name and I can't seem to and I deleted FB a few years back. but that's my fun fact!!

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