Nemesis Retaliation Board Game Review -

Nemesis Retaliation Board Game Review

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Nemesis Retaliation board game by Awaken Realms is on Gamefound! Here are our thoughts on the prototype.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Rules
3:37 For Who?
4:49 Best things
8:40 Not for you
10:50 Honeymoon
11:36 Alternative
12:36 Rating

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  1. I just found this channel and I really love the 6 things format.

  2. I don't have any of the nemesis games what do You recommend For me, nemesis ? Lockdown ? Or Retaliation ? 😎👌

  3. Hi, thank you for the review and really enjoy your content. In your latest top games the original nemesis ranked highly. Would retaliation rank higher or lower?

  4. LMAO I thought he really thought him and I was cracking up when he said “the first one is just run” 4:47

  5. Thanks for the honest feedback and comparison to the originals and talking about pros and cons. You guys are the best , the other previews were so one sided

  6. I am trying to order but it says the pledge manager has not been launched yet. I do not know what that means. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. nemesis is on my list to get, should i replace it with this one ?

  8. What happened to you Janis? I hope you recover faster than usual, man.My best wishes

  9. My favorite Nemesis is 2nd one. And I do not plan to buy this 😀

  10. I seriously have to ask: How many times do you play a game in order to review and rate it? Sooo many games come out and games like that take up a lot of time just for one round.

  11. Wow. I didnt know that this version is with standees. I love that. I think I will buy this one when it gets to retail.

  12. Whats hapened with your hand man?

  13. Great video! Personally still think the OG Nemesis is the best.

    My only complaint was I wish the expansions added to the OG game more than it did. More objectives is a must as imo all Nemesis games are so easy to tell what objective someone has, as their just isn't time to do multiple things before dying.

    As soon as a friend goes to the cockpit…ok I know you have to go to X location with the ship, otherwise no one but the pilot wastes time going there.

    Retaliation seems to have the same issue, but be more linear, and not have the tense moving around the ship, as you mainly keep going to the right.

    I also couldn't tell based on this video, but it seems you start fully equipped, but then use it as you go so you almost get weaker? I'm sure you can find more supplies, etc but I prefer the other Nemesis feel of gearing up and getting stronger as you go, trying to survive.

  14. I'm on the fence about this one. I'm not a fan of semi-coop and prefer full coop games. I also heard that solo coop falls flat in Nemesis games. Still I'm keeping an eye on it on Gamefound.

  15. For someone who hasnt played – is it worth grabing one of the first 2 and this? Or is this is similar enough to not warrant both?

    Also does the semi-coop nature still shine here? Or does that shared public objective change the dynamic of the game to be really focused a lot more on coop in a way that the original semi coop nature is not as strong and more of an afterthought?

  16. This video has a high (paid) fanboy degree.

  17. Best alternative ? , Aliens:AGDIC I dont think so! Best alternative practically same game on big stereoids are Aliens: Bug Hunt! Same game but … 🙂 . It also a very good game you have hordes your squad with 3 characters and you lead them in missons.

  18. I have Nemesis Lockdown and I have really enjoyed it, although I have only played solo mode. So I can only imagine how much fun it would be to play with other people. I also pledged to Nemesis Retaliation, the models look awesome (can't wait to paint them) and this review helped with my decision to move forward with this game.

  19. Can you tell us how the minis compare in size to the original Nemesis game minis? Im hearing these new minis will be very, very small.

  20. Is the original nemesis OOP? The prices online are a bit ridiculous

  21. This is run and gun. and the first one is just run. makes sense

  22. Adore the chemistry? interaction? the 'je ne sais quoi' between the two of you ;D Incredibly glad I came across your channel – thank you for all the tremendous work and time it takes to put this great content together.

  23. Review? This is an ad and nothing else. :/

  24. Here's my problems…

    1. Storage size is huge. Cool miniatures, but its still mini porn. I love the miniatures, dislike the artwork.

    2. Limited replayability, especially in solo.

    3. Very limited in ability to mitigated poor RNG. You can just lose, and there's no way to avoid it. That stinks.

  25. This is the one that finally got me into Nemesis as my group is more of a "shoot-em-up" type of group and not "try to survive and lose all the time". I'm excided to see what else is going to be shown during the Gamefound campaign. Ideally I would love models for the player characters and acrylic standees for the monsters but I understand that AR can't have too many variations as that complicates fulfillment.

  26. Omg yall are reviewing this too! Thank you! 😊

  27. the best review I've watched so far. I'm planning to get it as I don't have any nemesis but I love to play them. For what I watched, the noise system and securing the room, and the new damage dice improves the control you have in this game and for me is a plus. It feels like there not much support characters or mechanism this time as it lacks research or crafting.

    I would like to have more than 7 characters in my box if I back it, remains to see if they add more characters in a addon or let you get the old characters in a affordable addon (they said in a comment that they thought about doing that)

  28. Blerg. You chaps spent my money! 😄 I've been holding off on the Nemesis series since the very beginning… I almost dove into Lockdown but passed. This one felt like the right place to jump in, given all the encouraging feedback I've seen so far, then your review sold me.

  29. I'm new to the hobby and have been waiting for this campaign to get into Nemesis. I backed this puppy as soon as it dropped. Thanks for the great content guys!

  30. The time stamps are not showing up on the video.

  31. I own lockdown and backed this. Haven’t been able to table lockdown yet but not sure if I should keep it or sell now that I’m backing this

  32. Fantastic review, thank god they finally came up with a standee version of Nemesis

  33. Thank you for this. I Actually appreciate games that have the same mechanics but different feels. (This vs Nemesis 1) it makes jumping back and forth between the two easier and it’s one less rules set to remember.

  34. I’m all in on this one! Excited to try it out!

  35. one of the best board game channels on the platform fr

  36. Please consider putting a crowdfunding indication on the thumbnail or title so people who aren't interested know they can pass on these. The term "review" is usually reserved for games that have already entered production.

  37. Hey guys, thx for your awesome review:) could you please tell me how much space it approximately needs on the table? Do not have the biggest kitchen table 😂 i guess 160 x 80 cm.. thats a critical point for me in backing it

  38. Great video! How do you rank the Nemesis series? Is it OG, Retaliation, Lockdown?
    I am more looking for the survival horror aspect so I may get the OG, maybe Retaliation as well as I love Dungeon Crawlers

  39. Great review! I'm definitely backing this one! Thanks guys!

  40. Which is the best or your favourite Nemesis? I haven’t played any.

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