New board games for 2023 - Rebel Studio announcements -

New board games for 2023 – Rebel Studio announcements

Rebel Studio
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Welcome to the magical land of A… wait no! It’s #news time!
Watch Joanna talk about Rebel Studio games for 2023 and get excited for new titles to come.
Beware – spoilers included!
Check out more videos:
► Meadow – official board game trailer:

► Chronicles of Avel – official board game trailer:

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Presented by Joanna from Rebel Studio


  1. Very excited to get the Avel expansion Hoping to see it soon

  2. I got my kids Chronicles of Avel for Christmas glad to see that there will be even more expansions

  3. This is one of the best announcement videos I’ve seen! Well done !!!

  4. I'm so excited about meadow expansion. When will we can preorder guys? Thanks 😁

  5. Great games! Great video! Congratulations!!!
    I own Chronicles of Avel and It will be great if there were competitive rules

  6. Oh!!! I can't wait for Avel's New Adventures !!! and everything !!! We are so happyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

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