New Board Games for the New Year + More! | Board Game News -

New Board Games for the New Year + More! | Board Game News

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This episode: all the latest board game news for January 2023.

The Op’s Road to Gen Con – Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Tournaments

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00:00 Intro
00:14 BANG! Official Tournament
01:19 The Op’s Road to Gen Con – Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Tournaments (sponsor)
02:35 Woodcraft Roll & Write
03:48 Lord Of The Rings: Adventure To Mount Doom
04:31 Isle Of Skye: Big Box
05:33 Nusfjord… Maybe?
05:47 Fluxx Capacity
06:24 Haggis Served Up
07:00 Coal Baron Returns
07:41 Watch Watch It Played Play In The New Year


  1. I can't wait to see the party at Rodney's house! We really enjoyed watching the last party as a family!!!!

  2. Going to Rodney's house? I'm fairly certain that 5 people visiting Prince Edward Island concurrently will pretty much destroy their economy. While it'll be the biggest tourism boom they've seen this century, the local grocery/eateries can't possibly be prepared to sustain an overnight doubling of the population. RIP, Canadia.

  3. Happy New Year, everyone!
    May your card draws and dice rolls be favorable.

  4. I’ve always been looking at Isle of Skye because I absolutely love Carcassonne so now that I hear a Big Box is coming out it looks like I’m gonna have to finally make the purchase lol

  5. Looking forward to the Watch It Played CanadaFest!

  6. So excited for more Nusfjord. It’s actually so underrated if you like Uwe.

  7. Oh man, the last WIP Party stream was great, can't wait for the next one!

  8. Any chance in having a “watch it played” channel that has all the twitch plays on it. Twitch videos only last so long and sometimes people miss the live streams or have a favorite; YouTube can act like an archive for you twitch videos. Take me for instance, I didn’t even know you guys did live plays on twitch…..and I’ve been subscribed for a long, long time. “HOW MANY GAMES HAVE I MIIIIISSSSSED!?!?!” Anyway, hope to see you guys at a convention sometime this year!

  9. Here for the 'lord of the rings' box cover art in thumbnail.

  10. Ah, I'll miss the team at Dicetower West this year! Maybe locals will be at Strategicon?

  11. Awesome to hear you’re all heading to Montague! That could be the most significant thing to happen there in… forever?

  12. Opportunity wasted of Woodcraft Roll and write being called Woodchip.

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