New Board Games we're BUZZING about, & Much More! - Board Game News -

New Board Games we’re BUZZING about, & Much More! – Board Game News

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The latest official card, board, and tabletop game news for September 2023.


Wield a wide variety of spell combinations – hundreds of unique spells are at your command!


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  1. Are the space bees a genetic offshoot of the Chrono Wasps that were plaguing the channel a while back? (I want to say when a Back to the Future game release was getting discussed on the channel).

  2. Barcelona est tout simplement génial. Moi je ne comprends pas les différences de prix pour les versions françaises des jeux où il n'y a pas de texte. L'éditeur va payer une fois le traducteur pas pour chaque copie.

  3. I won't lie, I was looking away from Apiary because I'm… not the biggest fan of insects or anything, but you made it sound really interesting! That game aside, very excellent video, will definitely have to check out the others, especially Nocturne considering Flatout's record. Thanks! – G

  4. Played a lot of Whist, Gin Rummy, and Carcassonne before getting into the hobby so it’s interesting seeing Whist become a war game.

    Love bees but not space (not TikTok either… but t-shirt cannons are cool) so I’ll be keeping an eye on Apiary. It looks really cool and the majority of SM games have been hits for me but I’ve still got my hands full with Expeditions and finally getting Dune Imperium Immortality played.

  5. German Chocolate cake was invented in Texas.

  6. Impossible not to make a comment …

    Saludos from Jalisco Mexico, land of the Blue Agave and Origin of Tequila!!!!! 😊… nice to see my home in a Board Game.

  7. Why are there games we are hyped about that have nothing more than a paragraph of vague text and a cover art.

    How am I supposed to be hyped about a game with no information on how it plays, how it looks, length, complexity…. Seems strange to be on this list

  8. As someone from the malaya sector, I sure hope that game is good.

    I also like tequila, so I hope that game is good too.

  9. So…do the Space Bees attend the Space Orchestra? I bet "Flight of the Bumblebee" is a big hit🤣🐝

  10. I am so in for pretty much any game based in the Legend of the Five Rings setting!!!

  11. Narrative decision gone too far…..or not far enough?

  12. I'm a sucker for tech-trees, though I have yet to see any tech-bushes, but you know, maybe there should be tech-bushes. Sometimes development is circular and interweaving…. Anyway, gonna be keeping an eye out for Civolution, even though I could do with fewer word mashup names for games.

  13. Gosh I… I love board games. I feel you, bro 🤗

  14. Bee + Space. For me getting Apiary is no brainer. I wish there are more information on Civolution. I really dislike Castles of Burgundy but ever since Bonfire, I'm quite excited about new Feld game XD

  15. I appreciate your news videos, because you incorporate as many images as you can, and even what I suppose is the text from BGG or the email publishers send you, it all adds a lot to the video besides just reading news to us. Thank you.

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