NEW Versions of Favorite Games? + More Board Game News! -

NEW Versions of Favorite Games? + More Board Game News!

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This episode: all the latest board game news for May 2022.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 Maple Valley
01:32 Distant Suns
02:28 Escape From New York
03:32 Wurfelhelden
04:34 Eevee Point Salad
05:38 Stellarion
06:44 Ticket To Ride: San Francisco
07:18 Kuzooka
08:09 Unmatched: Dr. Sattler vs T-Rex
09:30 Asmodee Access+

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  1. The Evee game is awesome!!!! We really enjoy it. It's a breeze to play, although we do have to translate a few cards each time we play. BGG has a great reference.

  2. hang on. how? how have you not seen JP, like, ever?loving that access+ line up. very, very cool of them

  3. Wait….what? Have you ever heard of John Carpenter?

  4. Excellent stuff as always Matthew, keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Pecking order good game. Bunch on Ebay for cheap

  6. I'm so excited…everytime the YT bell is ringing… NEW VIDEO 🎉🎉🎉

  7. that Ian Malcom mini is ridiculous but I love it.

    And the Access games are such a wonderful idea.

  8. Great video! Love the news. Access Plus sounds like a terrific addition to the hobby.

  9. Love it! Love the jokes!!!! 🙂 🙂 They are all fantastic. And you have given me so many new games to add to my list. I have never gotten point salad because, well, I don't care that much about vegetables, to be perfectly honest. XD Gonna get this one if I can!!! Also really interested in the one about escaping from the zoo, and others I have already forgotten but, hey, that is what replay is for, right? XD

  10. What are you even doing filming this? Go watch Escape From New York.

  11. I absolutely love listening to your voice. True, I can only understand about 75% of what you say because your beautiful accent is difficult for my Midwest American ears to understand sometimes (I always have trouble with accents for some reason, except my own, of course), but it's so gorgeous, I don't even care when I can't understand! 🙂 Thanks for being a part of the Watch It Played team–you rock! <3

  12. What a stellar eevee-lution transition!

  13. Did…did you say you haven't seen Jurassic Park?

  14. I am working on a BGG list, inspired by this new line of games for Access that I'd heard about a little while back. I have worked with kids with cognitive impairments in the past and I currently have friends with CI that I'm teaching games to. I'm working on a list to empower game groups for how to make games accessible for CI friends. I just want to give people ideas for how they can modify games so everybody can play. It is SO AWESOME there's going to be games directly targeted for this underserved group! <3

  15. dude you need to watch escape from New York amazing!

  16. Point Salad is one of my favorite games of all time. I also love Pokemon. Someone putting two of them together is a dream come true! We see so many games use the DC, Marvel and the Harry Potter IPs and I always wondered why there aren't more board games that use the Pokemon IP. I usually reserve my 🥓 for Rodney and Chaz but you are welcome to some for your valiant efforts in this video.

  17. Have they given up on bigger Ticket to Ride games?

  18. Surprising to have never heard of Escape from New York… it's a pretty fun 80s movie. It's also where Metal Gear got their idea and name for the character of Solid Snake, basically… eyepatch and all. 😉

  19. Pecking Order, Eevee edition of Point Salad, Kuzooka and the new Unmatched set all look like great games! I love the animal themes!

  20. Oh burn! “A time when you could afford to live in San Francisco”

  21. Boom, I was like 💯 Haven't seen Escape from New York? Hmm, that pretty much means you haven't seen Escape from LA either, amirite? I'm starting to think that Matthew is much younger than he appears🤪

  22. ….You've never seen Jurassic Park????????!!!!!!!!

  23. Holy cow, an Escape From New York board game?! That’s an instant buy from me.

  24. I love these video's. My wallet is whimpering in the corner…

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