Nightshift - A Pole Dancing Board Game Review -

Nightshift – A Pole Dancing Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the push your luck board game Nightshift published by Exotic Cancer.

NB: I mis-spoke in the very brief overview of the rules. You actually have to roll higher than the number on the customer card which is what we did when playing the game.
This was corrected later in the video. Dont get angry now…


  1. The customers in this game are just your average reddit mods

  2. The main reason I'm glad that this game exists is that it led to this review, which undoubtedly provided more entertainment value than the game ever could. Keep up the strong work.

  3. I guess this review won't be going on the kickstarter page. 😂

  4. Discovered this game on the BGG jotmess today. Looked at the ceowd funding page and saw they were using BGG scores, clearly written by their friends, as a selling point, i knew this game was a joke.

    Have you seen the amount of money this "game" is getting in funding by the way?! Fucking simps

  5. Finally a game about your day job. 😂 Good review mate!

  6. Thanks for the review. Dont think this will hit the table on family game night.

  7. gay sauna, this…please complete the smut trilogy and review the dick sits next.

  8. I suppose it's the best board game a stripper could design. I don't really mean that in the derogatory sense it sounds. I think the average carpenter or mechanic would also not design a very good board game regarding their profession or previous profession.

    I'd rather play board games designed by… board game designers or at the very least board game enthusiasts with a lot of experience. This is an example of why that's generally a best practice. This game could obviously be made infinitely better if it was made a eurogame about expending/investing effort rather than an ameritrash game about rolling dice and hoping. And I can see that as merely a passing board game enthusiast and not a dedicated board gamer.

    The only thing I disagree with this review on is the seediness of the customers depiction on the cards that you complained about. I would presume a former stripper would understand and inform the clientele of a strip club for a board game better than anyone else could. I also don't take offense because I've never been to a strip club and have no desire to ever go to a strip club.

  9. Looking at those minis makes me want to put my own sticky patches on the board.

  10. Has this game not just been started on Kickstarter? or is that a second edition 😂😂😜

  11. I'm so surprised this game is terrible!

  12. Hey bruv, if you dont have any use for that review copy I'll take it off ur hands. 😉

  13. I've been told that the creator posted a comment here to discuss the game with you but you hid their comments? Is that true? Just wondering why?

    Surely if there are issues you two can discuss them and maybe even make improvements to the game if you can think of some:)

  14. Imagine the world we'd live in if this theme was on Game Of The Year material. LOL at the Gay Sauna callback.

  15. As usual a very good and honest review. This game is at nearly 300,000$ on KS in a very short time. Unlike some of the people who are probably backing this game, I actually have no issue with what games people choose to play or not play. If this is a theme of a game that some people are going to enjoy, good for them, at the same time don't dog pile others who may like a pirate game or a game about mercantile trade during colonial times or a railroad game through the old west. Let people enjoy, play, and buy the games they like with themes they like. With that said, what I like about this review is it went into the actual game and the mechanics, because a lot of the hype for this game is going to be about the "who" and the stunning and brave theme here, where this review actually went into the "what" is it a good game? So I see the posts already about people backing the game over the "who" where as this review actually talks about the "what."

  16. Again, unlike some others in this industry, I don't get upset over what games people play and make, this game is a game which is funding pretty quickly and if this is the type of game some people want to play, I say enjoy your game. With that said, it is interesting to see how predictable and similar some of the comments and support for the game is playing out and how similar the messaging seems 1) supporting feminist designer 2) supporting those people who work in sex industry/stripping and of course 3) how the theme is "better" than all those games about war or colonialism. Again, if people believe this, good for them and I hope they enjoy the game, but it is so predictable and interesting to see similar comments, almost reminds me how when you watch the news from across the country or even across the world how the newscasters use the same adjectives and terms in the story, almost like everyone is reading off a prepared script. I also am curious about the art and figures, a couple of years ago people were upset at game box art that had busty female vikings and sexy elves. I remember people dog piling on a couple of kickstarter games, which happened to be at the same time as some of their own KS games were attempting to fund and not doing nearly as well, but it was a thing that some board game art was exploiting women. If that was the case, why is this art ok? Again, if you like the designer, the theme, the art of this game, back the game, play the game, enjoy the game, I just think the success and some of the support for this game just highlights some of the inconsistencies in this hobby. Just watch the usual gatekeepers in board game social media come out and support this game and its theme and just look at how similar and predictable their messaging will be.

  17. Even if it was a bit basic I’d have given it a punt but for £64 for the basic version before all the tax/shipping. Nope. I paid £100 for gloomhaven brand new lol

  18. Usually like your stuff but the way you've decided to hide/delete comments from the designer when they've pointed out you were misinterpreting mechanics is poor form. If you don't like a game that's fine, not everything is for everyone, but misrepresenting it, whether intentionally or not is just bad.

  19. Well board games have changed since Cluedo.

  20. This game looks absolutely terrible. With the thousands of board games we have these days, who the fck is sitting there thinking, "I know, let's get Nightshift out"?

  21. lol love the callback to gay sauna. That was a great review!

  22. Guess we'll have to wait for a decent sex-worker placement game

  23. What I do like the miniatures! ❤‍🔥 What I don't like all the rest of the game.

  24. Seems like the perfect game to play one handed. 🤔😁

  25. Feels like a missed opportunity for a ‘blow your beans’ card. You’ve been dry humped to within an inch of your life, pick up 8 dice, shake them in a hand shandy manner and shoot your load, any score above 30 results in a visable damp patch on your beige chinos and a tricky conversation with the bouncer.

  26. Yeah i had a suspicion this game was bad. Cool theme and pretty on the outside, but thats it.

  27. I'll stick to Artipia's 'Lap Dance,' a better game than you'd expect.

  28. Another amazing review for posterity. The reference to Gay Sauna absolutely brilliant.

  29. Finally, a true preview/review of a crowdfunding game at the point that it truly matters. No 'shill' over-enthusiasm to have to suffer through. If designers don't offer you their future KS games for review I'll know the games not worth shit as they're unwilling to have a true gamer try it out! You're going to save me a fortune. I owe you a pint or something for introducing me to Carooka a while back too!

  30. I am so high right now. I am having problems understanding what I am seeing. Am I high or is this video high? This is so weird. It's such a terrible bad idea for a game premise, and a terrible looking dice determined game, and … of course it should be terrible, that's thematic … in a meta sort of way.
    "Lisa, Lauren & Bee" look like zombies. Zombie strippers. The whole board game looks like a b-movie about zombies in a cheap strip club. I think I've seen this movie … on Tubi. Was the movie based off of the board game or was the board game based off of the movie?
    I can't follow the review and the neon purple and pink infused images. It's too complicated. I'm too high for this right now.

  31. Goodness me! They’ll be making games about gay saunas next for goodness sake.

  32. I seen the creators review here. Im glad you removed it. It blows my mind at how well this game is doing on KS. People really do just have money to blow (puns are always intended)

  33. Glad for the review. This game is just gross.

  34. When I read the rules, I could not even figure out what is the loop of the game, this review confirmed my suspicions. It is very much like adult version of Talisman, you move and roll bunch of checks to see what happens. It is more of an experience than an actual strategy game. This is not your Pfister or Lacerda, it is so sad since the production looks great

  35. Jesus…..a Game for everbody😂i'm not gonna play this with My son i'm very interesting in the minis of the game😅😅😅

  36. I got the opportunity to play test this game with a group of my close female mates and it was heaps of fun. The character designs were pretty funny and amusing, if you know the designers art it would make more sense. I wouldn’t think you’re the target audience but it’s interesting to see a diff perspective. Personally I found it flowed really well especially with a group of friends chatting and having fun and getting competitive 🙂

  37. Thank you!!! I've been waiting for an actual review, but it seems that there are only previews… which seem to also be paid to praise the game without going into much detail. I've been following this game for a year without much info to go on, but I was so happy I was hesitant after seeing the price. You just saved me $100+; I cant thank you enough!!

  38. I got to play it on tabletop simulator and I had very positive feedback, I honestly couldn't fault it and I am really excited to get my copy, I thought it was a great game and very well done. So it's interesting to see the other side of the coin. Good on you for being honest, not every game is for every one.

  39. Thanks mate, you've probably saved some people from wasting their money on this turd of a game

  40. Glad to see a review of this, I really wanted to back it but cannot afford to right now and your review has put me at ease a little. Don't feel like I'll be missing out too much. There is actually a decent card game out there with this same theme called Lap Dance if you can get a go of that, I quite liked it!

  41. Oh wow I got to play test it and found it really fun! understand you get more views by saying it’s bad though 😉

  42. I LOVED NIGHTSHIFT! I jumped at the opportunity to play test when the creator asked for people and I honestly don't think you've accurately understood the rules based on what you’ve said.

  43. Ouch! Must be triggering AF for a client to see how he's viewed by a stripper..

  44. I was quite tempted to back this, until I saw the 120$ for the deluxe edition. I was kinda sad, because I liked the theme and the presentation. Well, seems theres not much of an interesting game here….
    Thx for your honest review and for making me feel better for not backing it.

  45. Was excited to back the game because of the unique theme but I was unsure given the price. I loved that you covered it since I consistently watch your videos.

    After watching, I read the rulebook and realized that dice rolls and die icon resolution are two of the main game mechanics, which I’m not the biggest fan of given their high luck factor.

    Although I opted not to back it after further research, I wish nothing but the best for Nightshift nonetheless!

  46. I disagree with you on the mechanic. The dice rolling push your luck games are very similar like this one, you test your luck and try to bail out at the last possible moment. The commitment dice rolls seem to be more troubling, as you lose the rest of your turn when making the roll. This can be a thematic element, still, it is a problematic part.
    However, all other things are true for this game. It is made to feel that anybody who goes to a night club is a pathetic loser and has to be stripped off his money. Creepy guys, adulterers, etc. If the designer thinks sex work is real work, why do you look down on your customers? You live off of them!
    The whole vibe of the game is very creepy in an unusual way. Yet, I still think the game itself isn't that bad and I am considering backing it, because of the unique theme and it seems the game works well with the proper playgroup. (Casual gamers who want to play a light NON-party 18+ game)

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