Nintendo-Themed Monopoly Board Games! | Mikeinoid -

Nintendo-Themed Monopoly Board Games! | Mikeinoid

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There are a bunch of different Monopoly versions out there! Here are 2 of my Nintendo-Themed Monopoly board games!

Music Used:
Wii U Mii Maker – Theme

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  1. I know this is random but a wile back you answered a comment of mine regard a Skylanders collection your you said you need a couple mount re to finish it if. How many more do you need?

  2. Wait why on the 31st Mario 1 than I think about on the animal crossing on the Orpington really Nintendo or monopoly or I don't know don't know but something is a

  3. Monopoly has gotten more unique and fun with those games. And I have Monopoly Empire.

  4. Hey Mike! Did you know that there are two Skylanders Monopoly board games?
    One for Giants and another for the best game.
    Too bad there wasn't one for Food Fight.

  5. I used to have a bunch of monopoly games and my favorite was an old teenage mutant ninja turtles one that I would play constantly.

  6. I’d love to play monopoly, but each time I play, it ends up lasting 3 hours.

  7. The only monopoly game I have is a spider man one

  8. I've got standard monopoly versions, but I also have a mario kart one and of course the scott the woz edition!

  9. Cool! i also have the skylanders monopoly 😀

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