Nokosu Dice - Board Game Review - The Cleverest Trick Taker -

Nokosu Dice – Board Game Review – The Cleverest Trick Taker

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Nokosu Dice – Board Game Review – The Cleverest Trick Taker

Nokosu Dice is a trick-taking game for 3 or 4 players, each playing Number Cards and dice in their hand to win mini-games and score points against the other players over multiple rounds. In each trick, each player plays a card or dice from their hand, and the winner of the trick score a point.

There is also a chance to win bonus points at the end of each round if the number of the tricks won in the round matches the last dice left OR if a player declares they would not win any trick for the round and actually won no trick.



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00:00 – Introduction
02:15 – Basic Overview
05:44 – The Good Things
15:50 – The Bad Stuff
17:30 – Summary, Verdict & Player Scaling
23:35 – Please Share and Support The Show

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  1. Enjoyed playing this and even discussed our game!

  2. So cards are how to make dice work in a trick taking game. I designed several trick taking dice games.

  3. Unfortunately this game cannot be brought anyway…….. Can't find in Japan I think!

  4. SO JEALOUS YOU HAVE THIS!! UGHH!!! Happy that you were able to get it though. 🙂

  5. I waited patiently for about a year to pick this up at a decent price. Unfortunately, my group that plays card games has a member that is colorblind so I don't think the dice will work for them, but still glad I own it! Hope to play it someday.

  6. The ú in Irish is an oo sound in English. So Brian Ború sounds like Brian Bor-oo

  7. Easily my favorite trick taking game (and I really like trick taking). I suggest checking out Mori too. Played it for the first time yesterday, and while it was a bit too much for me to wrap my head around then, I think that one might rise to become a future favorite too.

  8. Hope this will be picked up by a European publisher.

    Have you tried Cat in the Box? Another trick taking game with a twist .

  9. because of this video, and because it is hard to find , I just made this game out of UNO and dices from Sagrada ( I want to try the game before I decide if I want to order dices ). So in UNO, you can get blue , green , yellow and red from 0 to 7 . I then use oil base marker to paint red to purple. you can also search Nokosu dice rule on google, you will see a pdf on BGG.

  10. Thanks for putting us on this one! One of the better trick taking games I have played is Joraku. I saw that Chairman of the Board played it recently and loved it.

  11. Vegetable stock is actually taiwanese, not korean

  12. If you haven't played it yet, you should give Robotrick a try. 3 player only trick taker where you are playing against an "AI Robot".

  13. Will be interesting to see if you're going to like Arcs! Nokosu dice looks pretty decent even though trick taking isn't my favourite thing.

  14. I tried to get Nokosu Dice at Essen after seeing a review by Before You Play and another by Zee Garcia. Unfortunately as you said the games were gone before the doors even opened. I still haven't managed to play or buy the game, but it's good to see that you have now got a copy and you really like it. I'm going on a holiday to Japan later this year, but I believe Japan is also short of copies, but I'm hoping that I may be able to find a copy whilst I'm there.

  15. Wooow Broken Meeple does trick taking! This is one of the hottest trick taking games from Japan right now. I've played it once so far. It's elegant and brain-burny in a good way. Another good one to check out is Schadenfreude.

  16. If you're in the US, Tricky Imports and Tanuki games are the best places to find imported games like this.

  17. Aurum and Mori are also very good trick taking games with a twist.

  18. I enjoyed it too. The trickiest part for me is that trumps are based in the number as well as colours. I don’t think I have played a game where the trump is a number (usually it is just the suit). Thanks for the review.

  19. Great video Luke, glad you were able to come across this amazing game. I have a geeklist where I put together a ranking of the 100 or so trick taking games I have played, Nokosu sits at #2. You may find some that catch your eye on there if you are looking for recommendations:

    I tried to link it but I think youtube deleted the comment. My username is MikeKoro and the Geeklist # is 327336

  20. Your review has put it on the top of my Tokyo Game Market (1st time going) list. I have heard of this but haven't seen much content about it. This looks awesome (conceptually).

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