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October 2022 Kickstarter Board Games – Fear of Missing Out IV

The Broken Meeple
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October 2022 Kickstarter Board Games – Fear of Missing Out IV

A new series where on a monthly basis I talk over some key Kickstarter Crowdsurfing projects that are on the go. My personal thoughts, good and bad, whether I’m thinking of backing it, what’s holding me back, but mainly just a means of talking about some upcoming releases.



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One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

The Broken Meeple is a variety channel that hosts all kinds of board game content from reviews to Top 10 lists to playthroughs to live stream collaborations with special guests (predominantly small channels who deserve more exposure).

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00:00 – Introduction
01:15 – Fateforge Chronicles of Khan
05:05 – Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin
09:45 – Trick Shot
13:45 – Daybreak
18:14 – Turczi Junior Promo Pack
21:15 – Leaf
28:09 – RedWood
36:27 – Wonderlands War Reprint
43:56 – Dreadful Meadows
49:51 – Mosaic Expansion
55:46 – Oathsworn
01:04:05 – Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate
01:14:19 – Pick of the Month

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  1. Dreadful Meadows looks so cute! That may be the only one for me.

  2. We played a 3 player wonderlands war game (only our 3rd or 4th game), and it was just over an hour

  3. Re: Wonderland’s War, with it being so hard to get to the table (set up and rules overhead and time to play; we didn’t find it that intuitive or elegant), especially for occasional play without a dedicated gaming group, this game better be exploding with fun. We thought we’d be immediately in love with this one, based on games we like, but it wasn’t all that fun. I sold it. But it is beautiful. I love push your luck and bag building, but somehow the sum of the parts just didn’t work for us. We’d probably rate it a 6 too.

  4. I know that at the moment are too many games on crowdfunding but I would truly appreciate your thoughts on Delta ? Escape from New York ? Frozen Frontiers ? and Patriot ?

  5. Very interested in Spirit Island, just trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I do like to sleeve my games but Greater Than's sleeve prices are absurd. Thank you for the video Luke!

  6. Thanks Luke for the review, I did back Leaf but contemplating about Redwood

  7. The campaign for nature incarnate is a bit of a mess honestly. SI is a top 3 game for me and I'll wait for retail as I do not want the foil promo and that would just be garbage. Also showing content over time is stupid, show the content then go into details in the updates.

  8. Surprised you didn’t mention Harrow County

  9. Re: Mosaic, the “normal” game isn’t on the KS page, but it is currently releasing in retail and is cheaper than any of the KS versions. If you want just the gameplay, there’s always that option.

    At any rate, it did get a Seal of Excellence (I think it got an 8.5, a 9, and a 9, IIRC?). I played it at the Dice Tower Retreat and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. In Wonderland´s, the chips are at the end, on the add-ons.

  11. On the fence about Mosaic. I really enjoyed Raccoon Tycoon although it was a bit long. This has got some of that fast-turn magic as well. Because the Colossus edition exists however I'm not really satisfied with the basic retail version. But it's insanely expensive. I just think sometimes a board game is simply not worth $200+. I just can't do it. Felt the same way about that Rome game.

  12. As for Wonderland's War, I had a chance to buy it deluxe but my gut told me not too. I think I'm happy I went with my feeling and didn't FOMO into it.

  13. I'm glad that sumeone else like color blind available

  14. I doubt I will ever spend money on any KS (especially after plastering BLM banners on their page). I just don't have the delayed gratification gene. I do enjoy other people's excitement and rationalization, and this was a fun video to watch.

  15. looking at my boardgaming budget – I went for Spirit Island…on Steam 🤣

  16. Leaf was all but an insta-back for me. I'm sucker for nature themed games, especially those somewhat featuring trees. I was happy to hear it was your pick of the month. And Scruffy Luke looks just fine!

  17. Backed Mosaic Colossus edition and the Colossus Expansion was an instant back. Such a fun and unique Civ game. If you get the chance. play it! Granted you don't need the miniature building and soldiers but Come on…. It makes the game play so much more fun to see you presence on the map. Was it worth it for me… YES! This could give Ark Nova a run for it's money.

  18. Dice Tower score on Mosaic: Roy Cannaday: 9.0, Tom: 8.5, Mike: 8.5. That’s a “Seal of Excellence” I believe.

  19. I completely agree with you on the cost of the Colossus edition of Mosaic. No game is worth shelling out that much money. It does look like an interesting civ game but I will either pick it up in retail or buy a used copy further down the line.

  20. March of the Ants is a most excellent 4x game with a great theme. I've played it a dozen times solo.

  21. The shipping for Mosaic actually seems decent given its bulk (at least for me in Australia) – I think the shipping amounts are in local currency amounts. But maybe I'm just saying that to justify my pledge!

    Thanks for the video btw – you have definitely talked me out of some FOMO purchases with your insights.

  22. "Kids are for other people." Hahaha. Thankfully, your mom did not share that sentiment. 😉

  23. I was put off by shipping for Spirit Island. Will wait for retail! $36 minimum to Aus what a joke!

  24. In spite of so little actual information on Daybreak, I decided to back it anyway. We'll see. I'm banking on the Matt Leacock pedigree.

  25. Surprised you didn't cover We're Sinking! I'm really looking forward to it. The coolest part is the sinkable ship. But I always love a good bluffing and secret action game. 😏

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